What happens to a mind when tormented for long enough? Read to discover. (WARNING VERY STRONG CONTENT)


2. Towards the gates of Hell


In the summer holiday Forty-six years ago, I was a normal fourteen-year-old boy with a normal life, normal parents and normal friends. I had just left the middle school and was about to start my first year at high school. I couldn't wait to meet my new classmates and teachers. That summer, however, my body decided not to be normal any longer. It wanted to try out the looks of a monster. One morning I looked in the mirror and saw this volcano shaped zit on my cheek with this disgusting white puss on top of it, all ready to explode. I put my fingers on each side of it and squeezed just a little bit. Even today I still wish I hadn't. I cleaned up my face and the mirror and didn't pay it another thought. The next day I looked into the mirror again and what I saw was the ending of a normal boy's normal life. My face was a a red and white spotted battlefield between red and white blood cells. I tried all kinds of skin products but they all seemed as effective as that anti-wrinkle cream my mother used all the time. She looked like a sunburned raisin in case you're wondering. A few weeks went by and my zit problem had gone from bad to terrible.

"Son, I'm afraid you got a severe condition of acne. Here, take this prescription to the pharmacy and keep your face as clean as possible." The doctor said. 

I did what he said and used the creams he prescribed for me and ex-foliated my face, cleansed it and what not, only to see more pimples arrive. My skin had become all cratered to look at. The last thing a young boy wishes the day before meeting all new faces, pretty girls and cool boys, is to look like one carrying the German measles. That's what I looked like. Excitement to start in High School soon turned into intense fear. As if I had been told the date of judgement and could do nothing but wait for it to come.

"Come on Eddie! It's time to go to school!" My mother called from downstairs on the day of judgement. I sat on my bed looking hopelessly at my reflection in the mirror. I think I might even have been praying a little bit for that miracle to come and clean my shredded face.

"Coming mom," I called back and hesitatingly arose from my bed

I got into the car and looked at my mom with frightened flickering eyes, "How is it mom?"

"How is what Eddie?"

"High school? You've been to High School right?"

"Yeah. It's not bad son, you'll be all right don't worry." She said and started the engine.

Then the car drove down the street towards the gates of hell.

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