The Angel

En historie jeg har lavet sammen med nogle venner for 2 år siden da vi gik i 7. klasse


1. The hole story (the Angel)


It had been raining for months in the little town Eastville.

Paul was going to the town to buy a beautiful necklace for his wife, Mary, on their wedding day. On his way home, he saw something shiny on a field near the road. He went closer to see what it was, and he found out, it was an old man. The man shined more and more, and suddenly he was one big light. Paul saw that the man had big white shining wings! Paul got very surprised. He ran home and told his wife. She thought he was getting crazy, and said that he should rest for a while.

The rumor was quickly all over the village. The old people thought that it was an Angel in the town, but the younger thought poor Paul had become crazy. All of the villages were worried, and they called everyone to a meeting. The priest spoke:

“Dear villages, unfortunately, we have rumor about an “Angel” going on, which I think is nonsense that we’ve got to prove wrong. It makes no sense”

 “But I saw it with my own eyes!” Paul said

“Now, now, honey”, Mary said. “Take it easy…”

But suddenly there was a white shine from the door. The Angel went into the room, over the floor, and out of the backdoor. The only thing to hear was silence. One of the old ladies blacked out. No one said anything. The priest was speechless.

“But what if the Angelis evil?” one of the kids asked.

“Then we’ve got to catch it!” the priest said. “I suggest that Paul and Mary do it”

“Why us”

“Because you were the one to see the Angel first”

“That’s not fair!”

“No, but I’m the priest, so I decide”

So Paul and Mary went to the field were Paul saw the Angel for the first time. They brought a net and they saw him, sitting on the ground, playing a tune on a mouth harmonica. Lots of different animals came sitting by his side.

“He doesn’t look evil to me” Mary said.

“I know, but we have to do what the priest says”

They threw the net over him, and he didn’t resist. He just looked sadly. They put him in their cellar. There he sat alone and looked very, very sad.

“I’m sorry” Mary said.

“You know Mary” Paul said, “lots of people would like to see an Angel like that…”

“You are saying?”

“Like, we could take a dollar for each, and then everyone would be happy”

“Except the Angel!”

“Who do you like to be happy, us or the Angel?”

“Us of course…”

“Now, I go call the priest”

The priest arrived an hour later

“So let’s see the birdman, shall we?”

Paul went first down the cellar while Mary and the priest took a drink.

But when Paul came down the dark cellar, the Angel was gone. The only thing left was his sad face. But that disappeared too, and the only thing left was darkness…

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