This story is about my Character Sarria, which i've had since Cataclysm began, her story, from born day to current day, including meating with high special persons, and worgen pack wars.


1. Sarria Lightmane

To Cailan -

You give to me hope

And help me to cope

When life pulls me down

You bring me around


You are the reason

That fills each season

When I hear love I think of you

You are my world and best friend too


I love you because you are so kind, thoughtful and caring

I love you because you are so pleasant, lovely and sharing

You made me the Girl I am          

 ~Thank you


Sarria, daughter to Scarge and Lelliana Lightmane, sister to Becka Lightmane. Born in the early times of the year, back in Ruins of gilneas. Hiding from the other packs, as Blackpaw pack and Bloodmaw pack. As Lightmane pack the only light following pack, with Lelliana's Father Weltuz Lightmane as pack leader. As she was born first, she became the older sister of the two new members of the pack.



She got born.

Sarria Josef Lightmane, got born in the middle of the summer back in a small house in Ruins of what used to be Gilneas before the outbreak. She got born around 4 minutes and 34 seconds before her twin, little sister Becka Josef Lightmane. The newborn pack members where barely able to crawl around. Their mother Lelliana Lightmane, took good care of them as the following days they slowly learned how to crawl. About a month later, they where crawling around like small kids they were. They started to understand more and more, their dad Scarge Josef took them with him on tours around in the Ruins of Gilneas. The next year they became one year old, and more and more able to walk, but not so good yet. The two sisters started to explore more and more, patrols of Forsaken guards came everyday to watch how it was in the ruins of gilneas and slay all who were not dead. The two sisters used to trick them with small stone, by throwing it at them. The following years became more and more fun, as they could go longer and longer around in the Ruins of Gilneas. They discovered that this was not the only part in the world. when Sarria and Becka became 15 years old, they both de-parted and went to discover new parts of the world. 


The alcohol.

When Sarria came to Duskwood, in darkshire. she found out what Alcohol was, and by time she started to drink, and became an Alcoholic. Scarge did soon enough find out what have happend to her, and traveled to Darkshire to see if it was true, and suprised by what have happend, That it was true. he ordered an Body guard to be sure that she never starts to drink again. Cailan, was this guards name. By the months they were spending together, they came closer and closer eachothers. And later on they got together, they loved eachothers so much, that Cailan traveled to Northrend just to find a flower for Sarria. Sarria got more in love then never before when Cailan got home.. and asked her, If she wanted to marry him, as he gave her a ring of pure gold. The answer became a yes. And as they were planning the wedding they choosed it to be in old Gilneas, in the church where Weltuz got borned And used to be a Priest in his younger life before the outbreak. The wedding were now planned, and that is the end of this story, as the Wedding is coming in some days.

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