What's going on?

Millie is keeping a secret about being bullied by Sarah, who is holding a very scary secret of her own.


3. Shocked


I ran all the way back to where I had left Millie. When I got there, an ambulance van was on the curb and Millie was on a stretcher being carried into the van. I never meant to hurt her so badly. I felt dreadful. 

I walked up to an ambulance woman and asked her what was going on. 

She answered, "This poor girl has been severely beaten up by someone. She has very bad head and nose injuries and a slight bit of concussion. Whoever did this is in big trouble."

I asked, "Did she give a name who did it?"

The ambulance woman replied, "No, she refused to tell us who it was. Her mother is very upset. I'm not surprised. Her daughter was nearly killed!" She looked at me, "Do you have any idea who did this, love? Did you see anything?"

I should tell them that it was me. I just couldn't. 

"No. Nothing. Can I see her please? I'm a, er, friend of hers."

"Sure, love. Over there." She pointed to the ambulance van.

"Thank you," I said. I ran over to the van and there, all wired up, was Millie. There was a huge bruise over her left eye and blood in her hair and clothes.

"Oh, Millie!" I cried. She looked up at me and flinched.

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