Love At First Bite

It has been 20 years since Charlotte Brown had been attacted by the monster. No one has seen the beast since July the 12th of 1993. But it is told that the Charlotte will come back every 20 yaers to seek her revenge..................


3. Monster Party

             At 3pm all of us left the school for the final time but the girls and I will visit the school to see how things are doing and what teachers have left and who has stayed. So it was five past three, Sophie and I were walking to the fish 'n' chip shop to wait for the others or meet them if they are there. Out of the corner of Sophie's eye she notices this sign, and on this sign it had 'MONSTER PARTY'. Sophie looked at me and said in a very confused voice 'Monster party? What? Halloween isn't for another five months.' I answered 'I know but maybe we should check it out. When is it?' I asked her. She replied 'The12th of July!' I shouted out 'WHAT?! That is the same day as prom though! Does it say a time or anything?' I snatched the paper out of Sophie's hand. I scan the leaflet really quickly. Then rite at the bottom of the page it said '3pm till 9:30pm*', When I saw that star I rushed to find out what it was for. Then I finally found out what it was for, '* After the party everyone who was there at Charlotte Brown's prom/knew will meet at her gravestone at 10pm.' I told Sophie that we have to check it out with the rest of the gang, and Sophie agreed with me.

By the time we had finished reading and panicking about the "so called rumour" everyone was at the fish 'n' chip shop. Ella shouted 'Emily, Sophie where have use two been?!' I shouted back 'Don't worry we'll tell you all later at Ivy and Liv's. Come on let’s get this over and done with and see if it is true or just a prank.' So we all walked off to the grave yard.


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