Imperfectly Perfect

Some things never really change, do they? Ron and Hermione have been fighting for as long as we can remember, but yet they are one of our favourite couples in the whole Harry Potter series, right? We love how they are perfect in their imperfections. This is our tribute to the epic couple 'Romione', and we hope you like it :)


3. The Wedding

Harry couldn't remember having seen the Weasley household in a more festive mood ever before. It was like everybody had a radiant smile stuck on their faces and all the hustle of preparations aside, everybody stopped at least a hundred times to chat with each other or to simply congratulate Ron and Hermione. It was frantic, but it in a weirdly happy way. Hermione was nearly blushing all the time and Ron just couldn't get enough of the attention. And Harry, between all the madness, was looking around for the right thing to do.

He didn't have to look far though. Mrs. Weasley nearly always found him in the huge crowd of distant relatives and thrust a little bit of her workload on him. But he didn't really mind. It felt way too awkward to not be helping in the preparations among so many hard-working Weasleys. So he readily accepted any bit of work he was given and tried his extreme best to make sure it was one that Ginny was doing too. Sometimes he got lucky, and both he and Ginny were told to do the dusting but usually, they just got lost amid the crowd.

Weasleys from all parts of the country were all gathered at the Burrow. There would have been some hassle if they were all staying at the Burrow too, but thankfully, they arranged for the four-dimensional tents to be put up outside the house. Even with thirty or so families staying out in the tents, the Burrow was overcrowded. Aunt Muriel made up most of the crowd actually, with her massive physique and miraculous ability for trash-talking even at hundred-and-eleven. And then there were Fleur's French relative, a lot of people from Hogwarts, most of the Order and Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt himself.

Finally, it was the wedding day. A beautiful marquee had been put up outside the Burrow with a flowery archway at the entrance. Everything inside had been personally planned by Hermione, who had insisted that she took care of every little detail and not give Mrs. Weasley more trouble than she already had. Mr. Weasley stood at the archway, greeting guests (although most of them had arrived the previous day and there were only a few left to arrive) and animatedly chatting with Hermione's Muggle relatives. Bill and Fleur, who was dressed in a flowing golden gown as though it was her own wedding, made good escorts for their foreign guests. George and Charlie looked jolly, although Percy, in his formal tux accompanied by a not-so-believable smile, looked extremely out of place. Ginny and Hermione's Muggle cousin were bridesmaids, and the both of them were being entertained by young Teddy Lupin, who was showing off his Metamorphmagus skills to the girls. Harry was best man, and so, without looking around for longer, he set out to hunt Ron.

It turned out Ron was extremely nervous. Harry found him lurking behind marquee, afraid to step inside for some reason. Harry was quite astounded, seeing as Ron had been enjoying the attention for so long it was odd that he was having stage-fright. But Ron said it wasn't anything to do with all the people. In fact, it was something to do with just one particular person.

"Hermione," he moaned. "She's angry with me!"

"What, on your wedding day? You both are mental."

"Mate, you have to help me out!" he rambled, fiddling with the buttons on his navy blue tuxedo. "She asked how she looked and, well, I said - I was being very honest, okay, so -" he gave Harry a nervous glance. "I said she looked better, now that her hair wasn't the frizzy mop as usual."

Harry gave him a half-exhausted-half-amused look. "Really? Ron, mate, don't get me wrong, but you have about as much tact as a garden gnome."

"Help me out here, will you?" he growled.

"Alright, I'll go see what I can do." Harry produced his Invisibility Cloak from his pocket and Ron gave him a weird look.

"You brought your Invisibility Cloak to the wedding?"

"I've known you for about ten years mate, I pretty much anticipated this kind of a situation."

Harry ducked under his Invisibility Cloak and made his way through into the marquee. The guests were already seated and he spotted Hermione on the other side, looking absolutely gorgeous but in a really foul mood. She was wearing a beautiful aqua blue gown and her brown hair was gelled in a fancy up-do and Harry could really see why Ron made the comment that he did. Hermione's hair did look loads better this way, and if it hadn't been for her distraught expression, she would have been looking mesmerizingly pretty.

"Hey. It's me," he whispered to her from under the Cloak. Hermione jumped but managed to go by unnoticed. "What's with your face, Hermione?"

"What? A pimple?" she panicked.

"No. That frown."

"Oh," she huffed. "It's my wedding day and my husband-to-be is nowhere to be found. Do you know where that git has gone?"

Harry swore under his breath. Ron and Hermione were the most tiresome couple he had ever known. "Yeah, come with me." He said to her and Hermione quietly followed an invisible Harry to the back of the marquee where a tensed Ron was pacing.

"Oh, so you're here. I thought you ran away." Hermione said contemptuously and Ron gave her a pleading look.

"C'mon Hermione, we're getting married today!"

"You don't have to remind me that I'm marrying a ginger jerk, now get in here," she snapped and stalked off inside to the podium. Ron followed and Harry, under the Invisibility Cloak, felt no need to stay behind either.

The wedding ceremony began. Ron and Hermione said their vows, although Hermione's voice had a little edge to it as she said her "I do." Guests started congratulating the newly wedded couple and forced them into a ballroom dance. Harry grabbed the chance and snuck away to find Ginny, but decided he should dance close to Ron and Hermione just to make sure they don't get divorced just three seconds after their wedding. 

The Weird Sisters were playing an extremely romantic tune and Hermione looked like she would rather be spending her time with smelly squids then dancing with Ron, and he looked utterly devastated. Harry wondered whether he should do something, but then he looked and Ginny and decided to let them be. 

The tune switched to one called 'The Best Day Of My Life' and Hermione snorted. "Yeah right," she said. "Today was supposed to be the best day of my life."

And to Harry's surprise, Ron said something very clever. "Yeah, the best thing about today's that we are not fighting. Isn't it?"

Hermione gave him a strange look but the next moment, began laughing. Harry was just as amazed by Ron's sudden brainstorm. Hermione was laughing uncontrollably and even Ron looked subtly astounded by his own cleverness. Harry couldn't help but smile. For once his imperfectly perfect best friends didn't need him to solve their fights.  


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