Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


8. Life of Sins and Honor. Vol.1



“What the hell happened!” Layla screamed, as she ran over to help Shiro put Silus in the medical tent. 

“We were ambushed by the bear clan.” Shiro got a bunch of medical supplies for Layla to use. She, immediately, started to wrap the bandages over Silus’s cut. Shiro managed to recover Silus sword, and set it up against one of the tent’s poles. 

“That’s impossible, the bear clan would never attack us.” 

Shiro gave a weak shrug, “They did…I don’t know what to tell you.” 

“Where is my son!” A very loud and powerful voice shook the room. The clan leader made his way into the med tent, and ran quickly to his son’s side. His presence was powerful, but held much respect. His face aged, by not only time, but by war and experience. “Who did this Shiro!”

“The bear clan; two them.” 

The clan leader brushed his long grey hair, with a receding hair line, with one hand, and his short, sharp, beard with the other, “I understand we’re near their territory, but we’ve made peace with the bears many years ago.” The leader paced back and fourth as he thought. The sound of his leather armor could be heard, rubbing against itself,  underneath his long and heavy cloak. “What doesn’t make more sense, is that they should be hibernating this time of the season.” The leader took a small pause, then quickly turned his head towards Shiro, “Shiro, Max is off doing errands for myself; until Silus is recovered, I want you to watch over the clan.”

Shiro simply nodded and lowered his head in respect to the clan leader. The leader made his swift exit, and left in a hurry. 

“Shiro what’s happening?” Layla’s eyes begged for an answer, but none was given. 

“Layla, I need to check on some things, will you be fine here?”

She gave a light nod, and turned her attention back towards Silus. Shiro left the room like a ghost, and disappeared. The room felt emptier, and colder, with only Layla and Silus there. She brushed his shaggy hair to the side, and slid her hand down the side of his face; it was surprisingly smooth. Her hand continued down the side of his throat to the top of his chest.

Layla thought of all the times Silus had come back home with injuries this bad. He always made light of it, but She never did, it was always serious to her. Silus never cared to think how much Layla cared about him, or so She thought. What if Layla can never tell Silus how much she cared, how she always stayed by his side when he was down like this. 

Layla continued moving her hand down Silus’s bare chest. She could feel a lot of fractured bones, and prayed he would get better. Layla only knew basic medical care, she couldn’t perform surgery if there was internal bleeding. It was all on Silus to pull through, but with his breathing short, Layla was very worried. 

She grabbed his hand, and held it tight. The moon light arched in over the open window, and gave a poetic scene. Though she was worried, she knew he would pull through; it was Silus after all. If there was anyway for him to hear her, she wanted to tell him now. Layla moved her head next to Silus’s ear, and whispered something lightly, but the words she spoke were much heavier. 

Hours passed, and the new day was fast approaching. Layla kept ever still by Silus’s side. Their clan was stirred up and kept a watchful eye for any attacks. Everyone is the clan was very edgy, and wanted to get back at the bear clan. It was one thing to attack their own, it was another to attack the clan leader’s son. 

Taking care of Silus, and worry about any incoming attacks, had Layla on edge as well. Shiro hadn’t come back since he left, so Layla was left in the dark on what the clans plans were. This pissed her off. Layla placed her head in her hands, and thought of taking a quick nap. 

“I need to pee so bad…” 

Layla’s head flew up from a familiar voice, and looked straight over to Silus. Silus was trying to creep his way out of bed, but had a lot of trouble. 

“What are you doing!”

“I, uh, have to pee.” As Silus said that, he pointed out towards the exit. 

“What about your injuries! I was worried sick, and I stayed here all night, and-and your just going to walk out like nothing happened!”

“I’ll come back…I just need to p-wait, you were worried about me?” Silus gave a devilish smile, and placed his hands on his waist.

“I-I-I-I would have been worried about anyone in our clan just the same!”

“That’s why you waited on Saber all night when he broke his leg too, huh? Oh wait, that’s right, you didn’t.” Silus’s smile grew cockier and bigger, “I guess I’m just that special.”

Layla ran up and socked Silus in his rib cage, “Ahhhh! Damn woman, just because our people heal faster than humans, doesn’t mean I still don’t have pain in the morning.” 

Layla ran up and hugged him tightly, “Just be more careful.” Her head laid softly on Silus bare chest. After she let go, Layla quickly made her way outside. Silus remained there with a shocked and blushed expression, completely frozen. 





Shiro was in his small tent, looking through his bag full of his stuff. He looked down at his left hand, pulled back his sleeve. There, was the brace part of the gauntlet that covered his forearm. After he carried Silus back to the camp, the part of the gauntlet that covered his hand, vanished. He concluded, that the spirit within the glove wants to keep itself a secret from others.

