Letters to a dead

(Dette er en historie jeg skriver til en engelsk opgave, altså er den på engelsk.)
Amelia Jones' storebror, Andrew er død. Dræbt i en trafikulykke. Hun er knust og man har fået hende til at skrive breve til hendes døde bror, men inde imellem linjerne har hun afsløret hvem det er der har myrdet hendes bror.
Amelia leder nu selv efter spor på af det virkelig er ham hun tror og det viser sig at det er ham... Han er bare ikke lige hvad hun troede han var. Hun havde dog ret i to ting, han er morderen og at han ikke er menneskelig..


8. Dear Andrew

Dear Andrew,

This day was a nightmare! You murder isn't dead, but soon I am. You get the story:

When I wake up this morning, I felt different. And... I had wings! Like an angel! And I knew, that today was the day. The day that I should kill him, the day I would get my revenge. I took a knife from the kitchen and break into his house. He was already awake, of course he was....

"You killed my brother!" I cried, but inside I was angry. Very angry, and he didn't make it better by laughing at me.

"I? Did I kill him?" He laughed and smiled to me, oh, he was SO dead!"He wanted to die! Can't you see it? Didn't he say it was his destiny?"

He lied! How could he?I cried and screamed into his face:"No, no NO! You lie! Such a liar!"

He laughed again, this time higher."Now I understand why he wanted to die... Indeed I do." I scowled and tightened the grip on the knife. How could he lie like that? It wasn't even funny!

"What do you mean?" I didn't understand him, but maybe it was the meaning? I knew he lied, but it sound... I don't know, it sounded a little like he didn't lie.

"I mean, that the reason why he wanted to die.. Is you!" He said, and this time I was sure. He didn't lie, maybe I just said he lied  'cause I didn't like the truth? Probably, life sucks.

"You mean that...?" I dropped the knife on the floor, my tears wasn't meant for Andrew any more, but for what his murder had said. Murder and murder... Exactly Andrew was the murder of him self, or that was what the 'murder' had said.

He nod and asked:"Do you love him?"

I wanted to scream 'Yes!', but I didn't. Maybe it was because I wasn't sure anymore... Not sure about that I loved him, so I just nod.

"I don't believe you, but listen. Andrew, your brother, asked me to kill him. So, my child, it was him there wanted to be killed." Oh thanks, I already figured that out!

"So, you didn't kill him?" I asked.

"Technically I did, but it was with his permission, so I don't know what you will call it." He answered and shrugged.

I was in chock, this wasn't what I thought about him, about my brother. I thought... He loved me.

"You still want to kill me?" I saw him in the eyes, when he asked. Did I still want to end a life, who ended my brothers life? But with his permission? Maybe... and maybe not.

I picked the knife off the floor and thought that I was going to do through in a minute and did it. I stabbed my self. The murder saw at me, he was in chock. But then he smiled and whispered:"Andrew? Your sister is one her way."

I nod and whispered:"Andrew? When I come, you get so many beatings. Just so you know it." And then everything was dark, there was nothing. I didn't feel anything, but happy. I was happy, happy to know that I would see my brother again.

So dear Andrew, now I'm on my way to heaven. To you.

~ Your sister, Amelia <3

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