Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


9. Life of Sins and Honor. Vol.2



Silus just sat there, staring out onto the frozen-over lake. The forest was quiet with remorse, and stained with corruption. Silus felt like the sky was mocking him, creating such a peaceful and sunny day. The spring time already started to make its way in this early in January. 

The snow around Silus was melting, creating a mound of snow around him. His tears froze to his rosy cheeks, while other tears overlapped them. 

“Why…” Silus begged for an answer from anyone, anything. He just wanted something to make sense out of this. Within a short hour; his father was killed by his own brother; the clan disrupted; and this is only the start. Silus knew he had to be strong for the clan’s sake, but his spirit felt shattered. 

“How…”  With no hope left in anyone, how will he be able to keep fighting. What Silus hated more was, his brother had some good points. But how will more bloodshed, end death? 

“Father…please we need you…I can’t do this…”

Silus trudged his way, wondering endlessly through the snowy forest. His body battered, and his soul beaten, Silus walked on. He didn’t know where he was going, nor did he care. 

The broken soul, continued walking until he reached an old cemetery. Silus was confused, and got closer to investigate. It was a small cemetery, protected by a weak fence. Age and time showed here, as the few complete headstones were covered in moss. The fence was rusted completely, leaving no evidence of what the original color was.

The cemetery fitted Silus’s mood, so he walked in, and slouched in his depression. He laid up against a random headstone, and relaxed there, breathing in the stale air. Silus started to burst into tears once again. He turned his head, and looked at the headstone. 

While he laid there, Silus’s mind started to wander.   

“I guess you really are weak!” Max flashed into Silus’s head.


“You’re worthless as your no name mother!”


“You will fall just like your father did!”

“He didn’t fall…”

“He plunged into death miserably, like the pathetic man he was”  

“He was a great man!”

“Like you would know!”

“I do…Diethelm was a great man, and even fell for his people. His death wasn’t, nor will it be in vain. It will be our fuel to fight! I won’t let you get away with this Max! I will stand up for my people, I will fight for them, and I will die for them. Layla, Shiro, hell even Naomi, I will fight with and for them. My father is not dead, he is still here, with all of us.”

Silus sprung up with great enthusiasm and pride.

“Father, I will make you proud.” He ran with a broken soul, but with a strong heart.







“I-uh, don’t know what to say…” Naomi collapsed with grief and regret. She fell to her knees and started to cry. Shiro quickly went for her, and comforted her. He picked Naomi up and hugged her, trying to calm her down. Naomi’s tears soaked Shiro’s chest.

“Naomi…” Shiro’s voice trembled a bit, “Things here are only going to get worst; it’s best if you don’t come around here for a bit.”

Without hesitation, Naomi quickly snapped back, “No! I didn’t follow you once, and I never regretted anything more.”

“Naomi…you can’t-”

“No, listen, I want to help too. I will do anything I possibly can.”

Shiro smirked and realized there was no getting rid of her.



Shiro and Naomi walked back to the camp, but greeted with angry eyes. Humans was the last thing the clan wanted to see, but having Shiro near her, silenced anyone from speaking up. 

Preparations for Diethelm’s funeral, and the burial of others was being made. The clan lost people to Max’s words, and lost even more to the struggle. They were all lost and needed a leader, but with Silus absent, there was nothing to turn to. 

Valor, Diethelm’s right hand man, walked in the center of camp and spoke aloud. 

“Brothers and Sisters!”

Everyone turned to his call. His voice was powerful, lighter than Diethelm’s, but still powerful in his own right. 

“This morning was a very tragic moment, and I can’t ask you all to just ‘shrug it off’; but we need to collect ourselves, and know that Max will not stop just there.” 

The clan started to form a circle around him.

“With Diethelm’s passing, and Silus unfit for rule, I will take the lead until he is ready. I know some of you may oppose a non-bloodline leader, but for now, you have no choice. I assure to each and one of you, I will do my best.”

Valor took a deep breath, “We must prepare for war, you must all know this. We have to recruit our numbers again, and rebuild what was lost. We are the strongest clan there is, and will show Max he can not betray us without consequence. He took the life of a loved one, but do not mourn just yet; instead use the anger and fight with me brother and sisters!” 

The clan’s sadness the hung over them suddenly disappeared with Valor’s words. The people wanted blood, Max’s blood. In unison, the clan started to roar out as wolf, and yell as man. 

Naomi felt a little left out, but still felt the spirit of the people. She looked over to Shiro, who was howling as loud as he could, and smiled. She then started to wonder where Layla and Silus was.








Silus walked over to vast field of grass, frozen by the icy snow. The only diversity this place held was a small hill in the middle, accompanied by a naked tree. He new this place better than other location. No mattered where the clan traveled, Silus always found his way here. His only memory of his mother was here.

She use to tell him odd stories of the humans, which for some reason, she knew plenty of. He knew she was looked down upon for having a strong liking for humans and human culture. Maybe Her impression is why Silus has the same regard for all life. 

Silus nested against the tree, and daydreamed into the sky. 


Silus turned his head, and saw Layla standing there shivering and in tears.  

“I thought I would find you here…” Her voice was trying to be strong, but Layla’s stature spoke otherwise. 

Silus sprung up and tried to comfort Layla, “Hey, I’m the one whose suppose to be in tears, haha.” 

His weak smile managed to get a weak one from Layla, but she started to break down even more. She collapsed into Silus, still trying to cover her tears from him. 

“He was like a father to me too Silus, don’t I get to cry…?”

At first, Silus was a bit stiffen having Layla fall onto his chest, but he loosened up and wrapped his arms around her.

“Yeah, you get to cry too…” 

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