Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


15. The Grand Forest. Vol. 5



The crackling of fire, kept this scene from being completely silent. The sun rested for today, and the moon took its place. Naomi sat, noticeably, farther from everyone, and kept her head lowered. She felt so weak and useless; seeing Shiro fall like that, made, Naomi, notice how powerless she can really be. They were only inches from each other, but still worlds apart. 

Layla and Todde, sat near each other, looking over at, Naomi, wondering if they could say anything; but they too, were feeling down about, Shiro. Layla was scared that she might have lost a very close friend, and they won't know for sure, for at least another day. Knowing how much, Shiro, loved the snow, made Layla depressed when she looked at it. Sadly, the only way to not look at it right now, was to close her eyes, so she did just that.

Their group was broken, both physically and mentally, and it was all from a fluke. Todde was starting to understand how random some things may be, and how it could happen again. He didn't want to see his friends die, nor does he want them to suffer, but what is he to do? Being out in this world, made many boys like, Todde, grow up faster then they should.

Wanting to lighten the mood, Todde spoke out, "Hey, you guys want to hear a joke?". No one gave any notice to Todde.

"Here I'll say it anyways, uhm, what did one wolf say to the other?"


"He said, howl's it going! Ha, get it? howl's-no, um, okay...", Todde sulked his head from his failure. The crickets, throughout the forest, played their hearts out that night. 



On the other side of the cliff, another silent campfire was being held. Silus sat alone, surrounded by his own burdened aura. His sword, the therian item, that caused this whole upset, was lunged into the ground. Silus just stared at it, with spiteful eyes. 

He felt a bit guilty though, part of him liked the power that was guided through him, while the other was in fear. Maybe it really was just a fluke, and this power could be controlled. That idea started to cross Silus's mind, and if he practiced with the sword more, maybe he would be able to prevent such accidents.

As Silus went for his sword, a scent passed through his nose. He ran to his blade, and pulled it out with power, pointing towards the direction of the scent. A slick and sly voice spoke out, "Mmm, Silus, what are you doing in these part of the woods?". The body that embedded the voice revealed herself, "I thought the wolf clan moved up the cliff?". She was slender and tall, with a mixture of brown and blonde hair, curling down to her shoulders. Her face looked like it was sculpted to perfection, leaving any man mesmerized. 

"Rita...", Silus lowered his guard, and turned his head away from the unwelcome guest.

"Good to know you still know my name.", Rita came closer to, Silus, swaying her body around him. Her eyes gleamed a dark green, surrounding her diamond shaped pupils.

"...What do you want?"

"Aw, where's the playful side of Silus, I know?".

Silus was growing impatient, "Rita."

"Mmm, you're such a bore now; can't an old friend say hi?", Rita made her way behind, Silus, wrapping her hands around him seductively.

Silus pushed her arms off, "Are the rest of the mountain lions around here?".

"Maybe, or maybe it's just me, who knows?".

"I'm not in the mood for games, Rita!"

"Ugh, so lame...i'm glad things between us ended, you're so boring now."

"I don't have time for this...", Silus picked up his stuff, stopped out the fire, and hastily walked off. Rita prowled her in front of Silus, in lion form, flashing her green eyes at him. "If you have nothing to say, then leave me be."

"Fine.", Rita stopped, Silus, from moving on, "I wanted to give you a heads up, that Max employed the lion clan to join his cause."

"What?!", Silus stood baffled, "Why?"

"It was easy, considering your father banished us from the southern forest."

"Dammit...why are you telling me this? Doesn't this make us enemies?"

"We were always enemies.", Rita gave a playful wink, "But I thought, since we had some history, I would give you a head start, even though you broke my heart."

"...I'm...sorry...", Silus kept from making eye contact.

Rita gave him now mind, "Anyways, that mountain lions were tasked with the mission to find your little party, and hunt them down."

"...That means-"

"That means, they are heading straight to, Shiro, as we speak."

Silus didn't even make a reply, he ran on all fours as soon as he gathered that information. Within seconds, Silus was out of sight. 

"Oh Silus...you're too easy.", Rita gave a sassy flip to her hair, "Basa! It's time we give, Layla, a visit." Another lion clan member, revealed himself. Basa was lean, and didn't have much bulk to him. His hair was very long and straight, covering half of his face. Everything about this man gave an eerie feeling. 

"Why didn't we just take out Silus, right now?", Basa gave a concerned look to Rita, his voice sounded insidious and dark. 

"I, um, just thought he would be too much of a hassle right now. If we lure him away, taking out the weaker part of their group, will be much easier."

"If you say so.", Basa gave, Rita, a sideways glance.



It was late into the night now, and the group was trying to get some rest before tomorrows journey. An old familiar scent, caught under Layla's nose. She quickly jumped out of her tent, grabbing her bo staff on the way out. "Naomi, Todde! Get out here!". Layla's voice was intensified. Naomi and Todde, quickly ran out, hearing the urgency from her call. They saw two mysterious figures, clouded by darkness, standing in front of Layla.     

"What the hell are you doing here?!", Layla's eyes cringed with anger.

Rita stepped forth from her shadowy encasement, "I'm just not getting any good greetings today, am I Basa?."

Basa started to laugh sadistically, "I guess we will have to return the hospitality, hehe." 

"What-", Right as Layla was preparing to speak, Rita made a cheap attack, and went for a right jab at Layla's head; but right before the hit, connected, a hidden blade came out of Rita's leather brace. The was blade was about ten inches, and curved downward.

Layla, having little time to react, made a step back, barley dodging a fatal blow, and only leaving a minor slice on her cheek. Quickly making a counter play, Todde ran at full speed in fox form, tackling the, off-guard Rita, straight in her stomach. Rita flew back a couple feet, gasping for air.

Unhappy with the odds, Basa pulled out his twisted looking whip. It had broken glass and metal embedded into it, making its victims quiver just at the sight of it. Basa made a fast lash at, Todde, wrapping the whip around his leg. Todde let out a heartbreaking squeal, while he tried to escape in a panic. The more he tried to escape, the tighter the whip became, and the more blood gushed out; but being in a complete animalistic state, Todde was only making it worse for himself.

Layla went to his rescue, but Rita blocked her path. Not wanting to waste time, Layla went for a basic right swing with her bo staff. Rita easily grabbed the staff, but that was to Layla's advantage. The instance that Rita grabbed the pole, Layla made a quick slap with the right end of it, nearly blacking out Rita. Her vision was blurry, and Rita felt wobbly, but Layla didn't end there. 

She gained some momentum, and used the staff to vault her way into the air. In midair, Layla flipped the bo staff around her backside, and lifting it over her head. Using the momentum, gravity, and her own force, Layla brought the staff down with full power.

The shear power, could be heard, echoing through the forest. The hit, landed right in the middle of Rita's head, causing her to collapse, like she had just lost all of her bones.

Seeing Rita knocked out, Basa knew this fight was over, and wasted no time. With one great lunge, he pulled back whip, tossing Todde with massive velocity. Todde smacked into a tree, letting out a loud cracking sound. The little, orange, fox remained motionless and cold.

Basa threw, Rita, over his shoulder, and went for an escape, but Layla continued her fight. Holding the staff behind her back, Layla charged at the two lions.

Naomi ran over to Todde, checking to see if he was alright. Her eyes expressed despair, and her hand trembled as she tried to check the fox's pulse. "Layla!", Naomi out cried, trying to get her attention. 

Layla ignored it, and continued her chase.        



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