Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


3. Bickering Amongst Wolves. Vol.1



The artic and timber wolf walked through the forest with silence. Soon, it was two young men walking together. One was Shiro, the other was a boy only one year older than Shiro. 

The boy had, dark-brown, shaggy hair, going down to his chin. His face had more authority than Shiro‘s, but had a playful side to it. At the bottom of his eyes were two red triangles pointed down; battle ready paint. His eyes were a dark yellow, like the harvest moon. 

The golden-trimmed shoes of the boy rustled through the snow. The pointy tips of the shoes, that resembled two toes, kicked up snow as he walked. His pointed brawler gloves, trimmed and colored the same as his shoes, rested on the back of his head as walked. His red scarf swayed with the snowing wind. His ragged, dark-grey, clothing fit his battle-ready appearance. You would think the cold wind would get to him, wearing a short sleeve shirt, but no hindrances shown on him. All of his attire came equipped with a long sword strapped on his back, and a small dagger strapped to his thigh. 

Comparing the two boys, the brown haired one was much more wildlife looking. If it wasn’t for Shiro’s white hair and red eyes, he would look like any other guy walking down the street.

Shiro walked with his hands in his pockets, and his head down. The boy had his hands resting on the back of his head; he turned his head looking over at Shiro, and spoke, “I’m sorry I interrupted your reunion, but you know how much trouble you can get in.” 

Shiro sighed, and remained silent. 

“You know the clan doesn’t allow us to communicate with humans, but still, you go out of your way to just see her. What’s so special about her anyways?” 

Shiro took a moment to speak, but then finally opened his mouth, “When we were kids, Naomi and I used to spend every day together, the first time the clan moved here. When I tried to play with other kids at the park, they either: one, ran away from fear, because of my eyes; or two, made fun of me. I looked so weird to them, but Naomi liked me for it.” 

Shiro’s eyes glistened with reminiscence. He continued his speech, “I guess I was hoping Naomi would remember me, but when she asked me my name, I knew she forgot. I suppose it’s for the best…” 

The brown haired boy showed a face of sympathy, but his face turned to agony, as he fell completely flat on the ground. A vibrant, agile, girl stood prominently on top of the browned hair boy. 

She spoke with a strong, fierce, voice, “You know Silus, you should be more wary of my sneak attacks.”

“Well, you know, ‘Layla’…” Silus spoke her name with great enthusiasm, “Shiro and I, were having an important conversation here.”

Layla laughed with cockiness, “Look, danger could strike at any moment, even during peaceful times.” 

During this time, Shiro continued his walk forward with no notice. 

Silus lifted his back up, and looked up at Layla. Her whitened hair fluttered as she pulled out her bo staff, and pushed it up to Silus throat. “Do you yield to me?” She smiled with accomplishment.

“Layla, you got me on knees, isn’t that good enough?” While saying this, Silus slowly moved his hand to his blade. 

“No, I want to hear you summit to me.” Layla giggled sadistically, but stopped as she saw Silus reaching for his blade. Quickly, She tilted the staff, knocking his head up, then with one swift strike, Layla smacked Silus across the face. Silus let out a massive grunt, and twirled in the air. 

Layla’s hair, which was tied into a long ponytail, was flipped over her right shoulder. She nonchalantly flipped her hair back over, and momentously place her bare foot on his back.

“Yeah, I give…” Silus said muffled by the snow. He sat up, wiping the snow off his face. Silus looked around and noticed, Shiro was no where to be found. “Dammit, He’s gone again.” He looked up at Layla with a disappointed face. 

Layla placed her hands her hips, and turned her head to look around. On one hand was a glove, with the other wrapped in bandages. Her clothing was basic cloth, wrapped around her body, similar to bandages. It folded around her breast, and created a skirt around her thighs. To keep it better connected, she had a large belt wrapped around her waist, covering over her stomach to her pelvis.

“What’s up with him anyways?” Layla spoke, dumbfounded by his attitude.

“Long story, that’s not your business.”

Layla was angry from that response, and smacked Silus back down.







Shiro wanted time to clear his head, so he headed to his favorite spot in this area. It was the same place where Naomi and him stared into each others eyes, for who knows how long. He climbed up back up the rock where he looked down at her, but this time, no one was looking back at him from that stump. He leaned back, and rested on his crossed arms.

A fluttering noise broke Shiro from his comfort, and he quickly opened his eyes. A snow owl was hovering above him. “Hayate, what’s wrong?” The bird nodded his head to the north of the forest; the owl movements acted very impatient, and urgent. 

Shiro understood, and both the snow wolf and owl, made haste in that direction. They both nearly looked invisible, if it wasn’t for the red glow rushing by.






