Letters to a dead

(Dette er en historie jeg skriver til en engelsk opgave, altså er den på engelsk.)
Amelia Jones' storebror, Andrew er død. Dræbt i en trafikulykke. Hun er knust og man har fået hende til at skrive breve til hendes døde bror, men inde imellem linjerne har hun afsløret hvem det er der har myrdet hendes bror.
Amelia leder nu selv efter spor på af det virkelig er ham hun tror og det viser sig at det er ham... Han er bare ikke lige hvad hun troede han var. Hun havde dog ret i to ting, han er morderen og at han ikke er menneskelig..


4. Dear Andrew

Dear Andrew,

I really think that I'm insane now. Like really insane, here I am: Writing letters to a dead, and I'm seriously think that you're reading them. How stupid, right? And do you know what? Yesterday, that I asked for you help.. I know it's sounds crazy, maybe it's because I'm insane, but I heard your voice. It whispered to me.. It said that you're a better place, a place without the fucking thing called destiny. The fucking destiny there is the reason for your death, wasn't that what you said? 'I think it's my destiny..', fuck you! Fuck the whole world! Why is it that everything is going wrong for my and only me? Loser, Bitch, Fat, Ugly, Gay, Freak... That's just some of the words I have heard my whole life! And now, now you, my only support, is dead.

Anyways, I didn't start to read this letter just so you could here about my problems. 'Cause there's another problem, your murder! Like I told you yesterday, I know who it is! And this time, I'm 100% sure, 'cause.. Yeah, I have spied. Your little sister like a spy, funny right? Anyways, you want to hear what I found out? I don't think I can say it, but I can write it to you, only to you. I saw him.. He was a monster, a freak! I know it's not friendly to say, when I here these words every day. But seriously! You remember the movie 'Despicable Me'? This man, this creature.. He, it,'s just like the little yellow helpers! And I can't stop thinking, that my eyes has tricked me, but Andrew.. He, it, was real! It was there I really saw your murder, and he was a alien! A really alien! I'm sorry, but I can't write anymore... He's moving, see you, Andrew!

~ Your sister, Amelia <3

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