What happens to a mind when tormented for long enough? Read to discover. (WARNING VERY STRONG CONTENT)


4. Claire


Inside the classroom was a crowd of other students hanging around shyly in the corners, limited to whispering to the student next to them. The whole room reeked of anxiety and it felt like my anxiousness was adopted into it, becoming one with it. We were a unity of anxious human beings and it felt liberating to know that I was not alone with this feeling. I found a free spot where I could blend in, become incognito, a furniture in the room barely noticeable, but I hadn't been in the room for long until our comfortable universe was torn apart as the door slammed open and a teacher came rushing in.

"Good morning class please find a seat and remember it 'cause that's where you'll be sitting for the rest of the year," he said as he pulled his jacket off and put his bag on the teacher's desk.

A sudden chaos emerged as every individual broke out of the symbiosis of anxiety and fought to find a good seat according to the jungle rule: Survival of the fittest. I got a seat in the back of the room next to a guy in a worse condition than mine. He was obese, slightly cross-eyed and wore dirty clothes that he must have grown out of a couple of years ago. Then the stench crawled up my nostrils making me wish I had less senses. Is there a shower present?! Hello! We need a shower over here! Now! 

I gave him a discrete nod, and he nodded back looking befuddled that another human being recognized his existence.

"Howey," He said in a low squeaky voice and smiled nervously at me. I found out where the stench was coming from; His teeth.

"Edward," I replied and faked a smile back at him. Then my thoughts began drifting off. Her brown eyes were staring adoringly into mine and her lips moved soft and slowly up and down. Claire, Claire, Claire


"Claire Bennet," The teacher called out.

"Yes!" At first I wasn't aware of who exactly said that but as the ear splitting laughter broke out in the class and I was the only one not laughing, I soon realized that it was me.

"Do your parents hate you that much?" The teacher mocked.

The laughter re-emerged only less deafening this time. 

"I think I am Claire Bennet Mr. Teacher," One of the girls up front said and turned around to look at me. I knew what she saw; A pimple-faced boy whose head was so red that I could go for a professional thermometer in a heatwave.

"So if you're the real Claire, whose the lobster down in the back hmm?" The teacher said teasingly and looked expectantly down at me.

"Edward Chase," I sighed and started studying my empty desk.

"What was his name?" One of the boys up front asked out loud.

"I think it was pimple face," another boy, seated in the middle of the classroom, answered and to no ones big surprise the class replied in a joined laughter. I wanted to go home but to get out of here I would have to pass every one of those laughing monsters and that funny guy of a teacher. Well done Edward, you handled that well!

Not much else happened that day, nothing I remember anyway. On my way out of the school I tried to spot Claire, not Claire Bennet, but the senior. She was no where to be seen though. I couldn't stop thinking about her.


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