Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


16. Closer Than You Think. Vol. 1




Layla was relentless in her chase, and didn't falter her movement for a second. The despairing calls from her friends made Layla want to turn back, but something in her would't allow that. Maybe it was pride, or even jealousy; whatever it was, it continued to push Layla forward.

The poor, orange-colored, fox whimpered in his agony, all the while, Naomi tried her best to tend to him. She didn't know what to do, and was afraid of what Todde's fate will be. Naomi cupped the fox in her arms, and ran with all her might, trying to get to Layla's tent.

Once there, Naomi pulled out the first aid, but this looked nothing like a human's first aid kit. There was random leaves and ointments; the only thing that looked similar was the gauze. "Todde what am I suppose to do, please...tell me..." Naomi pleaded to the broken soul she held, and rested her head on top of his. The fox looked up at her, and gave a very faint lick. Naomi raised her head and even smiled, but that smile wouldn't last long.

Todde, locked eyes with Naomi, and she could see small tear drops starting to form. Though no words were spoken, Naomi felt as if they were having a conversation, speaking like they did, not even a few hours ago. Even with tears, Todde's eyes looked a little at ease, expressing, "It's okay..."

"I'm so sorry...", Naomi looked back at Todde, and saw his eyes started to drift away, "Todde! Hey, you can't go to sleep just yet, I mean, we have so much to get through first...Todde please..." Naomi's words were crackled, and tears flowed down.

"Shiro still needs to see you; I'm sure he's fine too, waiting to see all of us, all of us! Todde don't go..." Todde's body was becoming colder, and his pulse was slowing down. "Wait...", Naomi looked at her glove, "If there was ever a time to help me out, now is the time." It seemed almost impossible, but there it was, another symbol. With pure hope, Naomi read out the word like it was her first language, "Resarcio!"

A new aura appeared, bit this one was a soothing green color, and just its presence made you feel at ease. The aura started from the glove, but swayed its way down, consuming Todde in it. Naomi put her hands together, praying that Todde would be alright.

A gasp of breath escaped the fox's mouth, and full color was brought back to his eyes. "Todde!", tears ran down Naomi's eyes, as she cuddled the poor fox in arms. "Am I really alive?" Todde asked, while he felt around his body to see if he was really alive. 

"Yes, yes you are." Naomi was still engulfed in tearful joy.

Todde stood up on his two legs, and looked into the darkened forest, "But where's Layla?"



There was no stopping her; Layla ran with full force, determined to stop their assassins. With no warning, Layla halted immediately, and frantically looked around herself. Her eyes were burned with fear, while her body trembled uncontrollably. For a human, you would assume she just went insane, but as a creature with heightened senses, Layla had all the right to be terrified. Surrounding her, was dozens of mountain lions, all teeming with their insidious plans. 

Basa emerged from the shadows, in his usual fashion, "Good job, you caught me, now what?" That slimy smile sickened Layla.

Layla calmed herself, and pulled her bo staff out. She took in one huge breath, and exhaled, speeking under her breath, "I'm sorry Silus..." Layla eyes spoke of despair, but then sharpened with intensity.  




A new day was born, and the birds sang a tune to celebrate this joyous occasion. Shiro was already packing his stuff by this time, and was now washing his face in the nearby river. Little Rock ran quickly over to him, "I don't think it's a good idea for you to leave so soon."

"I'll be fine, I'm sure everyone is still worried if I am even still alive." Shiro shook his head like a dog, and started his first steps out.

"Wait!" Little Rock ran in front of him, and stopped Shiro from continuing forward, "You reopened your wound yesterday, and I'm sure it didn't heal completely that fast; I'm telling you, Shiro, I don't think this is a good idea."

"I rarely have any good ideas, haha. Like I said, I'll be fine. My wound is already making its way into a scar, and I really need to get going." Shiro sidestepped the obelisk, and followed the river's path. 

"Shiro!" Little Rock made one last attempt, "That brace you have on your arm!"

Shiro paused.

"That's Roku's gauntlet isn't it?"

Not bothering for a response, Shiro walked away, and was finally able to continue his journey. His plan was to head to where he first fell from the cliff, but Little Rock gave Shiro some info, while he was taking supplies for his trip. Apparently, Max's group has made a small encampment near there, so this meant Shiro was going to have to take another route to get back up the mountain. His best plan was to go farther down the riverside, and find an old bridge that has been there for centuries. It's going to take twice as long, but that's his only way to get there. 

As Shiro was walking, he could feel whispers trying to get into his head. He ignored them, and kept his focus ahead of him. "Whatever might happen to me, I have to to continue and see this thing until the end. To make sure Max pays, and Naomi makes it out of this safely, is my only concerns. Nothing will halter me, nor will anything strain me from this path." Shiro continued to repeat this in his head, over and over.




Silus was on his last stretch, and was near where Shiro fell down. As he got close though, Silus picked up a familiar scent, and stalked around slowly. Through some bushes, he saw Max's wolf clan, and a few bear members, all sitting around and preparing their gear. Silus's eyes dashed all around, looking for his brother, but it seemed he wasn't here. Silus moved on all fours, and quietly made his way around the camp. He kept his glance to his right, making sure no one would come this way.

Something large, stopped Silus from moving forward, and as he turned his head, he saw a staggering man, bearing great intimidation. Silus quickly stepped back, and pulled out his sword.

"It's good to see you again, Silus." The man spoke with a massively low pitch voice.

Silus was confused, but noticed the guy had huge claw-like scars scratching up his whole upper torso, "So, you're the bear that got away the night we were attacked."

The man simply smirked.

"Came back so I could finish you off!"

"Big words from a pup who nearly died at my hands; if it wasn't for Shiro, you would be dead right now."

Silus looked down, and remembered he had to find him, "Get out off my way!" Silus jabbed his sword completely straight, just barely missing, as the man jumped back in bear form, and rushed Silus with full force. 

Silus closed his eyes, and took another jab forward, but this time, saw his sword had penetrated the bear's skull. The perfection and power, this sword gave Silus was indescribable.

The camp was alerted, but Silus felt like he could take them all on. Some wolven warriors from another clan, that Silus didn't even know about, started to encircle him. "Where's Max!" He was running on pure adrenaline, not caring of the predicament he got himself into. 

The soldiers did not care to make a reply, as they all readied their weapons, and making a unison charge. Silus closed his eyes, and let pure emotion guide his blade. The sounds of blood splattering and flesh being ripped through, were the only sounds that Silus could hear. There was no fear in the blade, as he kept his eyes shut, even when a spear or sword would barley miss his own body. By the time Silus finally revealed his eyes, there was only blood and death that surrounded him.





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