Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


13. The Grand Forest. Vol. 3



Shiro only remembered bits and pieces of his fall, until his final descend. The vision of, Naomi, sticking her hand out for him, stained into his eyes. Shiro would have given anything, to reach out and touch her. It made him regret all the things he was never able to say. It felt like time had slow down, mocking Shiro, and allowing a moment for him to contemplate his regrets. His biggest concern, above all, was praying that Naomi would be fine; without him. 

No. Thinking like that made Shiro angry, he wanted to be there for Naomi; why doesn't he get to? That was more torture than the pain he was already in.

As Shiro closed his eyes, and damned his fate, another painful feeling struck through him. His whole body felt numb, but oddly, he tasted river water.




The sun was starting to reach its furthest point in the sky. A white owl came hovering by, shifting around frantically, like it was looking for something. The owl noticed a place near the river, slathered in blood. The blood look dragged from the river, but then the trail disappeared. The owl looked around for more clues.

Near the eerie trail, was more blood, but this pattern looked like drops of blood. The owl landed on a branch, and sat there, looking as if he was thinking. The bird took off in high speed, and back up the gargantuan size of a cliff. 



Hayate ran up to, Silus, and gave him the news, "I found- what I'm assuming is- Shiro's blood, near a riverbed. It looked like he dragged himself out, but then lifted himself up on his feet."

"That's amazing news, so he's alive?"

"I'm not one-hundred percent sure, but I couldn't find his body, and the trail speaks for itself."

"Perfect, I'm going to head off then.", Silus had already packed all his stuff from camp, and was just waiting for the signal to go.

Layla stood, with a very angered face, "What do you mean? You know we're going with you, right?"

"No.", Silus gave a very serious reply, and wore burden on his face.

"But-", Naomi's whole presence was heartbroken, and her voice sounded shaky and pathetic.

Silus took a deep breath in, and turned to Naomi, "I'm sorry, but you will slow me down.".

A little bit of anger and resentment, flashed in Naomi's eyes, "How could you say that! I-"

"Look, It's a two day trip on foot, but if I run on all fours, it will only take a day, tops."

Naomi looked away from Silus, angered, but deep down, she understood. Layla walked up within whisper distance from Silus, "Do you want me to come with you?"

"No, I need you to watch over Naomi, I can't be responsible for both the deaths in that relationship..."

"Silus, don't say that."

"We both know, that this part of the forest is Therian infested. Most humans are killed on sight around here, I can't just leave Todde with her. Please, Layla.", Silus looked at, Layla, with very sincere eyes.


"Thank you.", Silus walked over to Todde, "Hey, Todde."

"Yeah..." Todde, who was still lost from the events today, and was surrounded by a depressing aura, didn't even give Silus a glance.

"I'll get him back, I promise, but for me to do that, I need you to be the man, and watch over Naomi."

Todde shifted his eyes around a bit, and locked eyesight with Silus, "Okay, I will. As long as you bring him back."

"I will.", Silus looked one more time over the cliff, and scoped the magnificent view. He was about to run off, but, Naomi, interrupted him, "Wait, Silus."

The brown timber-wolf, gave a curious tilt to his head.

"Just so you know, I don't blame you."

The wolf ran off, as soon as Naomi finished her sentence, but she could of swore, she heard the wolf say, "That makes one of us."

"I will head back down, and see if I can find him as well.", Hayate bowed to everyone exquisitely.

Naomi saw the white owl fluttering down the cliff, and looked over to the two remaining party members, "We should get going as well."




"You can't die, not yet, at least. No, fight Shiro, fight for your mother's sake! Will you let her die without vengeance! Will you!"

"...No...no...", Shiro's vision was blurred and his surroundings were like massive blobs. One moving blob, caught his attention. It was huge, and had a very strong presence. Shiro's body was still numb, but looking at the humanoid blob, made it seem like his body was being tampered with.

"...What...who...", Shiro forced his words out as best he could, but all that strain, made him want to sleep again.

"Shiro, no! You can't. If you sleep, you wont wake up again; rise, Shiro, rise!"

"...I...can't...t-too weak..."

"Hmm, then die, let your mother's memory parish."


"I wonder how long it will take ,Naomi, to die, since you are so weak..."

"Naomi...no. No!"

"Hey there, you need to not force yourself to speak.", The distorted image spoke to him. The words were muffled, but still shook his eardrums, as it spoke. That voice sounded familiar to, Shiro. "Here, drink some of this.", the figure handed him a cup, filled with some liquid that smelled putrid. The friendly figure, started to seem more and more familiar. 

Shiro, not having much of a choice to reject, took a drink, a nearly puked as he did.

"Haha, still have that weak stomach, Shiro. Well, I don't expect much from a couple of dogs, haha."

"L-little rock? Is that you?"

"Yea brother, but now is no time to speak, just rest."

The liquid seemed to have some very strong effects, and Shiro could already feel energy coming back. He titled his head to the right, and noticed he was in a tent. Shiro stared at the doorway to this tent, focusing on what was outside. When his vision sharpened, he saw huge men and woman outside, walking about. 

"I'm in the Bear Clan's camp?"

"Speaking clearly, are we? It seems the juice did more than I thought, haha. Should have guessed, seeing how you're much smaller than us.", Little Rock was disposing of old bandages, "To clarify, this is a newly formed bear clan."

"What happened to the main one?", Shiro looked back at, Little Rock, and took in his daunting 6'6 height size. It's surprising anyone or thing, could have that big of a muscle mass. Little Rock, was an old buddy of Shiro and Silus's, but his size never got old.

Little Rock took a deep sigh, and ran his hand through his hair, stopping right before his short ponytail, "We had our own civil war, like your own."

"What caused it?"

"The same as yours, Max. He convinced many of our people to join, and when our clan's chieftess tried to silence their unrest, a war broke out."

"Deja vu...Is the chieftess alright?"

"Yes, thankfully, she did not meet the same fate as, Diethelm, may he rest in peace."

Shiro tried to sit up, but the pain in his shoulder was too much, and collapsed back down. He examined himself, and saw that his torso was wrapped in gauze. To his right, there was mounds of bloody bandages and towels. Looking at the tent, Shiro deduced he was in bear clan's medical tent. It was five times as big, but probably fit the same number of their respected members.

"How am I alive?"

"I was wondering the same thing; you must have an angel protecting you."

"Yeah, angel..."

"You're lucky I was fishing for food, or you might of died right there. You were soaked in blood, I'm surprised you still have any in you, haha.", Little Rock handed, Shiro, another cup of the same juice, "Gotta love being a therian though; no human would have already healed most of the whole that was in you. What happened by the way?"

"Ugh, this stuff is so gross, but, Silus and I were sparring; least to say, it didn't go so well."

"How the hell does something like that happen in sparring?"

Shiro took a moment to speak, "Have you heard of the Therian 13?"


Shiro explained the hole situation, from Diethelm's death, till now, "And when we were testing our items out, they really showed us their powers."

"Wow...", Little Rock took a seat right next to, Shiro, "So, do you really think, that if you find all these items, you can beat, Max?"

"I have no clue, but after what happened today, I'm starting to get a clue."

"Then I'll join you!", Little Rock's massive figure, leaped up with incredible energy.

Shiro smiled, and gave a small chuckle, but the even that hurt him too much, "...Any help would be amazing."

"Little Rock! He's here!", Another member of the clan came into the tent, but his height was at least 7 feet. 






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