Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


11. The Grand Forest. Vol. 1








"No! Let go of my mom!"


"Kill them, Shiro! Rip them apart, and expose their blood to the world!"




"Make them pay for your mother's suffering; share the blood!"


"Will the pain stop?" 


"I promise it will; now murder them, kill them, kill them! Have your revenge!" 


"I can't!" Shiro, awoke from his deep slumber, and tried to calm down his excessive breathing. Sweat dripped down onto his chest, and a moist outline of himself was left under Shiro. The cries of his mother being raped and slaughtered, was still ringing in his ears; the sight of it, was stained on his eyes. 


"Please, make it stop!" Shiro pleaded, angrily gripping onto his sheets, nearly ripping them to shreds. He walked out of his tent, not caring to get fully clothed, and continued to a lake near by. The cold snow would give a normal person frostbite, but Shiro was too heated to be cooled down.


He quickly made his was to a tree, and continuously punched at it. The bark came off more and more, and blood started to make a fist shape on the tree. With each punch, Shiro let out a bloodthirsty grunt, and a small tear. His right hand became too mutilated to punch, so he switched to the left hand. He stared at the gold brace that covered his arm, and started to hit faster; almost, like he gained power from it. The more he punched, the more crazy, Shiro's eyes turned into.


On the final punch, the brace turned back into the gauntlet form, and broke the entire tree clean. The massive tree now laid in ruined, with blood splattered everywhere. Shiro fell to his knees to regain his breath. The pain was still there, and until he avenges her, the pain will always remain.


Shiro examined his gauntlet, and felt a strange bond to it; as Shiro's temper went down, the gauntlet changed back into the brace form. "So this is the power of a Therian item."   He whispered under his breath.   


A rustling in the bushes startled Shiro, but Naomi's scent was all too familiar.


"What are you doing up this late, Naomi?"


She revealed herself, nervously, and spoke with a very light voice, "I-i was just worried..."


"I'm fine;nothing to be worried about."


"It didn't sound like there was nothing..."


"I am, i promise." Shiro stood up, with a smile, and walked over to Naomi; but she quickly noticed Shiro's fist, and panicked.


"What happened to your hands!" Naomi's light voice evolved into a louder one.


"I was, um, hitting the tree for practice."


Shiro's bluff failed, as Naomi quickly ran over and inspected his hands, "Shiro what's going on?"


"I had a bad dream, alright? You don't need to worry; this happens more times then you would think."


"Why!" Her voice heightened even further, and her eyes peered into Shiro's. Her eyes glistened, but her brow titled in a more angry fashion. From the excitement, Naomi was only two inches from Shiro's face, and his hand was held tightly to her chest. 


Shiro was in a calmer state, so he noticed how close she was; and how she was wearing her pajamas. Having only his cloth slacks on, made Shiro very tense and uneasy. 


Naomi was still waiting for an answer, but Shiro was sweating from the ramblings of hormones. The long silence made Naomi think clearer, and she too, saw how uncomfortable this situation was. 


Naomi, immediately, pulled her hand back, and blushed redder than Shiro's eyes. Shiro remained stoic, with an awkward look on his face. His hand being so close to her breast, didn't help him either. Silence was the only thing that spoke now, and the two, just continued their unnatural poses.


This made Naomi ponder, "What are we?" Shiro is the opposite sex of her, and she knows there has to be some feelings between them.They have hugged before, quite passionately, some may say, so does all that mean they were a couple? But nothing was said, and what if, Shiro only wanted to remain a friend; but why would he try so hard to see her, well again, maybe the friend thing. 


All this collided with incredible force, in Naomi's head. This wasn't her intention when she first came out here, but the theme as changed. She didn't know what to say or think, because she never realized, until now, how much she doesn't know of their relationship. Maybe it was best, to just, go for it. Here they are, in an unadulterated environment, with nothing to stop them. Would she be okay with that? True, they have known each other for a long time, but that was kids, people change. Is there anything that much different from the Shiro she knows now, from the Shiro she knew then. They both are kind and daring, with the readiness to sacrifice himself for Naomi. Giving herself to him, wouldn't be so bad. Does that mean they are together forever, or just until Shiro has to leave again, or-


"I'm going to go, uh, now, so, uh, yeah..." Shiro stumbled his way out of there, and went back to his tent. Naomi was so wrapped up in her head, that she didn't even notice Shiro leave. The cold finally got to Naomi though, and snapped her back to reality. Naomi looked around sadden, but a bit relived. She still wondered, "What are we?".   





