To Live

It is a three part story about never giving up on life, no matter what happens. This story may be simple, yet the moral is something everyone should know. I will write the other two parts- one every week.


1. The Wasting Disease




                There was once two beautiful people who were madly in love with each other. Their names were Samuel and Ella.  At the time, they were wealthier than most villagers and seem to live a life with never ending happiness with their two children. Then on a day which brewed a storm unlike the world has never seen, which the wind screeched like a banshee and the leaves of the spruce quaked with fear, Ella's lover fell wickedly ill with a wasting condition.

                   All of the doctors tried to cure Samuel, yet there was nothing they could do because the man wouldn't accept the cure, no matter how much Ella and the doctors pleaded with him. Samuel was a kind, gentle man, and when he realized that the cure involved the deaths of twenty white doves and the antlers of a white deer, he did not want it.

                      Soon enough, the man looked like he could suffer no more. He turned to his horror-stricken love and said roughly "live". He died five hours later when the sun had disappeared over the horizon and the birds quit singing their songs.

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