Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


14. The Grand Forest. Vol. 4




"Come now, my therian brothers and sisters, I only come asking for no more war between families. Join us, and see our revolution come into fruition. The humans are the ones we need to be fighting, not ourselves!", Max pleaded. One thing he inherited from his father, was the ability to move crowds.

One older, and beaten, bear clan member rose from his people, and spoke his mind, "You would have our people meet an early grave? The humans have won, and fighting won't change that. You already convinced our delusional members, now please, leave us be." The tired old man, stood at seven feet tall, and wore a ragged bandages around his abs. His boots reached to his knees, while his cloth pants covered the rest of his legs. The effects of war and battle, showed clearly on this man's face, but another form of pain painted a picture on his face; one of lost and regret. The man's bangs hung down in long unison strands, and his ponytail resembled, Little Rocks, but hung down farther. 

Max made an irritating 'tsk' sound from his mouth, giving a very disappointed glance, "You see, I can not allow that. I know you will join the opposing clans, and rage war with them. It's never been the bear's way to just, 'sit-and-watch'."

The old man cringed his eyes, looking at him hatefully. His left eye was blinded, obviously explained from the scar that ran down it. "How dare you walk in here, and with only two of our former members, threaten us, and expect to walk out alive."

"I hope that's not a challenge, the 'great', Roaring Thunder. You and my father were old friends, I wouldn't want to kill someone who was pretty much family."

"But killing, just, family, is easier?"

"Haha, Thunder, you make me laugh."


Shiro heard the commotion from his tent, and wanted to go help, but ,Little Rock, advised Shiro to remain there and rest. Trying not to go and release all his rage on, Max, was one of the hardest things for Shiro to do, but the pain from his wound made it a bit easier.

Little Rock made his way to the big ring of commotion, but by the time he made it there, Max, was already on his way out. "Master, are we just going to let him go?", Little Rock spoke undertone to, Thunder. 

"Yes, we wish no more blood split for now. Max, was simply trying to strike fear in us, but it's not going to work."

"You bet it's not; by the way, how is the chieftess?"

"Very sick, she must not know of, Max's arrival."

"Understood, Master.", Little Rock started to make his way back to, Shiro, but was reminded of something, "Oh yeah, Master, I have a request."

Thunder gave a curious expression.


It was getting close to thirty minutes, and Little Rock showed no sign of return. Shiro was starting to get bored, and tried making his way off the bed. Lifting up his body, proved to be incredibly painful, but Shiro persisted.

After a few of false starts, he managed to get himself up. Next was his legs, but that was much easier task. He slid them to the side, and dropped them off the bed. Shiro turned his torso, quivering at the pain, but bit his lip and ignored it.

He finally stood up, feeling all the effects of gravity. Shiro didn't bother putting his shirt on, and slid his jacket over his shoulders. Near the door to the tent, was his shoes. After he put all the clothing he could on, he walked out, trying to not get anyone's attention.

The sun was already making its decent down, but still shined brightly. Shiro was a bit melancholy about the sun, knowing how it would melt away the snow. That was life though, the snow would return in time; next winter, he promised himself he would show, Naomi, the wonders of it. Sadly, this winter, was painted red.

Shiro wandered over to a near be stream of water. He looked at his reflection, and saw his bruised and scratched up face. "How much longer...", Shiro thought, "...Until this war ends?"




Silus savored no energy, and sprinted as fast as he could. He could already see where the cliff curved down and met the ground. Thinking, whether or not, he was to blame for, Shiro's demise, was in the back of Silus's head. He needed to keep his thoughts clear, and on task. Never stopping, Silus ran on.



Night was coming closer, and Little Rock was on the search for, Shiro. Sniffing him out was easy, considering, Shiro's scent, was much different from a bear. Little Rock noticed a figure sitting down, glowing brightly with his clear, white, hair.

"Hey, Shiro.", Little Rock came up behind, Shiro, "I was looking everywhere for you."

"Sorry, I was getting cabin fever."

"Only after that little of time, haha. You are one restless pooch.", Little Rock tried to get a crack out of, Shiro, but Shiro remained emotionless and in thought. "Uhm, anyways, the chieftess wanted to see you."

Shiro turned his head, "Really?"


Shiro and Little Rock, made their way into the chieftess' large tent, and bowed in front of her cot. The chieftess laid there, very still. She was a small woman, but still taller than Shiro. Her clothing was reminiscent of old shaman attire, and the seasons of age showed many, many, years on her face. Every few minutes, the chieftess would make a harsh, hacking sound.

"My chieftess, I thank you for seeing us.", Little Rock kept his head down, and spoke with maturity.

The chieftess coughed more, spitting up a tad, "I am always happy to see you my sons, no need to be so formal."

"Sorry...", Little Rock lifted his head, and Shiro followed.

The chieftess turned her head, showing her age, as she used all her force to do so, "Ah, Shiro. You sure have grown since you use to play with, Little Rock. I'm saddened that you don't visit more often.", her voice was raspy, but tender.

"I'm sorry, Chieftess, but times lately have been preventing me from having fun, haha...", Shiro looked at the chieftess, with innocent eyes.

"Nothing should prevent you from having fun, otherwise you end up like me; a life full of regrets and unfulfilled aspires.", The chieftess eyes looked as if they were always closed, but around her brow, her skin crinkled, as if she closed her eyes in despair, "Trust me, Shiro, never hold any regrets."

"...I won't."

