Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


10. Life of Sins and Honor. Vol.3





The whole clan made their way to the final resting place of Diethelm. Many were weeping while some have already made their peace with his death. They buried Diethelm in the same place were he perished. The sunset shined over the cliff, and at the right angle, Diethelm’s tombstone stood in the middle of the sun. 

Valor spoke, giving a speech to reach the people, and rephrasing what he had said earlier that day. Valor never once lost his composure, nor did he sob, but his eyes were darken. This was his final goodbye to a great friend. 

After the clan said their last regards and slowly dissipated, Valor asked for Silus and his friends to stay. As soon as the last clan member left, Valor approached them.

He looked around for any intruders, then led the kids over to a more secluded area. 

“Silus, since I am taking over your place for now, I need you to do something for me.”

A question mark appeared over Silus’s head, “Sure, what is it?”

“Have you ever heard of The Therian 13?”


“Then please hear me out.”

They all listened intensely.

“Long ago, when we were still at war with the humans, The Therian 13 was made. No one is sure how they were made, nor do we know the reason; but they are here, and we need to find them.”

“Why do we need to find, and what is it?” Silus asked intriguingly.

“They are 13 special and unnatural items. Max plans to use these items to finish us up, and bring war to the humans again.”

“T-they’re that powerful?” 

“Well, no. They can prove to be a threatening force, but not enough to win a war. Max is blinded and thinks he just needs those items.”

Shiro stepped in, “So, guessing by their name, there is 13 of these Therian items?”

“Yes, I need you all to help me find them.”

Naomi looked around to everyone’s serious faces, and felt left out. As much as she wanted to fight with everyone, maybe this was too much.

“I, uh…” Naomi stumbled around with her words, “Should I be here?”

All eyes turned to her, and Valor smiled, “We need you more than all, Naomi.”

Shiro’s face became confused and baffled, “Why do you need Naomi here?”

Valor lifted his hand out towards Naomi, and lifted her right hand up, “This glove is a Therian 13 item.” 

Wide eyes and small gasp spread around, but none were too shocked from this. The glove was already an interesting item, and this just gave more clarity. 

“Wow…” Naomi uttered under her breath.

“Keep it safe, and keep her safe, Shiro.” Valor gave Shiro a stern look. Shiro nodded and turned his glance to Naomi, who was still in awe. 

“We do have others items as well.”

“Like what?” Silus snapped with enthusiasm.

“That necklace, Shiro, is another; as well as that gauntlet you have been trying to keep secret.”

Shiro’s face became pale, and he started to sweat a bit, “How did you-”

“It’s okay Shiro.” Valor gave a reassuring smile, “Now just because I know which items are The Therian 13, doesn’t mean I know what they do. You must be very careful. I can not stress that enough.”

Everyone nodded in unison. 

“This will be our departure for now.” Valor bent over and started to walk away.

“Huh?” Silus ran over to him and grabbed his arm, “Wait that’s it? We don’t even know where to start!”

“Sorry but this is all I can give you, good luck. I must ask you not to return until said task is finished.” Valor said those words with his back turned to them.

“Why!” Silus yelled out.

“That is all.” Valor’s voice could barely be heard as he walked away.

“So we can’t return to the camp?” Layla asked with a sadden tone.

“I-I guess…” Silus felt abandoned and a little hurt, but he understood why.

Small foot steps could be heard racing through the forest. Everyone but Naomi turned their heads in the direction of the foot steps, and readied themselves. Naomi looked around franticly and was curious.


“Shh…” Shiro hushed Naomi before she could say anything. 

A small fox with a messengers bag hopped over a log, and sat profoundly in front of them, wagging its tail. The tension dropped instantly, and their faces turned dull to the fox; all but Naomi, who became giddy and rushed over to the fox to pet it.

“This is the cutest fox I have ever seen!” Naomi’s face lit up.

“Uh, Todde, is that you?” Shiro asked.

Naomi flew on her butt as soon as she saw she was petting a small boy.

“I have been assigned to help you guys!” Todde placed his hands on his hips, and smiled with great enthusiasm, “I’m ready when you are, Shiro!”

“Who is this?” Naomi tugged at Shiro’s jacket. 

“This is, uh, Todde. He’s a new scout recruit; who told you to come with us?”

“Valor, Sir, err, I mean Shiro! He also wanted me to give Silus this…” He pulled a long sword covered in gauze out, that was attached to his messenger bag, and presented it to Silus. 

“Thanks…” Silus gripped on to the handle, and slowly unwrapped it. The blade was perfectly crafted, and the handle was plated gold. Near the cross guard, there was a note. Silus picked it up and read it to himself,





“Silus, if you are reading this note, then that means I wasn’t able to present this sword to you myself. I’m sorry Silus, I wasn’t a good father, nor did I tell you much of your mother. You should know, you were her world, and no amount of writing could express her love for you. I still wont be able to tell you much, but I loved her and you very much, that much is certain. 

By now you know of the Therian 13, and must be partaking in the mission I failed long ago. As a helping hand, I give you this sword, one of thirteen items. Use it wisely, but also proudly.”




Tears fell from Silus onto the note, making it soggy. He looked over to Shiro with tears, but a proud smile, “Another one down!” 

Shiro smiled back and nodded.     



By this time, it was already getting late, so before anyone wanted to make plans as to where to go; they wanted to rest. The newly formed party made their way to a small opening in the forest and made camp. This horrible day was finally ending, and exhaustion filled them all. Shiro pulled Naomi over to speak to her alone.

“So…” Shiro just left it at that and looked at her.

Naomi knew what he was saying, but she didn’t know the answer, “I have school…and my mom, I just cant leave.” But she wanted to, there was nothing easier to choose from.

“I know, and I understand.” Shiro was sad, but Naomi still had a life she needed to attend to. A life that would never be this exciting and amazing. Nothing more beautiful or adventurous would ever compare to this, nothing. 

“So…I need to tell my mom I wont be coming home for awhile, so could you help me home to get my stuff?”


“Shh.” Naomi put her finger up to Shiro’s mouth to silence him, and gave a playful wink.

Shiro’s heart filled with joy, but at the same time, grew a bit scared.




Naomi crept into her room, and gathered some clothes, then walked into her bathroom and gathered all her toiletries. Naomi pulled a piece of paper from her notebook and wrote a letter to her mom. She placed it on her pillow, and prayed that her mom would understand. But how is any mom suppose to really understand this. 

Tears almost came out of Naomi’s eyes, but she held it in, and closed her door. 

“I love you mom…” Naomi whispered as she passed her mom’s room.   

She truly did feel the same way her father felt about the forest, and now had something to care about then just getting out of this town. Nothing was going to stop her from seeing this until the end; and no matter what end that may be, she will be always grateful she followed Shiro. Naomi found her love for the forest.





“Lets go, Shiro.” Naomi smiled as she looked at the Snow-colored, Red-eyed, wolf, waiting for her to head back into the forest. The wolf nodded, and they both walked forward, not knowing for certain what awaited them.


The wolf tilted his head at her.

“Thank you…”

Shiro was confused, but let it go.  

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