OH THE SKWL YRS (A diary of school experiences)

A diary about school experiences, ranging from Romance, to humour, to Drama, to tradegy...an interesting diary of a 14 year old girl, of her school experiences that are most unique to her.


1. monday 1









sarcasm of course, who loves mondays? not me. Mondays consist of Double science (hmm watching videos of friction exciting!) maths (equations even better) history (hitler has always been my favourite person) english (mrs.fusokis) and then maths again yay!


To be honest apart from rubbish lessons, well not all..most of school can be quite good aslong as you have the most amazing friends the most amazing lads to flirt with and just have a bit of fun;)


so science, well thats great great double science on a monday morning...when everyones half asleep and have had the most shitty rainy weekend :) its always the best lesson of the week by far hah! Firstly their is Mr.Johnson, who has hair coming out of every angle possible, nose hair streaming down vertically and ear hair firing out horizontally, who spends 15 minutes writing the date on the board and then the rest of the lesson playing educational videos which nobody pays attention too. But then i suppose their is danny :) well where do i start, ok first things first you could say i fancy the pants of him but its more just a flirt fest:) a very fun one, so the only exciting part of science is gorming across the classroom at each other, haha hardly more like flirty winky faces, we are a pair of kinky bastards;D but i always have Media to look forward to with him, to be honest i dont really concentrate in school, well only in the lessons i care about...and thats not many;S but we are young we are supposed to have fun...why waste it mopping around when you could just be having like i said before just a bit of fun!


So moving onto break well thats a barrel of laughs, firstly the canteen which serves pizzas and garlic breads about 15 inches long and fizzy drinks with 100 calories in that claim they are 1 of your 5 a day, and then the PE teachers who say we should excercise more because we are unhealthy, well do you blame us? But break times can be amazing especially with sophie,georgina,lily,jenny and laura. It's always guarenteed their is some sort of drama going on especially with lily who gets around a lot with boys she is truly stunning though but she doesn't give off the best impression when she gets off with 5 of the boys in her maths class and tells 2 she loves them and another that she wants to do stuff with him, hmmm not sure you can have feelings for 3 boys and want to be with them at the same time?


To be honest maths was ok today but its not exactly the best lesson when you have 6ft Dylan who eats about 24 bags of crisps and talks about sex&virginity,and then there is Alesha who sits the other side who gorms at herself for the whole lesson in the mirror, always volumunising her hair and applying the new max factor bright red lipstick, yes don't get me wrong shes got a lovely caring personality but a HUGEE EGO too!


Then History, that was actually quite funny, Sophie shes got to be a keeper, we just non stop laugh and she means a lot, and also Danny sits just in the row infront of me i must look there about 25 times in the lesson but hey ho;) To be honest learning about Hitler in a stuffy smelly claustriofibic classroom  isnt't exactly the ideal place to flirt with the boy you fancy the pants off, but their is always Media tommorow which i will tell you about in my next diary entery. So yess history was ok.


Oh and then Lunch, Lily is seriously driving me insane i mean she expects to get every body she wants and whenever we argue it's always 'oh well atleast i can get a boy' yess okk dont rub it in, today with Sam she wants to get with him but she just doesn't have the guts to ask him out yeah i know its hard but when they are clearly going to say yes its pretty easy.. its when you think they will say no its a bad idea, right? So we end up waiting all lunch next to the courts whilst she makes 50 attempts to walk up to him and say 'will you get with me' yeah i know really fun, but after that we had english and i normally wait outside georgina and sophie's english and danny is there :D so im all for it! But hes best buddies with Georgina and fancy the pants of Claire, so i have no chance he compliments me but that means nothing because I know he doesnt mean it...


So i have english with Jenny, me and jenny we are like to peas in a pod, we just get each other we are quite alike to be honest but oh my days where do i start



f; fat   u;unorganised  S; stupid O;occasionaly K; kind I; irrestpectable S;strict


6 words that perfectly describe my english teacher... OH my gosh she drives me insanee! She looses half my work and the moans we arn't achieving the levels we need to be and she wonders why when half our work is probably stuffed in her antique closets at home, & she moved me and Jenny apart which really annoyed me because Its the only lesson I have with her, to catch up. But apart from that nothing really happened with her today apart from her usual rambling speechs, so back to maths again! I seriously can't do maths its just too much for one day, im not exactly the smartest cookie in the world, but one thing Izzy was really weird in Maths constantly checking her phone and she text me saying she needed to talk, oh Izzy yeah just a friend i have we have gotten a bit closer since going to the Nurse and stuff, but i will tell you more about that tommorow when i go back again




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