Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


2. The Snow-Colored, Red-Eyed, Wolf. Vol.2

     When Naomi’s eyes finally awaken, her vision was too blurry to make out what she was really looking at. What stood in front of her was a wolf pup, staring at her with innocent red eyes. Naomi rubbed her eyes, but when she was finish there wasn't a pup; instead, there was stoic, full grown wolf; with the same peaceful, blood filled eyes. The snow colored wolf was the same one gazing upon her near the pond. Suddenly, everything came back to Naomi, and she remembered she had passed out in the snow. “Did he save me?” she had thought, “But it’s a wolf, right? Why?” 

Naomi looked at her surroundings, and gathered she was in some cave. Looking at the entrance, you could see a very harsh snow storm brewing outside. Even with a snow storm outside, Naomi felt very warm; it was coming from the fire that lit the darkened cave. “Did he light this?” she pondered furiously. 

“D-Did…” Naomi had trouble getting her words out, “…Did you save me?”

The white wolf stood very still, and simply gave a light nod. Naomi was shocked from getting a response from an animal. 

“Why did you save me?” Naomi felt a little weird trying to ask a wolf, but maybe there’s more to this wolf. 

In response the wolf edged his head towards the opening, as if to point to the snow storm. Naomi understood, and lifted her back up to the wall. She was wondering if she was dreaming, or if there really is a wolf with human intelligence. “Thank you.” Naomi said with an awkward smile on her face. The wolf nodded again, and laid down on his belly. 

With no real choice but to stay, Naomi sat there enjoying the presence of the wolf. She wanted to poke more at his brain, so she decided to ask a few things, “So…do you have a name?”

The wolf nodded.

“Um, what is it?” She felt uneasy from that question; if the wolf started to talk that might be all she could take.

The wolf got up on all fours, and kicked out a half burned piece of wood. From there, he continued to kick it out all the way to the entrance of the cave. Once the wood hit the snow, steam flew up. After a few seconds of waiting, the wolf carried the log back in with his jaw. He dropped it, and placed his paw on the charcoal side of the log. Naomi was far above astonished, and couldn’t even rationalize what was happening. The wolf started to drag his paw around the ground. Naomi’s eyes widen further and further as she saw a name being spelled. 

In nearly perfect writing, spelled Shiro. “Your name is Shiro?” Naomi asked with huge eyes. Shiro nodded, but with a smile this time. Naomi dragged herself over to Shiro, and grabbed Shiro’s head gently. 

“What are you…” Naomi spoke softly, while looking deeply into the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf. Shiro simply blinked back at her.

“Why is it, when I look at you, I get some sort of nostalgic feeling?” Naomi said, while stroking the middle part of the wolf’s head. 

The wolf looked down quietly. Naomi lifted Shiro’s head back up and looked at his eyes; Shiro quickly turned his eyes away from her. His eyes turned outside and noticed the storm had calmed down. He gently clamped down on Naomi’s satchel and edged her outside. She took his lead and followed. 

That sense of nostalgia was burning in the back of her head. Shiro lead her back to the road where she first saw him this morning. Shiro nudged his head into her back, pushing her onto the road. When Naomi turned around to see him, Shiro was gone. She felt a little abandon for some reason, but started her walk home. 

Naomi looked at the sky, and it was pretty dark. She panicked and started to run home. While running, she thought, “Will I ever see him again? Was that even real? And…why do I feel sad right now?” So many thoughts were running through her head, but she found no answers. Before she knew it, she was at her doorstep.

It was ten minutes before eight, so she had some time before her mom would be home. Naomi’s mom worked late as an accountant, and rarely had time for herself. After her father passed away, her mom had to provide for both of them. Naomi felt like a burden, and always hated seeing her mom come home late. Naomi tried to help out by cooking and cleaning, but nothing eased the pain. She wanted to get a job, but her mom absolutely refused the idea. Her mom would always say, “All you need to do is focus on your life, and make a better future for yourself.” 

