A Simple Thought

A journey of a Poem from a simple thought !


2. Is God in trouble!


Yesterday in the dead of the night

I got a call that brought me back in the light


She was a friend of mine, the best of all

If I have a conscious, she was my soul


She told me she knew how the things had been

So it was time for her to show up in my dream


I confessed her of loosing the faith

GOD took so long that I couldn’t wait


I feared the GOD has lost his magic wand

Or he was lined up for another big bang


She asked me to wonder the impossible

Why couldn’t the God himself be in trouble?


He could have been trying to reach us all, but

Demon of black hole might have sucked his call


So what, if we had lost the providence of divine

It’s about time we prayed for him for the first time


So lord,


Oh lord, though I have never shared your grief

Let me be there for you, if you still believe in me…



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