Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


6. Looking at the Past, Present, and Future. Vol. 1




Evening approached, as Shiro led Naomi out of the forest. The sky started to darken, and the chill air thickened. The forest was quiet, which was a nice pace from all the commotion today. The two companions stumbled their way through the snow, talking about past events. 

“And after your leader saw my glove, he told me that was all, and I am welcome to come anytime. He apologized, then left.” Naomi spoke, chattering her teeth as she spoke. 

“Well, at least no one was too hurt, and you are completely fine.” Shiro smiled at her with thankfulness.

Naomi looked down with grief, “I’m sorry I got you hurt…if I would have just stayed and fought, maybe…”

“Don’t say that!” Shiro quickly cut her off, “If anything would have happened to you…I…”

Naomi placed her hand on his back, in a caring gesture. She smiled at him, and stopped her movements. Shiro looked at her, tilting his head in curiously. Naomi looked around for a moment, and found a suitable log to sit on. She scooted over and patted down on the log. Shiro understood and took his place beside her. 

“You know, it’s going to get too dark for you to see soon.”

“I just wanted to take a quick breather.” While Naomi spoke, she had her legs sticking out, tapping her feet together. “So…” Naomi hesitated to speak, “What are you exactly?”

Shiro gave a half-way smile, and took a deep breath in, “ We are called the Therian race, whom are an ancient species of humans, or animals, whichever you prefer, who have been around since life existed. I know, long time, ‘why haven’t I heard of you guys before?’ Well long ago, I guess conflict arose between humans and the Therians, and ever since, humans have wanted our kind extinct.”

“What happened between them?”

“We don’t know, it’s been too long…”

“So, is anyone still hunting your people?” Naomi looked very distressed asking Shiro this.

“Yes…” Shiro’s eyes looked lost in thought, and his face spoke of sorrow. Silence fell between them, and Naomi could tell, Shiro was heavily saddened by this topic. Shiro could even feel his eyes starting to water up. Naomi rubbed the upper part of Shiro’s back, and spoke softly, “You don’t have to talk about it, if you don’t want to Shiro…”

“No it’s fine…” Shiro took another breath, and continued speaking, “They’re a special government group, dedicated to wiping us out and keeping us a secret. All we’ve wanted is to be left alone, but no matter where we migrate, they find us. They found us already, about 20 miles east of here, so we had to move here for now; but who knows how long it will take them to find us. And with every move, we lose more and more of our people. We are most of what’s left of the wolf clans, there are still some other therian species, but not much.”

“Wow…makes me feel a bit selfish, living alongside you all, and not even knowing how much suffering was going on.”

“It’s not your fault…besides, the less you know the better…”

Brief moment of silence passed them, “How come you’re the only one with red eyes?”

Shiro looked at her with those eyes, and stared at her for a moment. He looked back down as tears started to come back up. “My clan all had red eyes, and white fur, just like me…until one day. I was only a child at the time…” Shiro hesitated his words, “All I remember was everyone I was once knew, was dead in a cesspool of their own blood. They came and murdered them all, with the only reason to kill; because we were different…” 

Naomi was lost for words, and looked astonished; Shiro couldn’t hold back his tears any longer, “I…I found my mothers body, bathed in her own blood…those bastards raped and killed her!” Shiro’s fist clutched, and his words heightened with animosity, “I tired to hold her, but she had no warmth…“ his voice strangled in pain, “Why… why? Why?! Why am I the only one left alive! How could anything with a soul do that! Why!?!” Shiro’s eyes infuriated with hate and rage, while they glistened with tears of sorrow. 

Naomi was unsure of how to calm him, or what to say. With no real answer on how to solve this problem, Naomi quickly hugged Shiro, and placed one hand over his fist. She buried her face into his the side of his chest, and stayed like that for a moment. 

“I’m so sorry Shiro…I wish your life could be different. Nobody deserves that…” Shiro took a moment to clear his head, and cooled down. His fist unclenched, and Naomi kept her hand over his. Shiro held her hand, and tilted his head towards her. Naomi looked back at him, both of them gazing at each others eyes. 

“Why is it, when I look into her eyes, I feel this great since of nostalgia; or when you explain this stuff to me, I feel like I’m relearning all of this.” Shiro remained silent, and kept his soft, red, eyes upon her. 










