Imperfectly Perfect

Some things never really change, do they? Ron and Hermione have been fighting for as long as we can remember, but yet they are one of our favourite couples in the whole Harry Potter series, right? We love how they are perfect in their imperfections. This is our tribute to the epic couple 'Romione', and we hope you like it :)


1. The Great Hall

One week into their seventh and final year at Hogwarts, Harry, Ron and Hermione were still getting loads of attention from people goggling at them wherever they went. There were scores of second-year girls running after Harry when he went down for Quidditch practices, hogging after him for his autograph. Hermione kept complaining that she couldn't concentrate on Flitwick's essay because a bunch of fourth-year students had taken up a fancy for her and even followed her into the library. The only person who seemed to be having the time of his life was Ron. 

"I mean, what's wrong with it anyway?" he said one morning at the Great Hall, helping himself to eggs and bacon so savagely that it earned him a few disapproving looks from Hermione, who still didn't seem to have gotten over her frenzy for S.P.E.W and told Ron off for not respecting the food the house-elves had cooked up for them.

"Oh get over it Hermione! For the hundredth time, they're happy with what they do."

"Oh, of course," she said haughtily. "You, of all people, would love it, won't you? I bet the house-elves have cooked a special meal for their Mr. Wheezy." She added.

Harry had now gotten so used to his friends' continuous bickering that he sometimes drifted off in the middle of their prolonged arguments, and it was only when Hermione shook him awake and ordered him to take sides that he told them to give it a rest. For a long time now, Hermione had been disapproving of the huge party of sixth and seventh-year girls who had been keeping Ron away from classes so he could recount the whole year they had spent hunting Horcruxes. 

"It's nothing, you know," Harry and Hermione had once found him saying to an excited group of girls who had asked him what kind of dangers he had faced during those months of Horcrux-hunting. "Couple of Death Eaters, a dozen werewolves and a few giants. Piece of cake."

After that, Hermione had kept her nose up in the air, refusing to talk to Ron unless he shooed the girls’ away and spent time with her in the library instead. Ever since the pair of them had officially committed to a relationship, Harry found a flustered-looking Ron pick up a dozen N.E.W.T level books and rush away to the library whenever they had free periods. It had been extremely tiring, both for Ron and for Harry, because now, if he wanted to speak to either of them, he would have to go do it under Mrs. Pince's nose. 

That morning at the Great Hall, Ron had, once again, been held up by a couple of his female fans, thus resulting in Hermione's foul mood.

The post owls arrived. The numbers of owls delivering posts was tremendous, as it had been ever since the start of the school year. Most of these posts were from anxious parents who were apparently still afraid something or the other might come up, and the Daily Prophet would tell them that Voldemort was not dead after all. Harry couldn't blame them. After so many years of anxiety and trepidation, it was hard for everybody to believe that the Darkest wizard of all times was in fact gone forever. It had taken a few months to build the Hogwarts castle again, after the ruins it had been left in post the Battle. Many people had never even believed it would be the same again, but scores of skilled wizards had been summoned from all parts of the world to help the Hogwarts teachers put the castle back all right and now Hogwarts looked and felt like it had always done before - like home.

A tawny owl with the Daily Prophet landed on the Gryffindor table before Hermione, followed by a barn owl carrying a letter. Ron looked up suspiciously. Hermione casually flitted through the Prophet and then read her letter. She didn't even tell them who it was from and started scribbling a hasty reply on the back of the same parchment. Ron was suddenly very interested.

"Who is it from, Hermione?"

"It's not for you Won-Won," she snapped. Harry watched the two of them stare daggers at each other and felt like an intruder. He sensed a squabble boiling up and was just debating whether he should leave the table or not when Hermione suddenly shrieked at Ron.

"Viktor!" she said. "It's from Viktor, OK? Now will you give it a rest?"

Ron now resembled a tomato. A rather angry tomato. "Oh, so it’s from Vicky now, is it?" He growled.

"So what if it is?" Hermione retorted.

"So you're not seeing him anymore, remember? That bloke is way out of line."

Hermione ignored him and continued scribbling the reply to Viktor. "What does he want anyway?" Ron enquired.

"He says he wants me to go to Bulgaria to watch him play for a Quidditch match," she said nonchalantly.

"And? What did you say?" 

She raised her eyebrows. When Ron continued pestering, she exploded. "Oh if you're so interested then go on! Read it then!"

Ron snatched the parchment from her. Harry inched closer to read what it was about. Sure enough, Viktor had written a lengthy letter requesting Hermione to go to see him play for a Quidditch match in Bulgaria during the summer. Behind the same parchment was Hermione's succinct and surprising reply. 

Sorry, Viktor, I'm afraid I can't come. Ron wouldn't want to me go and I'd rather spend my summer at The Burrow with his family.

Ron turned a bright red colour again and looked at Hermione sheepishly. "Oh," was all he could say. Hermione folded her arms and glared at him challengingly. And for the rest of the day, Harry noticed a slight spring to Ron's feet and a new found insouciance with which he told his fan club to stay away from him.

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