As Shiro rummaged through his stuff, he found his old necklace that he got from his mother the day she died. He stared into the alluring red gem, and tried blocking out old memories. Nightmares, though, have a way of engulfing you. Shiro remembered his mom held special value to this necklace, and said how it was passed down generations in their family. 


“Shiro…someday you will gain ownership over this necklace, and with that, a very powerful responsibility. I can’t tell you now, but you will understand one day. Just know, when that day comes, you will have the choice to use that power, or to ignore it. I used it once, and to this day, I regret it; but you, will have to make that same choice. I can not tell you what is the best answer for you is, I just hope for your sake, my son, that you make the right one…”


Shiro pushed his head through the golden chain, and wore it proudly. “I will be ready mother…” He sat there, enjoying his calm aura, sadly though, this would be interrupted. Fierce yells from the camp arose, but not battle cries, yet cries of dispute.

Within the middle of the camp, everyone stood, forming a circle, but split down the middle creating two sides. Silus was able to get dress, but leaned on Layla for support as he made his way out to see what was going on. Shiro followed behind them, and gave Silus a pat on the back and a smile. Silus nodded and returned the smile. 

The trio made their way closer to the middle, and found both Max and the clan leader had returned. 

“You are blind Father! Staying here will get us killed by the other clans, or soon enough, the humans will find us. You even let a female human know about us, and what’s even better, is you gave her permission to come back as she pleases!” Max stared his father dead in the eyes, and even having a foot under him, his posture showed now leniency.

“My son, the hunters will find us whether we move or not, it’s just a matter of time. And for the other clans here, they will have to make room. Where ever we go, there will be more clans wanting to keep their turf safe. Moving will not solve this. And for the girl, she is a friend of Shiro‘s and shows importance to this clan, you know that.”

Max narrowed his eyes, and spoke loudly, “The bears are a powerful force to be reckoned with, hell, even your own son was attacked; yet you want to stay!” The side that stood behind Max was smaller, but was rooting louder. “I say we get away from here, unite the other clans, and take back what was ours!” The crowd behind Max screamed with enthusiasm, and shouted his name. “The humans have pushed us around long enough, why not fight back!”

“Fighting will only hasten our extinction, and spilling more blood will not solve anything. I am already making plans to make peace with the bears, and we have already calmed down the other wolf clans around here. There is no need to fight Maximus!” 

“We have all the reason to fight Father, or are you telling me we should quietly die, never to be heard of again?”

“Exactly so.” The crowd supporting Max, had angry expressions growing all over their faces, while the side supporting the clan leader, grew quiet. “I know this doesn’t sound like the most honorable, or respectful way to die, but it’s best for us. Our people have been fighting for centuries, and our time has come to an end, just like the human’s time will too; but not by our doing.”

“You speak as if I say, ‘we die fighting’, no, oh no. I want to take back our lands, and make our people the dominant ones again! Our clan is ‘the’ strongest and most well known out there, and with that backing us, we can get any clan to join our cause.”

“This is why I could never let you be leader Max; you are to strong headed, and believe in our peoples old ways of doing. There was a reason we were nearly wiped out before, don’t fight and make it come sooner.”

“Fine lets hold a vote! All in favor of gaining back what’s ours, fighting for what’s right, and not dieing as some myth the humans spread about!” Near the time of this dispute, a large chunk of the clan leaders supports, were behind Max. They all held their arms held high; their faces, strong with animosity. 

Shiro, Silus, and Layla’s faces were scared, and very wary of what the next proceeded events might lead to. Silus clutched his fist tight, and grinded his teeth. He wanted to speak out, but his legs or mouth wouldn’t move. 

“Looks like we win Father!” Max held his fist up high.

“It doesn’t matter what you vote for, I am leader, and my word is rule! You know this Maximus.”

“I wasn’t asking your permission Diethelm!” Calling the leader out by his name showed great disrespect, and angered the clan leader. 

“Don’t do this son…” the leaders eyes were narrow, and didn’t move off of Max’s pupils. 

“We want bloodshed!-” Max yelled out, anxiety and inspiration filled the souls of the ones who followed him 

Shiro and Silus readied themselves, and got closer. 

“We want an uprising!-”   

 Shiro was breathing heavily, while Silus was at the limit he could take from all this bullshit.

“We want a revolution!” Max pulled out his sword, and held it to his fathers throat, “This is it Father, resign now, or die like how you wanted to, slow and forgotten!” 

The clan leader looked to his right hand man, and looked back at Max. The man standing next to the leader, was the same in stature, but looked more youthful. They had fought aside each other’s company for years, and now was no different. Using his metal gauntlets, the right hand man, knocked back Max’s blade, as Diethelm pulled out his own sword. 

This triggered it, and in forms of wolf and man, both crowds rushed at each other. In confusion, war broke out within the clan. 

