Love At First Bite

It has been 20 years since Charlotte Brown had been attacted by the monster. No one has seen the beast since July the 12th of 1993. But it is told that the Charlotte will come back every 20 yaers to seek her revenge..................


1. The Gang

           Ella Swan joined Newton’s at the beginning of the year and she fitted in really well only because she hangs out with me (Emily Marten), Ivy and Olivia Vega, Sophie Hewitt and Alison Copper. The first week Ella was well silent, the she started talking more after a month, then Ella she started talking a lot more but now Ella is a total chatter. All the gang thinks she’s one of us.

All of us that are in the gang have our own special part. Ella is the planner. what Ella does is a big part so if we have a party or a sleepover then she is the best person to plan it because it all ways turns out Better than u expected it would be. Alison is the gossip girl. Alison is always the one who is up to date with everyone/thing, so if one of the hotties are single we are the first girls to find out. Sophie is our artist. Whenever something big is happening she is the girl for; make-up, fashion, hair and nails. Ivy is look out. all she does is looks out the really good looking boys and makes sure they come over, that leads on to Olivia. Olivia is match up, when cute boy comes and then she thinks whole would suit out of the gang and then talks about one of us. It works sometimes but not all the time. The last person is me. My part in the gang is captain, all I do is make sure none of us get in any fights with each other and look out for them.

The gang started off as me and Sophie the beginning of the school year when we were in year 7 so Sophie knows me best out of the whole gang. Then in Ivy joined in the second year then the next year Olivia joined the gang. At the time we thought ivy and Liv would come in the same year but it cause there parents split up. After Liv was Alison as you could probably guess then the newest member is Ella.


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