My so called life: Modelling and possibly being a star!!

A girl who is not the perfect type for modelling, gets chosen for modelling but soon after all the boys start to chase her. Do the modelling school do some sort of magic or is it just her hidden beauty...


3. Meeting Jakes Mother...

As soon as modelling school was over, I made my way home. There i saw Jake.

"Heyy Jake!"

"Heyy..... Whats your name?"

"Ma namez Georgia and by the way, I met her and I told her something which made her be all nice to me."

"What was that?"

"Guess..." "Dont knoe, you tell me"

"I said that im your sister"

"Kool! I must be lucky to have a PIFF sister"


"No prob babez. Anyways, would you like to meet my, well our mum..."


"BTW: I neeed to tell her that your actin as a sister coz she might not knoe and sayy sumfin to Amanda" "Kool!"  

I went inside and saw a pretty lady staring at me. jake and her hugged. Oh! So hes a two timer then or is he cheatin on me...

"Heyy Momma...."

Oh its his mum. WOW! shes pretty!!! He told her and she said that she wont tell anyone..


"Well, I sorry but I have got to go, Byee Jake and Jake's mum"

"Byee! And you can call me Amy and also call me mum in front of Amanda..." "Bye mum!"

 "You forgot to give your mum a kiss darlin,"

I kissed her.

"What about your brother, kiss him then"


Before I could answer Jake kissed me on my lips. I could feel his lips, smell his deodorant. Oh gosh!! It is true about what people say. Your first kiss is the sweetest!!

When I turned out to go, I saw Amanda there. Oh! So that is why I had to kiss them.

"Bye momma and bye Jake" I said as I went.

"y u goin outta ur house?" "Oh! ummmm..... I live in a flat in Buxton."

"Oh kool! Bye Jakes sista" "You can call me Georgia"

"Koolio! Bye Georgia!" She hugged me.


I left to my own house.

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