“Shiro, Silus, we need to get out of here!” Layla yelled as the boys were about to jump into the fight. 

“Layla, get the younger ones, and find a safe place to hide! We need to get my father out of here!”


“Now!” Discontented, Layla listened to Silus, and ran. 

Shiro followed Silus’s lead, as they headed into the fray. Many of the wolves were getting injured, but not killed. No one wanted to kill their own friends, but within all the chaos, the first wolf fell. Nobody halted, and no one cared at the moment. Everyone, continued their brash fighting.

Diethelm was cut off from the rest of the group, with three of his men. Max and four of his men, continued to fight them, pushing them out of the main battle. 

Shiro and Silus tried to make their way to them, but other wolves kept getting in their way. They both turned into wolf forms, and run as fast as they could. Silus looked over, and saw that the gauntlet that Shiro used to save him, appeared on Shiro’s leg, as well as a necklace around his neck; even in wolf form. 

When they finally made it to Diethelm, they were backed onto a high ledge. They’re were only Diethelm himself, and his right hand man. The corpse of the second and third wolf laid quietly on the ground. Max had only lost one man, but still out numbered them. Max’s group held their swords up, allowing their only exit to be a jump of a ledge. 

“Max! Stop this nonsense! We are family!” Silus stood strong, and didn’t let his stance falter.

Max turned around, laughed, “Look at the small pup acting all grown up, haha, makes me proud.”

“Shut up!” 

“I wonder whose more of a worse son, the one who overthrew his father, tried to kill his brother, but brought great prosperity to his people. Or the small runt who never amounted to anything, and had a nameless, whore of a mother!” Max laugh was hysterical at this point. 

“You piece of shit! You don’t talk about my mother that way!” Silus face was quivering with anger.

“Wait…” Shiro interjected, “Tried to kill his brother?”

“Who do you think told the bears to attack you worthless mutts? It’s called the red flag operation, one thing I must commend the humans for creating.”

“W-what?” Shiro and Silus both said at the same time.

“I wanted the bears to attack to create animosity within our clan, but it’s not like they needed much pushing. The have already had it with this life style, all I needed to do was give a light tapping.”

“I kill you!” Silus ran full force towards Max, but Max side step and punched right into his damaged rib cage. Silus screamed in pain, but wasn’t given time for comfort, as Max grabbed his hair and continued to punch him in the face. Shiro tried to get close, but was stopped by three more men coming to Max’s aid. 

“I’ll teach you to respect your brother!” Max threw Silus on the ground, and grabbed Silus’s sword and threw it off of the cliff. Silus mumbled something, but was too quite to be heard.

“What was that my baby brother?” Max picked Silus’s head of the ground by his hair, and moved it close to his own. 

“I said…fuck you.” Silus smiled, and spat blood onto Max’s face. 

Max slammed Silus’s face into the ground a few times.

“Max that is enough!” Diethelm yelled with his all powerful voice, but Max was unthreatened. 

“Oh, so now you care for him? I thought he was mistake of your’s father. Just a whore you slept with to get by.”

Silus laid on his back, wiping off the blood on his face, “Is that true Father?”

Diethelm looked around at his impending doom, and spoke, “No, if anything, you are my only achievement. I loved your mother Silus-”

“Lies! After my mother died, you just needed something to fulfill your needs! She was nothing!” Max’s voice was a different kind of anger now. His eyes even showed the glistening of tears.

“Max, my son, I loved your mother as well, and after her passing I was devastated. I loved them both, and will never forget either of them.”

“They are all lies!!! You just want to keep whoever you can to protect you, on your good side.”


“Then why have you never told Shiro?”

“Shut it Max!” 

Shiro became confused, and very curious. He looked over to Diethelm, but as soon as they made eye contact, Diethelm moved his eyes down.

“Curious Shiro? I would be?” Max taunted Shiro, laughing afterwards like a madman. 

“What is he talking about clan leader?” Shiro’s eyes shook with desperation.

“It’s…It’s nothing Shiro…” 

“You can’t even tell him! How sad is that.”

“What!” Shiro was impatient now, and angered.

“Maybe I should just tell him, haha.” 

Diethelm looked at Max fiercely, “You know the consequences Max, I beg you, hold your tongue.”

“I know, but Shiro, next time you’re alone, give that necklace a better look.”

Shiro was tired of these games, and his red eyes burned with fury. Quickly, he turned into a wolf, and jumped right on one of max’s men. Once he ripped out the man’s throat with ease, he lunged for the next guy. This one dodged, but Shiro made a quick jump and clamped down on his face. The man wiggled his body around from pain and fear, from his own face being caved in, slowly bleeding to death. The last man of those three, backed up close to the max and the others. 