The next morning shined brightly, giving a new, beautiful, take on life. It was almost a blessing to those who felt the pain of Diethelm's death. The snow was starting to melt, and slowly, the grass showed itself to the world. As do humans, we all have phases, and the forest was changing.


There was still time for winter, so the snow was still mound high. Silus, was busy clearing out the snow, big enough, for a volleyball court. He cut down a small tree, and began making small rectangular wood slabs. The slabs looked big enough to cover a small window. Layla was assisting him, by making makeshift bows. Shiro, already made 100 arrows, ready to go. Meanwhile, Todde, was busy making food.


All the while, Naomi, was sound asleep. The events with Shiro, put a lot on her mind. The sounds of work and food though, awoke Naomi quite easily. She could hear everyone outside of her tent, and quickly dressed. While getting out of her tent, she frantically, tried combing her hair with her hand.


Shiro, passed Naomi, and noticed she had some drool on her face, "Um, Naomi?".


It caught her off guard, causing her to jump a little, but turned to Shiro with a smile, "Yes!".


"You have some-here..." Shiro wiped of her drool, and continued with his work. Naomi blushed, but then got embarrassed, when she realized what had just happen. 


Naomi looked around, and noticed there was a lot of working, this early in the morning. She made her way to Silus, who was still setting up the wood slabs. Naomi, gently tapped Silus on his shoulder, "Good morning, Silus."


Silus arched his head, and smiled cheerfully as he said, "A good morning to you, as well."


"You all seem very busy, what is this?"


"Oh, yeah, every morning we practice combat. These pass few days, we haven't had a lot of time to do so." Near the end of those words, Silus's voice sounded burdened with pained. 


"I see, but i've never seen any of you use a bow."


"Doesn't hurt to know, and we do more training besides this; the other training exercises doesn't take so much setup."


"I understand, could i be of any help?"


"Sure, hold this post, while i lodge the board in." Naomi agreed eagerly, but her mindset was still on Shiro. She started to  to daydream, and almost lost grip of the post."


"Whoa, whoa!" Silus snapped Naomi back into reality; Naomi was able to regain her grip, before the board fell over.


"Are you okay?" Silus asked earnestly.


"Sorry, yeah, I've just been thinking a lot lately."


"I bet, could i ask why?"


"It's just..." Naomi looked around, and saw that Shiro was to far to hear, "last night, Shiro, seemed to be having some trouble." Her voice was toned down.


"Oh that? He does that a lot; gotta get used to it."


"How could I? He really seems to be having some trouble."


Silus sighed, and tried to get back to work.


"Silus?" Naomi asked a bit hurt from being ignored. 


Silus didn't even try to be evasive on this subject; he could tell Naomi would not let this go, "Did Shiro ever tell you about his family?"


"How they were killed by humans, but not much else."


"Well, that's all he really knows anyways. Most nights, he gets up from a nightmare, and has to vent by- you know."




"Did you try to stop him?"




"What happened?"


"N-n-nothing!" Naomi turned her head away to hide her blushing, and remained silent.


"Wait, what happened?" Now Silus was intrigued. 




"Hmm, maybe i should ask him..." Silus spoke under his breath.


"No! I just, i, i don't know what we are..."


"You mean Therian-Human type stuff?"


"No..i mean Shiro and I..."


"Oh, ohhhhhh, i see now." Silus paused, stood up from his hard work, and he placed his hand on Naomi's shoulder, "Listen, Shiro has never put this much effort into anything before, and by 'this', i mean you; so you have nothing to worry about."


"I get that, but i don't know...i suppose i want more clarification..."


"I can't speak for him, so why don't you just ask him?"




"Foods ready!" Todde yelled out, much louder than anyone thought.


"Hey, lets eat, we can talk about this later if you want." Silus patted Naomi's back.


"Thanks Silus..."




After breakfast, everyone gathered to there new training grounds. Layla passed out bows to everyone, while Shiro, handed out 20 arrows each.


"Alright Naomi." Layla walked up to Naomi, "I'm guessing you have never shot a bow before, so i'll help you get the basics."


"Okay, thank you." Naomi surprised herself by wanting to actually learn.


"Now, i want you to make a stance that you think you would shoot an arrow." Naomi, awkwardly, tried making a pose, but she failed horribly. Layla giggled a bit, and moved Naomi's limbs to the correct angles. "After you get the hang of shooting like this, you can move a bit, to get your own stance; this is just the basic way to do it."


Layla gave Naomi an arrow, had her pull back; after some tricks to shoot straight, Naomi released the arrow, shooting straight over the target.