Near a very large cave, laid a wolf pack of twenty. They all were in a uproar, barking and growling at two wolves and a fox. Out of the two outcast wolves: The first, had a dark-grey pattern going down his back, becoming lighter in color. The second, had a similar appearance, but his pattern faded from black to grey. The lonely fox, was colored an amber, brown, and looked to be fairly young. 

They spoke to each other, only in a way animals would understand. The lighter colored wolf spoke first, “Our pack is only staying until the winter is over, so please, no more attacks on our pack; we only come in peace.”

The leader of the pack stepped forward, his presence was strong, and his coat was black, but spotted grey near his belly; his left eye was blinded. With a scowled face, he spoke, “No! We have been here for many decades, and with another pack here, that only means a drought of food, or the attractions of humans. If you do not leave, our attacks will heighten!” His words raised moral, and the wolves barked and howled in excitement. 

The trio was scared, as the wolf pack started to encircle them. The sound of an owl hooting overhead, gave relief to the trio. Shiro, with intense speed, rushed down the circle to get to the three. He placed himself in front of the three, and stared into the leader of the pack. With no snarl or growl, Shiro looked at the leader with a stoic face. 

The pack leader gave a disgusting snicker, and spoke in a bloodthirsty tone, “So, you are the anomaly the pack has been speaking about. How does it feel to be the last of the therian, arctic, wolves?” 

Shiro kept his cold expression, and remained silent. His blood filled eyes started to piss off the pack leader, “Is that all you can do? Just stand there and stare!” The leader lunged, but Shiro jumped back with ease, keeping his same posture.

The other wolves created a bigger circle to give room to the two wolves, who were battling for dominance. The leader lunged his jaw again, and again, but only yield the same results as the first time. His attacks were becoming messy, and disoriented. 

The leader’s paw slipped slightly forward, and with that, Shiro made his first attack. He struck at his neck, barely missing, and clamped down on his shoulder. Blood squirted up, coloring the snow and Shiro. 

The pack leader whimpered in pain, and the other pack members jumped in front to shield him off. Some of the wolves turned into humans, and readied their weapons to attack. 

Shiro, and the three other companions, gathered together in a defensive circle. Hayate jumped down in the middle of the four, in his human form. 

Hayate’s hair was pure white, and gleamed straight down his head to his neck. He wore long, white, clothing, that looked like robes. In the middle of his shirt, was the symbol of his owl clan. 

Shiro, as well, turned into his human form, and pulled out his dagger from behind his back. Hayate readied his makeshift talon on his right hand. The two wolves and fox, all took their own battle stances. 

One wolf, prematurely, jumped at them, and Hayate quickly sliced up with his talon, slicing up the left side of the wolf’s face. Hayate's long face, looked very serious, and ready for anything. 

Everyone grew tense, on both sides, waiting for the next strike. All ears tilted to the sound of a dark-brown wolf howling. Silus rushed over to them, and trailing behind him, were three other wolves. Silus pleaded to the pack, “We can have a fight here, or when we have fair numbers. Take your wounded, and let us take our members. No one has to die today!” With no leader to speak for the pack, and raise moral, they were all scared what this fight might lead into. 

With a few head nods here and there, the pack opened a spot in the circle for the four to walk out of. Hayate and Shiro formed back into animals, and left the circle. 

Everyone’s hair was raised, and anxiety from a sneak attack was shared with all. 







Once everyone made it far enough away from them, all the pressure was gone. 

“Man Shiro, I’m tired of saving your ass.” Silus laughed obnoxiously.

“I had it under control.” Shiro spoke sarcastically, and smiled back at Silus. They both laughed like old friends.

“You know this means, you owe me now?” 

“Yeah, yeah. I’m just shocked.”


“Usually, you’re the one to owe me, haha.” 

“Psh, whatever.” Silus playfully, pushed Shiro into a tree, “If anything, it’s mostly you coming when the fights done, and I’ve already killed about one-hundred of the hunters; then you come prancing in to finish off the last guy, stating, ‘I came here to save you!’.” Shiro raised his eyebrow at that statement, and Silus simply gave a huge cocky smile.

Layla overheard, and backhanded Silus’s head, nearly knocking him over. “Don’t be cocky, idiot.” Layla walked ahead of Shiro and Silus, after that.

Silus rubbed the back of his head, and whispered, “…Speak for yourself…”

Shiro yelled out, “What? You think Layla is full of herself?”

“What!” Layla yelled back at them.

“Nothing! Nothing!” Silus quickly scrambled to cover up Shiro’s mouth, from spouting anything else that could be troubling for him. 


Hayate, who flew overhead, came flying back to the group of friends, who were trying to make it back to their own pack. Quickly turning back into human, Hayate ran over to Shiro. “Shiro! Shiro!” He yelled.


“T-there’s…there’s two wolves from the wolf pack earlier, chasing a human girl!”

Without thought or second guesses, Shiro ran as fast as his wolf form could let him.

Silus let out a quick phrase, “Shit.” and followed after him.

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