Imperfectly Perfect

Some things never really change, do they? Ron and Hermione have been fighting for as long as we can remember, but yet they are one of our favourite couples in the whole Harry Potter series, right? We love how they are perfect in their imperfections. This is our tribute to the epic couple 'Romione', and we hope you like it :)


2. Ron's Proposal

“I’m going to propose”

Ron had come barging into their dorm and shouted out his intent. Thankfully Seamus and Dean were out and Neville was fast asleep, dead to the world.

“Help me make a plan Harry. What do you think would work?” he pleaded using his puppy dog face.

“I would have if you hadn’t subjected me to that look.” Harry replied scathingly. He was in such a foul mood today. Ginny had her final exams and he had his NEWTS. He and Ginny hardly got any private time together these days. On top of all that Ron wanted help to propose.

“Oh come on mate. Please!” Now Ron was literally begging.

“Hey why don’t you ask Ginny. She’s a girl. She can help you better than me.”

“You think I hadn’t thought of that? But she’s my sister and she’ll never stop teasing me if I screw up. Come on man, you owe me. I gave you my blessing for Ginny and I helped you with your proposal.” That made Harry laugh out sardonically.

“I owe you nothing. Your father gave me his blessing and your idea of a proposal was to take Ginny into the Forbidden Forest and confess love when I save her from furious centaurs who attack us.” And this was not the worst idea Ron had come up with. In the end Harry, fed up from hearing Ron’s outrageous ideas, had ended up taking Ginny out for a walk and on reaching a secluded area in the school grounds he went down on one knee and told her she was everything to him and asked if she would marry him.

“Hey that indicates an adventurous relationship, bravery and shows that you’d risk your life for her.” Ron replied back, now getting seriously agitated.

“Alright, alright. Do you have anything in mind?” Harry asked, just in case he had some more weird plans. God save Hermione.

“Well just the usual. I get down on one knee…” and he knelt before Harry and lifted his hand up to Harry’s.

“You dont want us to hold hands too, do you?” Harry asked, biting his lips to stop himself from laughing. But Ron knew it.

“Forget it, I’ll think of something myself.” After which he left the room as abruptly as he had come in.


“Hermione I want to show you something. Come with me” Ron took her hand and pulled her towards the second floor. Suddenly it dawned on Hermione where he was taking her.

“Why are we going to the Chamber of Secrets. I don’t want to fall into that pit ever again.”

“You’ll see when we get there. Please Hermione, trust me. I won’t let anything happen to you.” was Ron’s panicked reply, who by now was completely drenched in sweat.


“Well here we are. Now what is it that I am supposed to see? It’s so dark in here and the wand light is not enough,” Hermione was struggling with not just the dark but also something else too. One could practically hear her brain buzzing with different possibilities about what Ron so desperately wanted her to see. Harry couldn’t help but let out a small laugh at her expression.

He had secretly started to follow them when he heard Ron asking Hermione to come with him, just to ensure Ron didn’t screw up the whole situation. He knew his best friend well enough to know he would never forgive himself if anything went wrong today and looking at his track-record something almost certainly would.

By now they had reached the entrance to the chamber and he could hear Ron’s faint ‘Open’ in Parseltongue. And Harry was once again reminded of the day he had almost lost Ginny in his second year.

“It’s still dark Ron. I can’t see a thing” a bemused Hermione’s voice brought Harry back to reality.

“Just a minute ‘mione.” There was a faint pop sound. Ron must have used his Deluminator, which Dumbledore had left him in his will, because suddenly the room was flooded with light and Harry had to jump behind one of those awful snake statues.

Ron must have put a lot of thought in this. What was previously just a long corridor now resembled a mini dance hall. There was table, tastefully set, with food and drinks too.

“This is amazing. Did you plan all this?” Hermione said, awestruck.

“Always the tone of surprise.” Ron chided Hermione. His sarcastic comment made Hermione blush.

“You know, we never got the chance to dance together at the Yule Ball.”

“And whose fault was that?”

“Let me finish, will you? So I thought maybe you and I could… ” he lifted his hands, in gesture, asking her to dance with him.

*Ronald Weasley, You wonderful, marvelous prat! *

“Ron this is all so romantic. I’d love to dance with you though there is no music or have you planned something for that too?” she was apparently no longer sure what Ron was capable of.

“Damn! I knew there was something I was forgetting. Now I’ll have go all the way back and get the record player.” He was now visible anxious.

“Record player? Seriously Ronald, are you a wizard or what?”

Though before Harry could do anything, Hermione raised her wand and muttered a set of incantations and suddenly soft music filled the air.

“Now we do have music. Let’s dance.” She took Ron’s arm and placed it on her waist and both started sashaying to the music.

*Hermione, you are, as usual, brilliant. *

When the song was over, Ron went down on his knee, looked into Hermione’s eyes and took her hands in his. “Hermione, you are the most brilliant and beautiful girl I’ve ever known and I wish to be with you forever. Will you marry me?”

Hermione too bent down so she was on level with Ron and kissed him slightly on his lips.

“I will Ron. I will”

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