What happens to a mind when tormented for long enough? Read to discover. (WARNING VERY STRONG CONTENT)


3. Send me to heaven


The car stopped in front of the school. It towered up over the surrounding houses like the Holy Trinity churches as if they had tried to reach the sky with it. Next to the path leading up toward the School was a sign that read, "Welcome to Seamore Junior High". I remember imagining the whole place burning fiercely and the sign reading," Welcome to the burning Hell". I was so scared. I closed my eyes and the oncoming scenario played before me; girls sniggering and pointing at that ugly funny looking boy coming down the hallway, alone and scared to death. Boys calling me all kinds of cruel names, punch and kick me for being so ugly.

"It's time to go meet your new friends Eddie. I'll pick you up in the afternoon okay," my mom said and gave me a big kiss goodbye on my cheek.

Please, tell me no one saw that! Please! My heart pumped so hard in my chest that it felt like it was trying to knock a hole in it and burst out of me. My breath got heavier and the sweat trickled out through every pore in my hideous skin.

"Go on Eddie, you'll be late for class. I'll see you later son."

"Bye mom," I said and opened the door and got out of the car. It felt like I was jumping out of a plane without a parachute on.

Mom drove away and I started walking up the path with my head down, hands in my jacket pockets, aiming straight for the entrance. On each side were lawns occupied with students that appeared to be a lot older than me. Probably 3rd or 4th year students. Please don't see me. I'm not here. Don't see me!!

"Hi! You're a first year right?" A girl's voice said.

I looked up and in front of me was this amazing divine creation of a female. An angel I thought, who had come to save me. She had so beautiful neat and clean skin, so white it almost blinded my eyes. Her elegant brown hair was set up in a sophisticated bun and she wore glasses that made her look like my English teacher in middle school, whom I had had a crush on from the first day. Her big, brown, deer like eyes looked into mine radiating with pure kindness. Kiss me my angel and send me to heaven.

"Hi, ehm y-yes I am."

"Thought so, my name is Claire," she said and reached out her hand, " What's yours?" For half an eternity, I looked at her hand not knowing what to do with it. Then I remembered that she meant to shake my hand. A girl wants to touch me?!

"I'm Edward Chase," I murmured and shook her hand like I've never seen one before and was afraid to break it.

"Do you know where your class is?"

"Erhm, I think it's A218," I said and inspected my feet thoroughly. 

"Okay, come with me, I'll show you where it is Edward," She replied and gave me the cutest smile I've ever seen.

I walked a few paces behind her, trying to hide in her shadow. The older students on the lawn were looking at me like they had seen a ghost. They where probably just jealous that I was talking to such a beautiful girl. I couldn't help but notice the enchanting movement of her perfectly round and firm buttocks going up and down, up and down as she walked her confident walk down the hallway. I noticed a new feeling inside of me. A feeling of lust that prevented me from thinking about anything else but feeling the firmness of Claire's behind.

"Down there is the Canteen and in here is the computer room, it's nothing much but it's there all right. Come on, your class is just down here," she said and strutted onwards down the hall. My eyes elevated along the curve-line of her body and again I felt that new feeling that moved from my head sprang out into my body and rushed down my spine and into my pants where it created a bulge. I pulled down my jacket a bit so no one would see. I felt really hot and I was sure that  my face was as red as a cooked lobster.

I followed her in silence with my head slightly bowed as she guided me through the school. At that time, it didn't seem like a place of torment at all, on the contrary actually. Up, Down, up, Down her buttocks kept entangling me.

Claire. Claire. Her name kept repeating in my head. I would go to the end of the world and back to be with her but deep down, I knew I would never. She was just being kind to me, a  puny first year student.

"Here we are, A218. Class starts in five minutes. You can find your locker down the hall." She said and gestured at the row of lockers further down the hall.

"Thank you.... Claire." I said nervously and gave her a quick glance.

"I know it's scary the first day, but you'll fit into this place before you know it." Her big, soft lips moved up and down and her eyes shined so bright that my knees felt like jelly.

I turned to the classroom door and immediately my heart tried to escape my chest again. My skin was a fountain of sweat and my whole body was shivering. I turned around again to say thanks to Claire but she was gone, vanished. At that time it seemed odd how she disappeared liked that but today it makes perfect sense. I reached for the door handle and pushed it down. The door opened and I walked in not knowing what awaited me.

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