A Collection Of Feathers

"you know, people say that life can chagne in the blink of an eye...i learned that the hard way.."
seth redder is an ordinary boy, he has friends, a girlfriend, and a monster kitten called spike. at least until he started having the nightmares about his dad..

Mark redder, sent to iraq on a strictly need to know mission, little did he know it would cost him everything he held dear to his heart

with a bond formed and an unusual experiment, seth and his father are now connected through more than just flesh and blood.
can seth uncover the truth under all the lies, or will he fall in the face of advisery...hurry seth..your time is almost up.


5. Adrenaline and Instict

We were in a cave system, that much I could figure out. Long electrical lights were lining the ceiling. Every few minutes the cave shuddered, dust coming down from the rocky orange walls. Equipment was strewn across the floor, wires sparking overhead. "Wait." My mysterious guide said, tilting his head to the left, listening. "This way," he lead me down another brightly lit hallway, a blinding light at the end. "Out there, be ready for anything!" We burst through the cave exit, and as we did, a bullet planted itself, with a spray of red, into his shoulder.

I knew i should've felt something. Remorse, or something for the man who now lay beside me bleeding from his shoulder, staining the sand a murky reddish brown. i looked at the bag he had on, with his laptop. 'take it' a voice said in the back of my head. Without thinking i did, strapping it tight to my chest. I heard shouts down the hill. I bolted down the sand dune, to the small camp at the bottom, slamming against a mound of boxes for cover. Bullets pinged and panged all around me. I was wearing basic combat gear, but i doubt it would put up much of a defense against the rounds these guys were using. I heared footsteps to the left of my covered position. My insticts screamed at me to run but i did the opposite. I rounded the corner, slamming my fist into my opponents' stomach, But before he could double over i grabbed his throat and smacked him into the ground, with enough force to stop a bull elephant in its tracks. He groaned then went still. 'One down' I thought. I counted two more hostiles closing in on me. Both with heavy assault rifles, just one well placed shot and my head would've become nothing but red mess and brain matter. I took cover behind some boxes of computer parts.

One of them said something in an unusual language. Sounded Arabic, or French. I stayed in cover, listening to their heavy footsteps on the sandy gritty earth. One of them was eight paces away from me. I could feel his heart beating. Six paces now. My heart was pounding in my ears. Three paces now. Before he took take the next step, I was on him, but he was tough. Knocking the pistol from my hand he headbutted me, making me step back. I swung at him, clipping his jaw underneath his face mask. He had a knife strapped to his leg. I feinted left, slipped the blade from its cover and sliced his throat, twice. The soldier fell, clutching his throat, oozing blood. One left.

I felt heat on my arm, and not just from the baking sun. A laser point. moving its way up to my head. Staying calm, i twirled the knife in my hand, breathing steadily, smoothly. In one flued movement i ducked, and catapulted the knife out oif my hand, and into the gunmans head. He stood rigid for a moment, then collapsed in a heap. I exhaled heavily. But all was not quiet for long.


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