A Story Of Rhyming Words

This is some random poems that popped into my head. Enjoy...




I walked to school on a windy day,

with nobody to say hi to neither anything to play,

I sat on the bench eating my lunch,

watching crowds of people gather,

as Billy gaves James a punch.


''OH NO'' I cried, then Billy came running,

YIKES I THOUGHT, as i went to hide....



message from the writer;

As your probably aware bullying is a huge influence in depression today, School children are affected from the age of sucking lollipops to the age of smoking ciggarettes, it doesn't just stop in primary! This poem was written when I was experiencing bullying Myself, It's a heartless thing that people do, but I'm sure we've all come close to teasing and thats a factor of Bullying. Learn politeness/learn kindness and you will succeed in life! This poem is supported by †beefiedog† 'My Ramblings' Chapter 'bullying'


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