Of Wolf and Man (First Draft)

An ancient clan of shape shifting wolfs, are threatened by a special government division, who wish to wipe them out; causing humans to be the only dominant species. With tension running high within the clan, and humans growing closer on the wolves's trail; Shiro, the snow-colored, red-eyed, wolf, must keep peace and protect the ones he loves.


4. Bickering Amongst Wolves. Vol. 2


         The sound of snow crunching repeated continuously, as Shiro rushed to the distress. He hoped and prayed, when he arrived, that it wasn’t Naomi. The last thing he wanted was for her to be in any kind of danger. His panting grew louder, and pushed his speed to his limits. From far back, you could here Hayate and Silus following close, but as Shiro kept pushing his speed; his friends movements became quiet.

He could smell the other two wolves, and another familiar smell. Shiro’s heart skipped, and he got a sickened feeling in his stomach. Thoughts of regret and pain swirled in his head, taunting him that he made a mistake by revealing himself to Naomi. If they touched her…that idea infuriated Shiro to his limits.   

Finally, in his view he saw the two wolves, but to his dismay, he saw Naomi’s satchel in one of their mouths. They stood in front of an old well, with trees creating an encircled area around them. Rage filled Shiro’s eyes, as he was blinded by furry. With no hesitation, he leaped from the trees to the wolf with the satchel in his mouth. 

Enraged to no end, he mercilessly lunged his jaw at the wolf, with blood squirting up with every strike. The second wolf came to the other’s rescue, and tackled Shiro off. The beaten and bloodied wolf, crawled his way back to his friend, whimpering the whole way. An eerie blood trail is left by the wolf, and quickly the two try to make their way out. 

      Shiro jumps in their path to stop their exit, and in a monstrous sounding voice, he yells, “Where is she! Tell me now, or I will rip you bit by bit!”  Both the wolves cower in his presence, and the untouched wolf nods his head towards the well. Shiro nods his head, as if to say, “You’re free to go.” The unhurt of the two wolves, turns into a human, and carries his friend to safety.

Shiro runs over to the edge of the well, and looks in. In his human voice, he yells, “Naomi! Are you in there!?” 

No sound for moment, until a small innocent voice is heard, “Y-yes! I need help!” 

“Are you alright!?”

“I’m having trouble standing on my ankle, but nothing else serious!”

Shiro panicked, and quickly looked around for a way to get her out.

Naomi patted her hands around the dry well to get a feel of where she is. She wondered how stupid she was for trying to search for Shiro. Instead of finding him, she gets chased by two ferocious wolves into a well. 

One brick felt really loose, and with a little pressure, it toppled over. Around that same place, Naomi continued to push loose bricks over, until there was a small opening to climb in. With no where else to go, she wiggled her body in there. It took a moment to get her left ankle in, due to the pain, but with some shimmering, she managed. 

The crawl space went on for a bit, until a small hole that lead to a tunnel came up. Naomi poked her head out, and examined left to right. She jumped out, and decided where to go from there. The only way that had light was from the right, so with that incentive, she followed it. 

Walking down the hallway, she wondered who it was asking if she was okay. She had a hard time seeing whoever it was. He knew her name, so it has to be someone she knows. Guessing where she is, and why she was here in the first place, it must have been Shiro. 

Naomi was happy that Shiro was looking for her, and even got a little giddy. She wanted to know more about him, and what Shiro is; and mostly, she wanted to know why she has this nostalgic sensation around him. 

The tunnel continued to an old style, feudal, door, that had lit torches on the sides. “Lit? But how could they be?” Naomi pondered, “That would have to mean someone lived down here.” Naomi was partially scared of the idea of some old hermit living down here, but again, she ignored her instincts, and pushed on. 

Taking a few breaths, she pulled her hand to the doorknob. With loud a squeak, and rust breaking apart, she turned the knob. The door took some pressure to open up; signifying, it hasn’t been open in ages. When that thought occurred, Naomi questioned again, “Why are the lights lit?” 

Dust fell from the creases of the door, and rust broke from the hinges, as Naomi opened the door. Inside, was a very small corridor, with a statue of some maiden looking woman, and torches all around, emitting blue light. The statue’s robes went far over her hands, and her hood covered half of her face. On the middle part of her hood, was a symbol Naomi has never seen before. 

The symbol showed a sword perfectly down the middle, a crown on the handle of the sword, and a chest plate placed over the sword, in the middle. The coloring of the statue was grey, except the symbol, which was plated gold. 

The stone maiden had her hand arched out, and her palm was held out, like telling someone to stop.  On this palm, was a ring with a cloth piece connected to it, stretching to a bracelet around the maidens wrist; both the ring and bracelet were pure gold, with the cloth piece being purple.   

Naomi thought Shiro was a one in a life time thing to see, but now, there is an alter, that looks like it hasn’t been touched in decades, with seemingly undying torches around her; and it all being hidden underground. All of this just happened to be a coincidence, with the simple thought of curiosity. In just two days, Naomi’s thought of reality has completely changed, and would be open to anymore crazy ideas. 

Naomi started to overexert her brain from thinking, and took a huge breath. She turned around, and tried to leave the room; but as she did, the door and the walls disappeared. Naomi gasped in fear, as the room started to turn pitch black, and had no real definition of corners or walls. The room was still illuminated by the stars that appeared, floating all around. Naomi felt like she was floating in space, but still had an invisible surface to walk on. 

When Naomi went to turn around, something else had changed. The once stone maiden was no more, instead she looked like a spirit. She was transparent, and her features and edges glowed a light green. 