“Enough! Now tell me, before I get more angry!” Shiro’s voice sounded like a monster again, and his face was covered in blood. 

Diethelm looked back over and nodded to his right hand man, “It was good working with you Valor.”

“You too Diethelm.” 

Both Diethelm and Valor, lunged at the remaining five men, including Max. With everyone startled, Silus backed up, and stood by Shiro. They joined the fight, and the four on five fight, ensued. One of the four men backing Max, was Saber. He Pushed Shiro to the side, and fought him directly. 

Shiro swung his long knife, but Saber easily bent back to dodge it. Saber struck back with his long sword, barely slicing Shiro’s face, leaving a faint mark on his cheek. They continued this back and fourth, with Shiro getting the worse end of it. 

“You know, I should have grabbed that human girl for myself, and had my fun with her, haha. Do you think she would have screamed?” Saber taunted.

Shiro became massively raged induced, and struck at Saber with full force, using his left hand. Shiro stood over Saber’s opened carcass, with is left hand covered back in the golden gauntlet. Shiro felt empowered from this kill, and smiled. 

Valor and Silus fended off three of them, while Diethelm handled Max on his own. 

“You are weak Father, you know this is your own fault.”

“It is not weak to accept death!” 

“You say…” Max took in breathes in between swings, and parries, “You say, Silus is your only achievement…what am I?”

With Shiro’s help, Valor and Silus easily disposed of the three remaining men. Without thought, they headed towards Diethelm. 


“You…my son…” Diethelm took a deep breath, and swung up from the right, slicing Max’s face, from one corner to the other, “…are my biggest failure…”

Max yelled in pain, but use the pain as anger, and rushed with full force. 

“No!!!” Silus yelled so loud, the fight back at camp halted, “Father!!!”

It was like the whole forest became quiet and sadden. Everybody could feel it, and sorrow befell all. The cringing sound of steel slicing flesh, echoed through the air. The blood of a king, splattered on the ground, giving a corrupted sensation.  

Max hugged his Father, as Diethelm started to cough up blood. “If I’m a failure, what does that make you.” Max pushed Diethelm of his blade flinging him onto the ground. Max wiped the blood off his sword, and sheathed it.  

Diethelm started gasping, and held onto his open wound. Blood gushed out, both form his front and the back, of his chest. He coughed up blood as he tried to speak, “You…Y-you are not the failure Max…” Max was walking away, but halted, “…I failed you…my son…I am the failure…”

After Diethelm stopped speaking, Max continued walking away, uninterrupted. 

Silus ran to his father’s bleeding body, and held him in his arms, “Dad…I don’t know what to do…”

“It’s okay Silus…” Diethelm gave a small chuckle, “Silus, ha, such an odd name, ‘child of the forest’. But your mother loved it…I’m so sorry I never acted much as a father, but rather, a leader to you…”

“Dad stop talking, we can get you help! You just need to hang on; someone help!”

“Please son…it’s okay, I’m not afraid to die…” 

Valor and Shiro stood behind Silus, quietly watching.

“I loved you and Max…don’t you forget that…”

“I won’t dad…I won’t…” Silus tears were falling down and mixing in with his father’s blood. 

“And Shiro…”

Shiro lifted his head up.

“I’m sorry I never told you, nor will I get the chance to…I have lived a life of sins and honor…life can be such a grey thing.”

Shiro was confused, and could only reply by tilting his head.

“…If you still want to know, what Max said was right…that necklace will help you…but I’m sure you have been warned of the responsibility…”

Shiro nodded and remained silent.

“You may have lost your family, but I have always tried to make sure this was your new family…hopefully it wasn’t in vain…you are much of a son as Silus is, please know that…”





Seconds, Minutes, Hours passed while Silus held his dead father in his hands. Many of the wolves who sided with Max joined back with the clan, when word spread that the leader passed. Those who stuck with Max, are still to be heard of. While the clan tried to fix what was broken, Shiro and Layla remained by Silus’s side. 

Layla kneeled down beside him, and rubbed his back in comfort. 

“Why…” Silus let out quietly.

“What?…” Layla responded.

“Why!” Silus looked at her with tear filled eyes, and blood stained hands. 

“I’m so sorry Silus, I don’t know what to say…”

Silus stood up, crossed his Father’s arms, and walked into the forest.

“Should we-”

Shiro waved his head side to side, and made his way back to camp. Layla was left there, once again, feeling empty and alone.

Once Shiro made it back to camp, he took out his necklace and stared at it intensely. As he stared into it, he could of swore the gem was starting to glow, but a familiar scent caught his attention. 




Naomi hiked her way through the forest, excited to see Shiro after a long school day. She smiled full heartily, and followed the path that Shiro had mark for her before. As she got closer though, she could feel a depressing and painful aura around the camp.

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