Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


5. Bickering Amongst Wolves. Vol. 3

  The bright sunlight, pierced its way through the grey-coated, shell, of a sky. Naomi stumbled her way out of the end of the tunnel, and into the vast forest. She glanced around, blocking the sun from her eyes until her pupils adjusted, and trying to found out where she was. 

The rustle of leaves and snow could be heard, and as Naomi turned around, there stood two wolves. One was pitch black, as an onyx gem; the other was grey, fading into white.

The onyx colored wolf, stood motionless, and had a cold look on his face. His small yellow-eyes, gleamed at Naomi like the headlights of a car, while she acted like a deer caught in them. The wolf took one step, leaving a wolf paw print in the snow; his next step left a human footprint. 

 The Man’s leather, gold platted, boots crunched through the snow, as he made his way closer to Naomi. His black cloak, fluttered through the snowing air. His face remained cold, both in wolf and human form. Three scars were swiped on his cheek, resembling he was scratched deep, at one point. His short hair was black like his fur, and pushed pack, making it look like he had some elegance. 

When he got six feat from Naomi, the man smirked a ghastly smile. His goatee, which followed around his jaw line and jutted out, gave him a devilish feel to that smile.

Be it human or animal, we all have instincts, and Naomi’s was telling her to run away. But her legs wouldn’t move; she couldn’t even lift her arm out and cast a spell. Something about this man was petrifying. Out of one lion’s den, and into another, except this being wolves, and this is more realism than a metaphor. What scared Naomi even more, was this man’s intentions are still unknown. 

Naomi’s vision of the man was cut off by another man’s presence. Naomi’s hopes raised, as it was Shiro blocking the man off. Shiro, who had little breath to spare, stood in between Naomi and the man, and had both arms raised out to the side. 

“Max, she’s with me! She isn’t part of the hunters!” Shiro pleaded, gasping for air between pauses. 

“I know that.” Max raised is bushy brow, “Do you think, I would think, she was part of ‘them’, when she is as young as she is?” Max crossed his arms, and puffed out his chest. 

Shiro looked down in embarrassment, and caught his breath, “Then, can I take her back to the city?” 

“Nor did I say that.” 

Shiro eyes widen from that dangerous statement, “But if she has no quarrel with us, and is just lost, why cant I take her back?”

“Because she is human, and she may speak word of our people. For the sake of our clan, we can not allow this to happen.” Max’s eyes stiffened with seriousness, while Shiro’s widen with desperation.

“Then what do you propose to do!” Shiro’s words heightened with intensity.

“Sadly, this human must be put down, in the safety of our people.” He says sadly, but his words are too cold for that kind of emotion. 

Both Shiro and Naomi faces grow pale. The fear from Naomi could be seen, as her body trembled. 

Max’s breath could be seen from the air as he spouted each word, “We told you Shiro time and time again, that you cannot bring humans here, or join them. We are too different, and the hunters will have no mercy once they find us. She is a liability that we can’t let go. A long time ago we allowed a human to be free after you revealed yourself, but we forgave you that time, as you were only a child. Now…,Now you are a man, your actions have consequence!” As his monologue ended, his words arose with great force.

With no hesitation, Max jutted forward, punching Shiro in his lower stomach. Shiro gasped for air, and cringed in pain on the floor. Max picked Shiro up by his hair, taunting him, and spoke more, “I am truly sorry, but I know you will resist us from putting the girl down. I promise she will feel no pain.” Finishing up, he smacked Shiro across his face, with his gold braces that covered up most of his forearm. 

Shiro laid face first in the ice cold snow, which felt somewhat pleasing to his swelling up face. He used what little strength he had and yelled as loud as he could, “Naomi, run! And never look back!”

With all this information feeding into Naomi’s head, she had a hard time figuring out what was happening. It was difficult to think logically, and the fact she was being targeted for murder, made things even more hard. Her legs still would not budge, but Shiro’s words helped her snap out of her trance. She turned around and ran as fast as she could. As she ran, her feelings were tearing her part, each wanting part of her to go a different way. One wanted to stay alive, and keep running to safety, but the other felt disgusted as she left Shiro there, and wanted to help him.

When Shiro heard Naomi fleeing, Max readied himself in wolf form to chase her. Before Max could take off, Shiro clamped down on his back thigh, and held as tight as he could. Max looked at the other grey wolf, and nodded over to Naomi. Shiro let go of max, and pushed with his little remaining energy, over to the grey wolf to stop him. Max tackled Shiro, and placed himself over Shiro in a dominating pose. 

Naomi could hear the grey wolf getting closer, and tried to push herself to go faster. At this time, Shiro tried getting Max off, but Max held Shiro’s throat with his hand. When Shiro squirmed too much, Max punched him repeatedly in the face. Blood would sometimes come up, but Shiro’s raged filled eyes only gained more fury. 

Finally, Shiro managed to land a punch in, and with an enough force to knock max over. Shiro lunged in the air as wolf, but landed on Max as man. Quickly pulling out his knife, Shiro held it up to Max’s throat. “Call back Saber! And let Naomi go!” Shiro demanded, but his voice wasn’t the same; yet it was more brutish, and sounded blood thirsty. 