Naomi was in complete shock, and couldn’t move. The enchanting maiden floated her way to Naomi, and caressed her face. Naomi didn’t know to be scared or feel at ease. The maiden started to speak in tongues, Naomi never heard before.


“Vos hic iam,  is est vicis abeo in meus vox…” The maidens voice comforted Naomi more, though, she still didn’t understand what she was saying; but continued listening with a more calm feeling, “…illic iacio valde malum una, per is…” The maiden took of her gauntlet, and presented it to Naomi. She was a bit confused, but understood the gesture the maiden was giving and took the glove. “Per is, vos evinco is. Is est vicis mihi moveo in…” The maidens words echoed, as she faded away. 

There were no words to describe how confused, and fascinated she was. She examined the glove- which was only a ring attached to a bracelet by a cloth- and noticed the same symbol that was on the maidens hood, was the same one on the cloth part of the glove.

Naomi wondered what this was, and why it was given to her. She knew it had great importance, but what? What was that whole ordeal about? She noticed the bracelet part of the glove was much bigger than her wrist, and saw no way she would be able to wear it. Still, she tried to put it on. She moved it farther down her hand until it reached her wrist. Once reaching her wrist, the bracelet glowed, and shrunk to the size of her wrist. Naomi jumped and loss her breath from the shock. 

She continued and pulled her finger back to put the ring on. The ring too, shrank in size. Once the glove was on, the symbol that was on the cloth, glowed intensely.

Suddenly, massive pain coursed down Naomi’s veins and up her spine. It was too much for her, and she fell to her knees, not knowing where to comfort her pain. In panic, she grabbed the sides of her head, and screamed franticly. The pain pulsated into her brain, like it was pumping her information. Naomi saw visions, visions she couldn’t describe, and it all happened so fast. She saw things of war, between humans and animals; she saw languages and scriptures, she’s never seen before. All of this vast knowledge, drilled into her head to the point that she felt like her head was splitting open. Tears flowed down her eyes, as she begged for the pain to stop. 

Instantaneously, the pain stopped, but it was too much for Naomi, as she passed out on the ground. With her last breath, she whispered, “Shiro…” 



When she awoke, the room was the same as it originally was, but all the lights were put out. It was dark, and Naomi tried to regain herself. She looked up, and found that the statue of the maiden was gone. She was trying to find some logical explanation of what just happened, but nothing sounded right. 

Naomi looked at her hand, and saw the glove was still there. She tried to take it off, but it felt fused with her skin. She felt grossed out by this and tried not thinking about it. 

She stumbled her way to the door, twisting the doorknob to get out, but the door as well seemed fused. Naomi banged on the door relentlessly, but with no luck, she fell to her knees. She looked back at the glove, and noticed on the bracelet part of it, there where symbols she had never seen before. There were only two, and they were small in scale. “Those weren’t there before…” Naomi thought.

She didn’t know what they said, but when she opened her mouth, she spoke words she never heard before, “Lux Lucis Via.” Naomi’s eyes widen from what she had just said, and was speechless as the two symbols on her bracelet lit up. The ring part of the glove glowed a powerful light, and brightened the once pitch black room. 

Naomi had to cover her eyes before she could adjust to the light changes. “Did I…did I just cast some spell?” Naomi was amazed and freaked out all at the same time. She has always been a person to believe in logic, but this just spits in logic’s face. 

She felt a strain on herself, the longer the light illuminated. Naomi could feel the light’s energy, like she was holding it. She let go of that feeling, and the light diminished; the strain was no more. 

Again she spoke the words that she never heard of before, and again the light filled the room. After a bit of messing around with her new found power, Naomi remembered she was still locked in here. Light wasn’t about to get her out of here, so she looked around the room for some exit; but sadly, none was found. 

As desperation settled in, she tried tackling the door, but her frail body crumbled to the door with each tackle. Naomi even tried yelling for help, but no one came. She felt alone and scared now, hoping someone would save her. 

Naomi sat down with her legs close to her, and her arms wrapped around them. Tears started to fall down from her cheeks, and loneliness embraced her. “Why the hell would I need light!” she yelled and fell to her side. She laid there for a moment, until looking back at her bracelet. There was another symbol. 

She jumped up from this little bit of hope, and quickly tried to read it. She extended her right arm, and opened her mouth with confidence. “Exitium!”  Naomi yelled, echoing within the room.

The ring glowed an immense, bright, red, and before Naomi could figure out what it was doing, it caused the door to implode within itself; one wood shard flew right Naomi, and with impulse, she spoke again, “Contego!” 

The wooden shard split into pieces right in front of her eyes, and surrounding Naomi was a transparent purple bubble. She looked at her bracelet, and yet again, there was another symbol. 

Naomi understood now, that more symbols would appear with time. She walked out of the room with a feeling of a new found life. She knew whatever this was, was a part of her life now. Two days ago Naomi would have been a nonbeliever of what she has seen, but now, she knows there is a lot more to this world than she had originally thought. 

And instead of being sacred by all of this, she is embracing it with excitement. Her father would always be the first to believe some wild story passed around by others, in hopes it was actually true. He wanted more from this reality, and Naomi never understood why. It was the main reason her father loved the forest, untamed and mysterious by man. Naomi’s love for the forest had come back in Shiro, and she realized why her father wanted more to reality, in the glove she had found. It made life more exciting, gave more into it. 

Naomi didn’t want to stop there, she wanted more from this life now. She felt silly trying to run away from this town before, not realizing what her father saw in this forest before. She continued her path down the hallway, illuminating the way with her new endowed powers, and breathing new life. 

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