What's going on?

Millie is keeping a secret about being bullied by Sarah, who is holding a very scary secret of her own.


1. Millie

As I got ready for school that morning, all I could do was tremble. What if she was out there, waiting for me? What would she do to me when she see's me?

I went downstairs and grabbed some toast and headed for the door. Mum came out of no where and blocked the door.

"Mum, I will be late for school! Move out the way!" I cried, trying to push her out the way. She wouldn't budge.

"What's going on at school, eh? You're being bullied aren't you? Aren't you?" Mum shouted. Tears were appearing in the corners of  her eyes. She knows everything there is to know about bullying, seeing as she was a victim of it when she was at school. I couldn't lie to her. I was going to have to.

"No, Mum. Everything is fine. If I was getting bullied then I would've told you, wouldn't I?" I replied, not looking her in the eye.

"Yes, yes," Mum said, wiping the tears from her eyes, "I guess your right. Go on then. Off you go." She opened the door and pushed me along. "Have a nice day. I love you!" she said as I walked along the cobbled drive and through the gate at the bottom of the garden.

"I love you too. Bye!" I yelled, waving goodbye to my dear mother. I loved her so much. I can't believe that I lied to her. I didn't really have a choice, though. Sarah would have literally killed me if I would have dared told anyone. I went down the lane, looking behind me every two steps.

"Well well well. If it isn't Miss freaky GEEKY herself." The chilling voice of Sarah Banks came from the side of me. I started to pick up my pace but Sarah only sped up too.

"Where do you think your going, missy? Do you know, I look forward to this everyday. The whole suspense of beating you up everyday is just wonderful, don't you think?" Sarah asked me.

I shook my head.

"You don't like it? Really? I'm shocked Millie. I thought you would love having so much attention."

"It's the wrong kind of attention," I mumbled.

"The wrong kind of attention? I didn't know you could have more than one type of attention. Maybe this will change your mind," Sarah replied, and she grabbed my hair and yanked it hard.

I fell to the ground and Sarah laughed. She pulled me up by my collar and then punched me to the ground.

"Stop. Please. Stop," I whispered, lying there on the ground with blood coming from my mouth and nose.

"You want me to stop, do you? Ok then, I will. For now, anyway. See ya later Millie. See ya tomorrow for more.....fun." She laughed, kicked me in the stomach and started to walk away......




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