“Naomi, hurry! I have to show you this, it’s really cool!” Naomi skipped along the spring time forest, following Shiro deeper into the forest. Her blue, one piece, dress rippled as the wind brushed against it. Her small, white, shoes slowly collected more dust while running through the dirt. Her big blue eyes gleamed with excitement, in wonder of what this surprise could be.   

Shiro finally stopped at a small pond, overlooked by hill sized boulder. He smiled at Naomi and ran up the boulder, throwing off his small black t-shirt. While hopping up the boulder, Shiro took off his shoes and socks. Naomi’s cheeks grew red, and stopped at the foot of the boulder. 

“Shiro?!” Her young, innocent, voice called out.

“What? Hurry and come swim with me!” 

“I didn’t bring any clothes to swim in!” 

“You don’t have to bring any, just swim in your underwear!” 

Naomi puffed out her cheeks, and placed her hands on her hips, "I’m a girl!”

“What’s wrong with that?” Shiro questioned, as he prepared to dive in. 

“I just can’t! Besides, you’ll see my chest, and that’s wrong.”

“But you can look at my chest, why cant I see yours?”

Naomi realized arguing against him was futile, and gave up, “I’ll just stick my feet in, you can swim without me…”

Shiro looked discouraged, and wanted Naomi to swim with him, “What if we go get your swim clothes, and we can just come back?”

“I don’t want to be a bother…just have your fun…”

“No, no.” Shiro already got his clothes back on, and was dragging her by her arm. “I want you to have fun with me, so it’s fine.” 




But they never returned. The humans found the clan, and while some fled, others fought to their death. Shiro and Naomi were caught in the confusion, but Shiro managed to get her out safely. Gun shots, scream, yelps, could all be heard from the distance. Naomi was terrified and shivering; Shiro was trying his best to calm her down, by holding her tight. 

Shiro brought Naomi back to her house, and told her he would come back; but the red-eyed, snow-colored, wolf, never came back that day or the next. She waited, and waited as time passed by, but as trauma and age befell Naomi, she forgot about her days with Shiro. 





Naomi was bombarded with past memories, and sat there paralyzed. Shiro put his left hand on Naomi’s right arm, and gave a slight shake, “Naomi? Are you okay?” She tried to say words, but only parts of syllables escaped her mouth. Her fully opened eyes looked into Shiro’s, “W-why didn’t you tell me? I-I remember… I remember everything…Why?”

Shiro contemplated what to say, “I didn’t know if I should bring you back into my life, but evidently, you decided to anyways. You had forgotten, so I thought maybe you had a good reason, and if you were to remember, that should be your choice.”

“I…” Naomi couldn’t finish her words before bursting into tears. She dug her head into Shiro’s chest, and cried, both in pain and rejoice.  “Shiro I missed you so much…I cried for days, waiting in my room, and looking out my window, waiting to see that little pup staring up at me. But you never came, you never came…”

“I know, I know…and I felt horrible leaving you there…”

“Oh my god I remember…I remember when we played hide and seek, and you cheated, using your nose to sniff me out; and when I scrapped my knee, and you licked it as puppy trying to clean it…” Naomi’s tears slid down her redden cheeks, and onto her smiled lips. She could taste the saltwater slipping its way into her mouth. Under her breath, she continued to say, “I remember…”

Shiro wanted to jump with emotion, but he wanted to keep his cool. He tilted Naomi’s chin up, and wiped off her eyes, and hugged her back again; he rested his head on top of hers. 

“Shiro I don’t know what to say…”

“Me neither, but I’m just glad you know now.”

“Me too…” 

As Shiro held her hand, he could feel her glove, and wondered what it was. It was enough to get the clan leaders attention, and it apparently has powers; enough to fend off a skilled wolf trained to kill. Shiro examined it as best he could, over Naomi’s head. Nothing like that has ever been seen to Shiro. “What was it?” He wondered.  










Naomi managed to get home before mom got back from work, and Shiro made his journey back home, alone. While walking back, he started to day dream before being interrupted by Silus. “She remembered man! Aren’t you stoked!” Silus gave off a smile bigger than half his face.

“Yes and no, and I’m not fond of being followed.” 

“You guys were just too cute to pass up. Oh, they way you held each other, and cried in each others arms! It was beautiful!” Silus’s smile became taunting.

“Oh haha, you got your laugh.” Shiro pushed Silus’s head away, and tried pacing his speed up. 

“Look, all jokes aside, it’s cool she does remember, and even my dad has no problem with her around.”

