What's going on?

Millie is keeping a secret about being bullied by Sarah, who is holding a very scary secret of her own.


2. Sarah

As I left Millie, I looked behind me and saw her lying there on the ground with blood all around her. I felt bad, but it made me also feel better. I needed to hurt Millie so that I wouldn't feel hurt each day. I needed to make someone else hurt so that I wouldn't feel the pain. I would like to stop. I really would. I just can't. I needed pain from another to make me feel ok. If I stopped, I might as well commit suicide. My family are what give me pain. They are always fighting, always using violence, alcohol and drugs to try and 'solve' things but it never works. It only makes things worse. It makes things so bad that they start hitting, punching and kicking me and my little sister. She's only 5. I don't know what to do about it. They are scaring me. I need help. Who can I tell, though? Who can help me?

I approached the school gates and the head came up to me. Oh, here we go. What have I done now? 

"Miss Banks, have you seen Millie Green at all? You live near her, don't you? She hasn't been at school for a couple of weeks now. Do you know anything?" The head looked me right in the eyes. I thought about how I had left Millie, just lying there, crippled and alone. I need to stop hurting her. I need to help her.......

"So miss Banks, do you know anything?"

"No," I replied, "No, not at all. Excuse me. I need to be somewhere." I turned on my heels and ran back out of the gates. 

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