“You can’t do it.” Max smiled egotistically, and gave a small chuckle. 

Shiro’s tension started to drop, with the realization he cant kill him…but then he thought of Naomi, and what would happen if she got hurt; this filled those blood colored eyes with rage once more. 

“You’re right…I can’t kill you.” 

Max laughed at his statement. Shiro gave a laugh back, and grabbed Max’s collar tight. With massive force, Shiro gave one last blow by head butt. Max’s vision quickly went black.

Shiro stood up rubbing his head, and quickly started his run towards Naomi. As he grew closer, sounds of struggle could be heard. He tried to turn into a wolf, but his energy was dwindling. His vision was even becoming too hazy to see, and Shiro wasn’t even sure if he was moving forward, due to his legs being completely numb. The skin over his cheek bone was split, as well as his forehead where collided with Max. Blood started to make its way down his face, and mixed in with his hair as the air pushed it back.

He fell to his knees from exhaustion, but tried dragging his body by his hands. With no more energy to spare, Shiro remained still in defeat. Before he lost conscience, he could hear someone yelling, “Exitium!” 








There were white wolves everywhere, forming a great clan. All of there eyes gleaming red with intensity, and nearly invisible, white-coats to the naked eye. All of them beautiful, all of them…slowly dieing. Their white coats, soaked with their own blood; their flesh exposed to the world. The snow heaven they once called home, was covered in a sea of blood and corpses. The whimpering sounds of the nearly dead wolves, and one lone puppy, standing amongst the graveyard; soaked in his family’s blood. 

With the ability of a two month old pup, he walked along his fallen clan, confused. The pup didn’t understand what was happening or why. He walked over to a human body, and stared into her lifeless red eyes. He cried for his mother to wake up, but she never awoke from her eternal dream. 

She had a pendent tangled around her hand. The puppy pulled the pendent away from her hand, with his jaw, and a little boy examined it. Tears flowed down his sparkling red eyes, as he sat next to his mothers lifeless body. The pendent was a garnet stone, which resembled an eye, and had a pure gold chain. 

The boy threw the pendent in anger, and wanted his mother, not some memento. He crawled to his mother to be embraced by her warmth, but only the cold feeling of death embraced him. The boy left his cold mother, knowing that body wasn’t his mother’s anymore. He picked up the pendent, and walked aimlessly, questioning why he was left alive, why he gets to keep his warmth. Maybe it was to torture him further, letting him know, he was too weak to defend the ones he loved. His red eyes didn’t glisten with tears anymore, nor did they seek the warmth of his mother; no, now they burned with the agony of vengeance. He wanted blood in return for the gallons that defiled his beautiful home. 

And as the silhouettes of the monsters who raped and murdered his family, came to claim the last innocent soul, Shiro readied himself for blood. 





The feeling of something moist being swiped across his cheek, bothered Shiro enough out of his dream. He blinked until his vision came to, but the only thing there was to greet him was Layla, cleaning up his wounds. “Ugh, it’s only you…” Shiro thought he said in his head, but unfortunately, he said out loud. The now temperamental Layla looked at him with angered eyes.

“So what? I’m not good enough?”


“Maybe next time, I’ll leave you to just suffer, and bleed out. You know how many times I have to bandaged you and Silus up?”


“How about some appreciation!” 

“I’m sorry…I didn’t mean anything by it…”

“Haha! Looks like for once I’m not on the receiving end of that loud voice.” Silus, who was standing on the other side of Shiro, said proudly. Layla looked at him disgustingly, and punches him straight between his brows. Silus looses all control, and falls on his back. “Hey a little lower and you could have broke my nose!” Silus says, whose scrambling on the floor from the pain, holding his forehead. 

“Damn, I missed?” Layla laughs sadistically. She looks back over to Shiro, whose laying on a make shift cot. “I bet you were hoping I was…Naomi was it?” 

Shiro jolted up, remembering the events before he passed out. But as he sat up, the pain from his wounds ached, and his energy hasn’t completely come back. He tried pushing himself out of bed, but Layla quickly pushed his chest back down, with little to no force. 

“What happened to her!” Shiro looked at Layla furiously.

“Hey, hey. She’s fine. Turns out, she can hold her own, even for a human. She’s here in camp, talking with the clan leader. Apparently, she has something that the leader finds useful.”

“…” Shiro took a moment to gather hi thoughts, “What about Max?”

Silus stood up and let out a hysterical laugh, “You fucked him up, haha, man I wish I could have been the one to teach my brother a lesson!” 

“Yeah, but every time he gets near you, your tail goes between your legs.” Layla snapped at Silus.

“…” Silus remained silent, giving Layla a squinted stare.

“Max is fine too, but as Silus said, you really got him good. He’s recovering as well, but when he wakes up, he’s in for more pain, haha.”


“The clan leader has told him before, not to do such hasty actions without his approval, and extreme as killing a human no less.”

“So Naomi is safe?”

