Imogen is considered a common teen but due to an act of deception from one she thought she loved she is thrown in to a world where she is much more and has no control


1. Prologue

Every story has a beginning and mine started with a kiss, but this is no love story as treachery is the cause. My heart was torn between two men, one I called mine but the other I longed to have as well as I couldn't help but think of him, he had a tendancy to forever intrude my thoughts. I knew the fact that I wanted him was wrong on so many terms but I couldn't help myself I had a craving that I found only he could satisfy. To ease the longing for him we would ocasionally meet up in a secluded place, a place cut of from the rest of the world where it was peacful and where no one could hear or see us. When here we could be ourselves and we could do anything we wanted with out having to worry, mostly we'd just  be like two close friends and we would talk and laugh and have fun with each other, disscussing whatever came up in our converstations, but today would be a day I regret, and a day I wish I never picked such an isolated place, today would be the day I discovered the truth.

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