Naomi undressed to a small t-shirt and her underwear, then collapsed onto her bed. She covered up in her blanket, and buried her head in her pillow; she let out a loud sigh, and drifted into thought. “What just happened?” was the big thought banging on her brain. 

“Rahhhhhhhhhh!” Naomi let out a large scream, and threw her pillow across the room. That nostalgic feeling was like cyanide being poured into her head. When she stood up to get her pillow, she glanced out her window, and saw Shiro sitting from the other side of her backyard fence. Those red eyes peered up at Naomi, and she lost all train of thought. Shiro calmly turned around, and walked back into the forest that was behind Naomi’s house. “What is he?”  


The next day, Naomi couldn’t keep any concentration in class, and continued to day dream. At lunch, she didn’t eat much, and drifted away from her friends. Her friend Val tried to get in her head, but Naomi just spaced herself from everyone. Last night, Naomi had a dream. She saw the white pup again, in her dream, but this time she felt like they were friends already. It was faint, but she remembered them playing hide and go seek and other such games; but there was a boy there too. Not at the same time, more like the wolf and the boy switched places. 

The dream was peaceful until end, that’s when things turned into a nightmare. There was gun fire, and people in dark clothing running amuck. There was also many other wolves, running, bleeding, dying. Naomi was just a little girl in this dream, and had no way to protect herself. She was scared, and lost in the woods; but there was a small wolf cub, coming to her rescue. He pulled her out of the forest and confusion. They ended up at the other side of her fence, and from there, the pup was gone; yet there was a small boy there with white hair, and red eyes. He hugged her, and said he would come back. When he turned his back, he was a wolf again, heading back into the forest. Naomi wanted to follow him, but couldn’t. She wanted to scream his name out, but she couldn’t. She wanted so many things, but she was too weak. She fell to her little knees, and screamed out as loud as she could, “Shiro!!!” Her tiny voice echoed around. Shiro turned around, and stared at her with those same red filled eyes. 

The bell ranged, and snapped Naomi out of her day dreaming. There was a small tear coming down from her cheek. “Who is that wolf?” she wondered, “That dream was so real.” 


After school, Naomi stood at the spot where Shiro and her first made contact yesterday morning. Naomi was hoping, that Shiro would be sitting there, waiting for her; but sadly no presence was seen. She took one step towards the forest, but hesitated. She stepped back, and continued home. She thought it was best that she left it alone, and continued her normal reality.  

Once home, Naomi walked into her backyard and stared at her fence. There was no forgetting that wolf, not after seeing something so amazing. She investigated the fence, and noticed a loose board. When she pushed it, it opened up; instantly, a memory of her sneaking through the fence, with a small boy, appeared. “Shiro…” She whispered. 

Naomi slowly edged her way through the opening, and made it to the other side. Staring at the forest, it looked just how it did in her dream, but there was no wolf or boy; instead there was a young man standing on the edge of the forest. He had long shaggy hair down to his neck, and it was as white as the snow. His eyes shared the same peaceful feeling from the wolf, and was blood red. His face was soft, calm; his stature was lean, and was at a decent height. His clothing was opposite from his hair, and consisted mostly of black. The young man’s jacket was thin and straight, with his shoulders colored white; as well as his cuffs. His shirt and pants where plain black, lacking any diversity. 

Naomi wasn’t afraid, because she knew that was Shiro. She wanted to know what he was, and why he drove this feeling of nostalgia in the back of her head. 

Naomi took one step forward, but from the corner of Naomi’s eye she saw another wolf, staring at them. Both Naomi and Shiro turned their heads in the presence of the other wolf. The dark-brown, timber wolf titled his head deeper into the forest, and Naomi looked back at Shiro. Shiro, who was still looking at the other wolf, turned his head back to Naomi, and spoke with a very calm, youthful, sounding voice, “I’ll come back.“ He smiled, but his eyes spoke of sadness. He turned his back, and no more was there a man, yet the same snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf was there; walking deeper into the forest. 

Naomi wanted to follow him, but like in her dream, she was too weak. 

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