Sheriff Woody

Lavender Wood is a fifteen year old and is a orphan who lives in a orphanage in London. He hates living there. His horse Butcher helps him run in midnight. Lavender finds an awesome sheriff suit and he wears it from which everyone thinks he is the protecter of London, Sheriff Woddy


1. Runaway

I am a fifteen year old known as Lavender Wood. I have blue eyes and completely brown hair. I like to put non- sticky gel and brown hair color. 


I am an orphan in London. Madam Rosy usually says I was found in King Cross station at the time of the shooting of the first movie of some movie which was then not shooted. Madam Rosy had to specially stop the shooting of the movie as she had to take me. 


She treats me like her own son or better than that. She has married a man called Monseuir Chrishtian Dior. He is from France and is a very famous person their. Madam Rosy and Mr Dior live apart from each other. Mr Dior often visits our orphanage but Madam Rosy never goes to Paris and often complains, 'I will never leave my kids especially Lavender.'


Madam Rosy never allows me to play with the other children especially outdoor games like football, cricket, etc. She says that I will get hurt and it is for my safety. Thats one of the reasons I hate this orphanage. I am never able to eat chips, burgers, pizzas, cokes and other such things. She says it is bad for health.


Today in just a hour Mr Dior will come to our orphanage. I was watching a dream in which Madam Rosy is saying  'Never sleep, never eat it is bad for health' when to the rescue my hoarse horse Butcher came. He woke me up by licking my face. He is only friend or lets say only true friend. Everyone makes my fun.


I brushed my shiny white teeth which were shiny white because Madam Rosy made me brush thrice and made Butcher also brush thrice. Butcher knew how to play chess. I took a quick bath because Mr Dior was arriving. Then Mr Dior arrived.

Madam Rosy had instructed me to welcome him. He came out of his Royal car.

I tried to greet him bravely, 'G-good m-morning sir'

` Not that boring morning thing say Bonjour'  said Mr Dior.

` But sir they mean the same' I said bravely.

` Am I French man or you,' he shouted.

` But sir.....

`Am I a Frenchman or you,' his voice became louder.

` You are Mr Dior,' I said

` You idiotic box, you also don't know how to say my name it isn't Mr Dior it is Monseuir Chrishtian Dior. I will complain to Rosy.


He went and complained to Madam Rosy. She scolded me, not really.


`Oh la la so you are Lavrender Brun. She doesn't come to me because of you. I hated you when you argued from me but now I hate you the most young man,' said Mr Dior.

` Monseuir Chrishtian Dior she doesn't meet you only because of me but also doesn't meet you because of other children,' I said.

` No  joker, stop joking she can't stop coming to me because of my Eon. Can she bonehead brain?' laughed Mr Dior.


Eon is the kid who troubles me the most. Everyone is scared from him except me. He keeps his hair shabby and has an impressive height. His mustache has started to come but mine have not.

Today two guests were going to come named, Charles Brown and Georgina Brown. They have the same surname as mine. Whenever they come they treat me as their own son and request Madam Rosy to allow me to play outdoor games and order all the delicious food only for me but I don't know why.

They arrived after a few disgusting moment when Mr Dior was saying,` Teach this blue lizard some manners. This boy will destroy my day with you Rosy.'

` First you Mr Dye- r learn manners then say to Lavender. What has he done really?' said Mrs Brown taking my side.

`I am Rosy's husband,' said Mr Dior feeling insulted.

` Yeah ,so?' asked Mrs brown.

` And my name is not Dye-r is is Monseuir Chrishtian,' said Mr Dior.

` Extremely sorry Mr Dryer,' Mrs Brown said. I was feeling really happy when Mr Dior was getting insulted when all of the kids locked me in a room and took all my clothes off and threw them on the road. I was just wearing an underwear. I went on the road and started taking my clothes. Women and girls were laughing who were passing by. I didn't know what to do. Would I wear my clothes on the road or go up till the orphanage to wear them. I was totally insulted. I was sure that it was a plan of Mr Dior.

In a second my hoarse horse Butcher came to my rescue. he rode me on his back till the nearest public washroom. I wore my clothes an went back to the orphanage. I was complaining to madam Rosy who interrupted by saying,` I know, you closed Eon in a room and took off his clothes and threw them on the street from which this poor fellow ran to the street and everyone saw him naked. Now you will be locked in a room for the rest of the day.

I thought about my happy moments when I was locked up. Thinking them the night had arrived. I had made a plan to runaway. Butcher broke the door. I crept in Madam Rosy's room when she was talking to Mr and Mrs Brown saying,` Lavender, no you can't him. I just love him.' I stole Madam Rosy's money from her purse and put them in my piggy bank. I freed Butcher and tried not to take a ride as he was really tired. It was really cold that night and I was wearing half sleeves. Then suddenly I found some awesome clothes of some sheriff. I wore them and slept.







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