“That is nice…but what about your brother?”

“Don’t worry about him, if anything happens, we got each others backs.” Silus patted Shiro’s shoulder.

“Speaking of your brother, he’s bringing a lot of animosity between our clan.”

“I doubt he would do anything against our dad, he’s mostly talk.”

Shiro’s eyes sparked some rage, “I don’t think so; today he really showed how far he would go to keep us a secret. Max wanted Naomi dead."

“Yeah…let’s just hope nothing goes further than that.” 

“I-” before Shiro could say anything, two massive brown bears, running at full speed, tackled both Shiro and Silus. With no time to rationalize, Silus gained his footing, and pulled out his sword. Shiro was knocked into a tree, and a loud cracking sound could be heard. Silus tried to make his way to him, but the lighter of the two brown bears, charged again, and Silus had to retaliate. 

Shiro managed to get up, but right in front of him, was a bear dropping his paw down with massive force. Shiro preformed a back-flip as wolf, dodging the attack, and charged back at him.

Silus made a quick jab at the bears left shoulder, but was knocked over by a swift hit to the legs. The bear raised his body to his highest peak, and dropped down with brute force. Silus smiled, and remained still. 

The more the bear struggled, the harder it was for Shiro to keep his grip on the back of the bear. Shiro’s jaw was fully clamped down, and his eyes burned with fury. The bear let out a roar, and slammed his own back against a tree nearby; Shiro was caught between, and with his back already hurt, he was in more pain than ever.

Silus could hear a loud yelp, but couldn’t do anything in his situation. With the bear dropping down with his colossal weight, Silus laid helplessly- or so the bear thought. You could hear the sound of flesh being ripped, and both the bear and Silus remained still. Blood dripped down onto the center of Silus’s forehead and ran down his face. The bears eyes pulsated with pain, and his body flew off of Silus. You could see Silus’s sword in the bears’ left shoulder, with blood gushing out onto the white snow. 

The game of cat and mouse was rampant between Shiro and the bear, as Shiro tried to find some place to recover his wounds. He ran until he fell through an old abandon mineshaft. Dust filled his eyes, and pieces of wood from the ceiling fell on him. Shiro tried to muster the strength to move, but it was too much. 

The bear after Shiro, made his way back to his companion. At the time he arrived, he saw Silus jumping onto the bear, and pulling out his blade merciless, ripping more flesh on the way out. The darker of the two bears, ran to his friend’s rescue and swiped at Silus, ripping up his chest; leaving one long slash, and one smaller one. Blood mirrored Silus’s cut onto the snow.

Silus stumbled back, and tried to hold the pain back from showing. Before his stance could be regained, the darker bear head-butt Silus in his wounds, causing more blood to splash out. With so much pain, Silus let out a yell. 

Still, Silus kept his composure, and grabbed onto the head of the bear. But the bear took this as an opportunity, and wrapped his arms around Silus. The bear then lifted him up, and squeezed Silus with all of his strength. 

The screams of agony filled the forest, and the bear simply laughed in pleasure. Silus tried his best to get a straight thought through, thinking of what to do. Turing into a wolf would only hasten his back breaking, and his sword was lost when he was rammed by the bear. His eyes were level with the bears, but each set of eyes shared different feelings. 

This was it, and Silus didn’t want to except that. He wanted to be the one standing, but as fate would have it, he will be the one falling. Blood splattered across Silus’s face, and the bear’s eyes lost life. Three giant slashes were freshly open along the bear’s body, and Shiro stood there, amazed at what he just did. Silus Shared the feeling, but couldn’t stand on his own feet, and quickly fell over. 

Shiro ran to him, “Are you okay?!”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t yell. I’m just tired, and that's what I call a bear hug. Next time, tell me that isn’t that smartest thing to do.” Silus gave a weak smile, and laughed, “So what did you just do exactly?”

“I found this…” Shiro presented a gauntlet attached to his left hand. The fingers were sharpened , and led up to the elbow. It was completely gold plated, and striped black. 

“What the hell is that?”

“I have no clue, but I was able to do that, with it.”

“Score one for the wolves!” Silus tried yelling but interrupted himself with a cough, and fainted. 

Shiro felt for his pulse, and it was beating strong. He looked around for the bear, but only a blood trail was to be seen. He could have chased after him, but Silus had a more pressing matter. “Why did the bears attack us?” Shiro thought.                 


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