A Story Of Rhyming Words

This is some random poems that popped into my head. Enjoy...


2. SAT's


Oh, oh its SATS again,

my dad's says we are becoming men,

taking all these tests,

but 'Dad its hard to always be the best.


'No, no son just try'

thats what he said as he groomed his hair,

and knotted his TIE,

now of you go son 'Bye'.


I reached school on the day of the sats,

I did not have butterflies....

I had murderous BATS!!!


As was beginning to retrieve from all the trauma & the pain.

I saw a long thin hand reach for the door handle again.


YIKES it was miss. shane,

'Read for sats then?'



(referring to a child, as I was experiencing SATS in year 6)

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