"Good, now to you, Little Rock."

"Yes, Chieftess.", Little Rock had an eager voice, "You used to tell tales of times before the therian-human war, does this mean you know what happened?"

The chieftess' mouth gave a youthful smile, "Yes, I do dear, but those times are over, and I've said I will not relive those moments. Sorry my son."

"Could you at least tell us about the Therian 13?"

"Oh, Little Rock. You like to make me nostalgic, don't you?"


"It is fine my dear, I just don't like nostalgia; makes you stay in the past-"

"-But without the past, you don't have the future.", Shiro, quickly, interjected.

"Hehe, my boy you are right, but you need to look at the past as something you were, or you will never grow. You should remember that, Shiro. You, my son, hold the past dear, but as the reason you push forward into the future. The past is there, so that the future can live; it's not there so you can dwindle on it, and keep living within it."

"I...I guess you're right..."

"Chieftess, I'm sorry, but you are dodging my question.", Little Rock continued the conversation forward.

"You got me, hehe.", the chieftess coughed a few more times, and took in a huge breath, "Why do you need to know of these items?"

Shiro explained the whole situation, once again, "If we don't know what these items are, I'm afraid what happened to me, might occur again."

"Okay, if it prevents less blood, I will explain it, but promise me, when this is all over, those items will be destroyed; they have already caused enough harm."

Shiro shifted his eyes for a bit, "I promise."

"Excuse me for not sitting up, and explaining this, but this body of mine is wearing out.", the chieftess cleared her throat, "When the war started, the humans had just developed gunpowder, and our numbers were falling quickly. We didn't know what to do, so we turned to the goddess of the forest, Mother Nature. She gave us a blessing, but in the form of the Therian 13. Thirteen unique items, all with treacherous power. Mother nature didn't want these items abused, so she made each have a downfall, that way long time use resulted in consequences."

Shiro gave a frightful stare at his covered up brace. 

"They helped, but not enough. After years in the war, we wondered why we were giving such a weak weapon to fight back, but then we realized, it was only to survive. Mother Nature knew it was the end of the forest, and the start of civilization. We all felt betrayed, even I did at the time, but one man who felt more angered out of all of us, wanted revenge on Mother Nature. His name was, Draven, and he was part of the wyvern clan, or should I say kingdom."

"The wyvern's?!", The two boys said together.

"Yes, at that time they were a flourishing empire; not some legend or extinct race. Draven was a prince no less, and he had a lot taken away from him. His motives were not unjustified, but his means were horrible. Draven wanted to use The Four Horsemen, and rid the world of both the war, and Mother Nature. His plan almost worked too, but something stopped him, and he vanished."

Little Rock was confused, "Four Horsemen, Chieftess?"

"Yes, they are a dark story, but this is not the time for that."

"Sorry, Chieftess.", Little Rock silenced himself. 

"So no one knew what happened to, Draven?", Shiro asked.

"No, not even I. Sometimes I wonder though."

"What place did you take in this, Chieftess?", Little Rock inquired.

"At the time i was a beautiful, sixteen year old, girl; I know, now it might seem impossible, but i assure you, i was the best looking girl in the clan, hehe. I was the daughter of the bear clan leader, and was helping the cause like everyone else, fighting. I, like many others, didn't want to resort asking the four horsemen. They were evil, and only played in deception.", the chieftess started to cough again, "After the events with Draven ended, and the war turned into a purge more than a war; then the Therian 13 was lost, and scattered across this very forest."

"Why here?", Shiro pondered out loud, his face was emerged within the story.

"This is where the bulk of the war took place.", the chieftess took a large inhale, "You must be careful when it comes to these items."

"We will, Chieftess.", Shiro bowed his head.

"May I ask what the items do?", Little Rock gave one more inquiry. 

"I thought you might ask.", the frail woman gave another grin, " I only remember a few, so bear with me. From what comes first to mine, there is the ring. This item allows you to terraform, which means you can change the geography around you, but the more you do this, the more you, yourself, becomes the geography. Another one was the sword."

"A sword?", Shiro was reminded of, Silus.

"Yes, this item was more unique in a sense. Mother Nature asked of our best swordsmen, to sacrifice his soul to this sword. The person who wields this sword, gains the power of the all who wielded it before him. To unlock the full power of the weapon though, you must give your own soul to the sword when your time has come. Another item is the gauntlet, almost an anti to the sword."

Shiro became uneasy.

"This gauntlet is very powerful indeed, evil in fact. Every time the gauntlet takes a soul, its power increases, and when I say, 'takes it soul', I literally mean, the gauntlet consumes the soul."

"W-what is the downside to this item?", Shiro's words shook.

"Besides being an evil item in its own right, the wearer is consumed as well, and that person possesses the gauntlet. The only man I've known to use it was, Roku. Roku Genkai, was a monstrous demon, a war criminal, and used the item for his own gain. After he was consumed by it, we locked the glove away, in fear that Roku might use the next wearer as a host."

Shiro feared to ask his next question, "Host for what?"

"To be his new body."

Shiro's eyes expanded, his skin turned pale, and his hands started to to shake. He didn't know what to do, and just thinking about, made him think that, Roku, would turn on him. What if he starts to lose sight as to who he is; a mini panic attack started within, Shiro, and the stress caused his wound to bleed again. 

"Shiro!", Little Rock yelled out.

"I-I...uh.", Shiro got dizzy, and fainted. He could hear, Little Rock, yelling out for help.        



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