A Collection Of Feathers

"you know, people say that life can chagne in the blink of an eye...i learned that the hard way.."
seth redder is an ordinary boy, he has friends, a girlfriend, and a monster kitten called spike. at least until he started having the nightmares about his dad..

Mark redder, sent to iraq on a strictly need to know mission, little did he know it would cost him everything he held dear to his heart

with a bond formed and an unusual experiment, seth and his father are now connected through more than just flesh and blood.
can seth uncover the truth under all the lies, or will he fall in the face of advisery...hurry seth..your time is almost up.


7. Bandaged Wings

As we drove, I became more aware of the throbbing pain in the back of my skull. Luce noticed. "Are you okay?" She asked putting her hand on my fore-arm. I nod, the seering sun started to set over the sandy horizon. "We should stop and get some sleep, I'm tired" She said, wearily. I stopped the car.

"Sure kiddo" I stretched, my muscles ached like who knows what. "You sleep in the back, I'll keep a look out" She nodded and clambered into the back. Luckily there was an old blanket in the back she snuggled under. Desert nights can go lower than five degrees. I rested my head against the back of the car seat, my eyelids felt like weights, 'Cant sleep, have to..Stay..Awake..' and with that last thought i blacked out into a dreamless sleep, my headache increasing until my mind was a raging fire.


"Seth!" I heard scarlets voice a mile away. I blinked, 'Was that a dream?' I thought,'and where the hell am I?' I looked to my left then right. i was in a hospital room, surrounded by bleeping monitors, and worried faces. "Seth, baby its me, seth?" My Mom, "Mom? What am i doing here?" I asked, barely able to speak.

"You're in the hospital hunny, you had a very serious migraine at Scarlets. The doctors need to do some tests to see if your okay." I nodded, Scarlet gripped my hand. I managed to smile at her. My shoulders still ached, as if i had two fifty kilo weights on each one. I heard a voice from behind the gaggle of people around my bed.

"Okay everyone, give the boy some room, he needs rest." Everyone dispersed, Scarlet kissed my forehead,"Love you" She whispered. "Love you too" I replied. As everyone left i saw a doctor walking toward my bed. "Hey there Seth, how are you?"  "Well Doc-" Without warning he pulled out a syringe and stabbed into my arm. "OW!" My shoulders ached! Like something was pushing out of them! Within seconds the pain was gone, a ghost of a bruise. The doctor dropped to his knees, awe on his face. "It worked" I frowned, my wings ached.

'Wait a minute..' i thought '...WINGS!' I bolted out of bed, to the mirror in the bathroom. Sure enough i saw me. But behind me were two massive blood soaked, tangled wings. The feathers were ruffled, dissorted.  My mouth hung open, this explained the aching spine and backbone but why the headaches?

I whirled around to the 'doctor'. "What the hell did you do to me?!" The doctor got up from his knees, and tried to talk, but could only stammer. I noticed a suit under his coat, I walked toward him, fists clenched. Where had all this rage come from? I grabbed his shirt, "You have about two seconds to tell me who you are and what the hell you did to me before i leave you choking on your own spine!" Okay, dude two words, 'Anger' and 'Management'. 

The guy was choking on his own fear, he stammered "You..your dad, experiment..your time.." I growled, and noticed a card in his suit pocket, i flicked it from him and read it. 'Feather Corp: A New Way of Flying' As if i needed to spell it out for you, these are the guys that did this to me. I flipped the card over. An address, thats a start. In paris. I swore violently, knocking the agent out. I stood and looked around for clothes, unless i wanted to run (or fly) out of there in my batman PJs'. I saw a bunch of clothes on my bedside shelf. Jeans, and a white shirt. 'It'll do' I thought. I Shoved on the shirt and jean. Well the jeans at least. my leather jacket with the hood was on the chair in the corner, bulky enough to hide my wings. I pulled the jacket on, folding my wings in as tight as they could, and made my way out of my room.

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