“Yeah, don’t worry lover boy. Silus and I know how important she is to you, and wouldn’t let anyone harm her.”

“What about Saber?”

“Well…” Layla had a puzzling look on his face, “Naomi actually broke his leg, so he will be out of commission for awhile.”


“That’s what the leader finds so interesting about her, apparently, she has powers.”

“Eh…” Shiro had a dumbfounded face.

“Exactly what I thought.”

Shiro felt his bandages that wrapped his forehead, and the smaller ones that covered his cuts on his cheeks. He was shirtless, and had a cotton blanket over him. He was in the medical tent of the clans main camp, and it was probably one of the biggest tents in the camp. There were many other makeshift cots, but all empty, due to no action going on. 

A small frail figure walked into the tent, and scooted his way over to Shiro. The small boy bowed down in front of him, asking, “Sir, may I please speak in your presence!” His words were very shaky, and his face was pale. 

“Uh, sir? There’s no need to address me so formally.” Shiro said with an entertained smile.

“Um, uh…I…ugh…what do I call you?”

“Hmm, well if I remember right, my name is Shiro, so that might be a good start. Just saying.”

The boy shifted around embarrassed, and kept his head down. His wild, orange-red, hair gave the room some much needed color, with his white, homemade, hoodie contradicting his bright hair color. His legs trembled in his grey slacks wrapped tightly to his legs. 

“I’m sorry…Shiro…I just wanted to say, thank you so much!” He gave another bow, and kept his head down. “I was the fox you saved earlier today…”

“Oh, so you’re the new scout recruit?”

“Yes, and I promise to do much better than today Sir, err, Shiro…”

“That’s always good, but today was no fault of your own. Uncontrollable things happen all the time, just learn to be more prepare for the unexpected.” Shiro gave a brightening smile.

It made the boy smile in return. 

“What’s your name fox boy?”

“It’s Todde.”

“Hope to see you in some better situations later in life, Todde.”

“You too Shiro.” The boy bowed once again, and left the room. 

Silus scratched his head in query, “Why is he so young?”

Layla quickly snapped, “Because people have to grow to get older, idiot, they aren’t just born old.”

Silus gleamed at her with hateful eyes and continued his thought, “I know that, what I mean is, why is someone as young as him, fighting with us? Isn’t there an older fox we could find?”

Shiro spoke back in a saddened tone, “The fox tribes, like many others, are dwindling. He’s the best they had to offer.”

“How old is he?”


“Damn, I guess we will have to look out for him.” 

Everyone in the room could smell and hear a new presence coming, and with that, Silus nodded his head to Layla saying its time to leave. She agreed, and looked over to Shiro, “Don’t over exert your body, you nearly killed yourself last time, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah…”

Silus patted him on the head, “Be a good boy, will yeah?”

Shiro just arched his brow at him, and gave a half-assed smile. Soon, Shiro was alone for a moment. He quickly put his shirt, that was tossed on the ground, back on, and tried fixing his hair. “What am I doing?” he thought. 

Naomi arched her head into the opening in the tent, making sure this was the right place, and walked in. She didn’t make eye contact until she made it to the end of his cot. They both looked at each other, like the time near the pond, and stood silent for a moment. 

Not being able to stand the silence, Shiro broke it, “…I…um…I thought, I told you not to look back?” 

Naomi was a little surprised  and  hurt by his question, “I did, and here I am, not having clue of what’s going on.”

An awkward moment passes them both, Shiro decided to end it once again, “I didn’t mean I wanted you gone by that…It’s just, I didn’t want you to have to deal with the life I live. Twice today, I was terrified that I had gotten you killed. It was so selfish of me to reveal myself to you…”

“Selfish?” Naomi asked like Shiro was stupid, “This experience has changed my life forever, and I couldn’t be happier! You, and your people are amazing. This whole world that I didn’t know, is amazing. And you didn’t get me in any dangerous situations, that was my doing. I decided to follow you into the forest, I decided to turn back, and I am still deciding to stay here.”

Shiro gained a warm feeling, and smiled. Naomi smiled back at him, and moved a little closer, “Are you okay though?”

“It’s honestly nothing from what I normally get.”

“I don’t know if that’s suppose to make me feel good, or even more worried.” 

They both laughed at that, then slowly grew quiet again. 

“Have you met anyone else?” 

“Besides your clan leader, no…he told me that you would tell me everything I needed to know.”

“So what does that mean for you?”


“After I tell you, do you leave or…”

Naomi looked at Shiro with sympathy, and knows he’s probably lost a few human friends, “I will be going home still…” Shiro’s eyes became saddened, “But that clan leader has permitted me to come anytime I feel like.” Naomi gave a bright smile.

Shiro gleamed with excitement, and couldn’t be happier; but deep down, he was scared. He was scared that someday, being so close to the world he lives in, Naomi may get hurt or even killed. He wants  nothing more than to share his life with her, but at what cost? He knows today wasn’t some idle incident, this happens nearly every day, and the more Naomi is around here, the more risk she is in. Shiro smiles today, but what of tomorrow.  

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