My so called life: Modelling and possibly being a star!!

A girl who is not the perfect type for modelling, gets chosen for modelling but soon after all the boys start to chase her. Do the modelling school do some sort of magic or is it just her hidden beauty...


2. The day I went there....

I went there regretting my every move. I didn't want to go there but I guess you have to do some things that you don't want to in life. Well anyway, think positive is what I kept on thinking to myself.


As soon as I got there, I realized how HUGE the school actually was. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was like i could vision my own dream house in-front of me.


"Heyy!" A boy shouted at me.


As soon as I looked at him, it was love at first sight. OMG! He is such a piffy. His blonde hair, blue eyes and was he really talking to me. A piff boy like him talking to a nerd like me.. OH NO! I think I might be imagining this.


He made his way in my direction.


" Are you the new girl here?"

"ummm..... Yeah!"

"Oh cool, you should get used to this place. Well, to start of with, if you see a girl who is really RUDE, just ignore her because she doesnt like seeing me talking with other girls. She likes me so she doesnt want anyone else to. And, dont worry about her, I am sure you will make something up!"

"Oh kl. Yeah! I have got the brains LOL"

" I know you have and you have also got the looks."

"Oh! Thanks... Your kind and you are SOOO PRETTY ASWELLL!!!"

"Thanks.... Everyone says that I have got the looks anywayz, Catch you later babe"



Did he just call me babes? WOW! I must be pretty! I must be...


"Oiiiiii!, wah yow doin wiv ma boy?"

"ummm........ what do you mean?"

"The piff blonde guy you were talkin to"

"Oh! him! Hes ma bruver....."

"Oh ! Heyy Jakes sister. Whats your name?"

Hes got a nice name. JAKE!!!

"My names Georgia"

"Oh kool! And by the way if you have got a problem tell me and also r u new round here?"

"ummmmmm...... Yeah!"

"Cool! I will show you the way around..."


WOW! First day and I have already made 5 friends and a crush. What will happen to me in the next few days....

Maybe, I don't regret this after all!

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