Love At First Bite

It has been 20 years since Charlotte Brown had been attacted by the monster. No one has seen the beast since July the 12th of 1993. But it is told that the Charlotte will come back every 20 yaers to seek her revenge..................


2. Rumours

              On the last day of school Alison had heard about the Girl. Alison said that 'Guys! There are rumours going round about a girl who died in 1993 on the 12th of July and it is told that she is suppose to come back for revenge every 20 years!' when Alison told us this we were all saying 'Yeah, so what?' That was when Alison shouted out that 'The 12th of July is PROM NIGHT!’ All of us froze. We didn't know what to do. The gang thought should we go prom? Or not?


The bell went for our next lesson, we scattered to our classes and I thought to myself none of that is true cause;


1. They would not have prom on that night 2. Someone could be making a joke about it

3. If it's true how do they no

There is only one way to find out about it is to go down to the grave yard straight after school and check it out.

Lunch bell went and I told the girls what I had thought and about the grave yard. They all agreed to go down there after school and find out about this girl. 'So we are all going to meet up at the fish 'n' chip place opposite the school, everyone must be there by 3:45 or we will go without you. Okay?' Everyone said yes. 'Meet you all there and the earlier everyone is there we can get it over and done with quicker.


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