"Uh..." Naomi let her shoulders down, and let out sigh.


"It's fine, we all have to start somewhere." Layla encouraged Naomi, but when Naomi looked at everyone else's shots, they were all nearly perfect, with the exception of a few. Not only that, but they were 50 feet behind her. They continued this for about forty-five minutes, and called it quits. 


"Man, i thought Layla was suppose to be your clans best shot, but she really needs a tune up, haha." Todde mocked Layla playfully.


"What was that..." Layla looked over to Todde, with death in her eyes.


"Just saying; i could do way better."


"..." Layla walked hastily over to Todde, and picked him up by his collar, "No one is a better shot than me."


"Wanna make a bet!" Todde smiled devilishly.


"What's the wager?"


"You have to do my cooking duty for the rest of our mission."


Silus and Shiro both froze at the idea of eating Layla's cooking, and started sweating tremendously. Layla shifted her eyes around, "Alright shrimp, you're on!" 


Silus fell over from despair, while Shiro remained still. Naomi tugged on Shiro's jacket, "Why do you guys look so pale over this?"


"Uh." Shiro didn't want Layla to hear him, "No reason; lets just hope everything turns out for the best". Naomi was left confused.




Shiro, Silus, and Naomi, all waited by the targets, while Layla and Todde left. "What are we waiting for?" Naomi asked impatiently. 


"Just wait." Silus spoke stoically. 


Soon enough, an arrow hit right in the middle of the target. "Where did that come from?!", Naomi's jaw dropped.


"Hmm." Both the boys went.


"Would you say 100 yards, Shiro?"


"Yeah, about."


"How do you guys know that?" Naomi was utterly baffled.


"We can hear it." Shiro boasted.


Another arrow hit right in the middle of the target. Naomi looked over and saw Silus in his wolf form. He howled, and when Naomi looked at him again, Silus was normal.


"Why did you howl?"


"Letting them know they are even."


"Does that mean, they are done?"


"No, they'll back up more, but i can't see these makeshift bows lasting much longer."


Another minute passed, and two more arrows hit. The one aiming for the left, was off by a centimeter, while the other was perfect. Silus gave another bark, and they all waited for their return.


"Who won?" Naomi asked.


"Not sure, haha, I didn't keep track of who was shooting where."


"By the way, i was wondering, how do you guys change into wolves?"


"Huh?" Both the boys were completely lost by that question.


"Um, i mean, like, do you guys transform into wolves or what?"


"Transform?" Shiro was still confused, "We don't turn into wolves, were are always wolves."


"But you are human right now."


"I'm that as well."


"Now you have me confused Shiro..."


Silus intervened, "What, Shiro, is trying to say is, we don't really transform into either form. If we need to howl, we howl, if we need to run faster, we run faster; if we need to speak, we speak, and if we need to pick things up, we pick them up. There is no thought process to wanting to be a wolf or human; it is as simple as breathing. We do, what we need to do."


"I think i get it, but it's still very confusing."


"It should be; no one has ever figured out how we can do what we do, nor have they figured out who made us. You being confused is the very reason we are a dying race. Humans get confused, that makes them scared, and that, in return, makes them angry."


"Oh, i'm sorry...i never like to seem ignorant like that...", Naomi dropped her head and shoulders.


Shiro gave Silus a stern look.


"Uhm, of course i shouldn't be using the word 'Humans' so general. You, Naomi, are very understanding person, and i wish more Humans thought like you did."


Shiro nodded at Silus approving of his statement.


"Thanks." Naomi lifted her head up in high spirits.


A red fox, came running up to the targets, "Haha! I won! Woohoo!". Todde was rolling on his back laughing.


Layla was in view now, and her face was completely drained of emotion, "I can't believe it..."


"You know what that means!" Todde put his little hands on his waist, and gave an absurd smile. 


A little of Silus's soul just died, and soon his stomach will too.


"When did you become such a good shot?".


"The fox clan, is now focusing purely on long range assaults and guerrilla warfare. We are a small clan, so we have to fight like one."


"So lame..." Layla was still devoid of emotion. All her life she was the best shot around, then some kid, takes it.


Todde realized that this may have hurt more than just Layla's ego, "But, i'm sure in fight, you would be saving my butt more than once. I have very little experience in close quarter combat; all i have is my ability to shoot."


A new smirk rose from Layla's face, "You know, i could teach you."




"Sure, i guess."


Both Todde and Layla, smiled at each other, growing a stronger bond. Silus and Shiro was happy no bad vibes were left from this, but tonight's dinner was coming closer every second; and they feared this may be their end.






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