Beauty and The Beast

Read the story of Anna who get tormented by her step sister Brianna.Sadly for Anna there in the same school,class and form.Anna get's bullied by Brianna because Anna mother married Brianna father and that Brianna thinks Anna is ugly and a total dork.


1. Prologue

My name is Anna Jones and i have a step sister her name is Brianna Rose.I  get bullied and tormented by her just because her father married my mother.I mean it's not my fault i didn't ask my mum to marry her dad.I get bullied in school too by Brianna and her friends just because i am ugly.In our school play she was beauty i was the beast.I guess i am horrendous compared to her she's beautiful with sparkling blue eyes and pale blonde hair and a figure to die for me well i am quite plain i have dirty brown hair and mud brown eyes and have so many freckles on my face. Some days i wish i could die or run away from Brianna.If she only calls me names it be all right but instead she punches and physically hurts me and shoves me into the boy's toilet.One day she made me kiss a boy and took photos everywhere.That boy told me i kiss like a frog.She sometimes make me do horrible thing's like smash the fire alarm and put toilet paper over the headmaster's classrooms.I wonder why she picks on me.I have no friends they all ran away from me as they wanted to get on Brianna good side.I don't blame them cause if there friends with me she would pick on them too.I wish i was dead.Why should i die.I wish she was dead.

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