The beginning of the end

A short story about Celestia and Luna, and their lives as young~


1. The travel

Author note: Please go to the second chapter! This one is very old, and I updated it in the second chapter!




It was a normal day in the beginning. The weather was bad, it was raining. But no one cared on rise times. Chaos had come to our land, and they talked about what Discord himself would do as well. My big sister and I sat in our rooms, playing a little bit around with the poor toy we had. Our parents weren't rich, but we learned quickly. While we were playing we heard someone in the house. It was not mom or dad, too heavy for that. I myself walked a little bit closer to the door, and I heard someone talk with mom and dad, what they were talking about could I not hear, but something I could hear something…"you", "kill.." and "travel" I got scared. But my big sister took it smoothly; maybe she did not hear it. But we did both hear mom fall down crying, dad screaming of the visitor and cheesed him out. I walked over to my sister not sure what to do. "What… what was that?" I asked, even though I knew she did not know either. She just shook her head as I thought. "Celestia…. Luna…Please come in here..." My dad called. I got scared, would they kill us?! Was it just because we were different? NO they would never do that! I shook the feeling away and walked to my mom and dad with my big sister Celestia. "What's going on..?" Celestia asked. We knew there where chaos coming, but, we did not know anything about this here. "We..." My mom did not get to finish talking. There was something outside our door, destroying everything around it. I hid behind my sister who tried to hide herself behind her own hooves. I was scared, everything… the sound. It wasn’t long before you could hear ponies around, screaming for help, for their families. And… and…. even… death screams. I screamed myself. This here was just not happening! It could not. Chaos, Discord had arrived. I looked around in panic; same did Celestia could I see. Mom and Dad tried to get us with them, and after a little time, I followed, same did Celestia. I walked close behind Celestia. Mom and dad took us out in the garden, the only thing we saw were a few ponies running through burned houses, and checking on some things. First could I not see what it was, but after a little, I saw it… ponies…everywhere… dead. Why was this happening?! I screamed and I could feel both mom and dad giving me a hug trying to comfort me. They looked shocked and scared as well. But they led us over to a wagon dad had built. It looked fine. Nothing had happened with it, and I knew what they wanted, us to leave! “We should leave together now!” Dad yelled. Mom and dad helped me and Celestia up in the wagon. I first now saw that there was no more space. "Where shall you be?" Celestia asked before me. Mom and dad looked at each other. "Now listen girls… There is not much time. But we will come later, we need to work out some things here first" Dad said with a little smile. I could just see that he did not mean it, same could Sister. I began to cry. "WHAT! You’re not coming with us?" I cried. Mom came over to me and led her head up to mine, "You two are great girls now, you must understand,  you are very special" she said and smiled. I could see Celestia beginning to cry. A pony, maybe guard, of what did I not know. Came and began to walk. "We love you girls!" they both said at the same time. "MOM!" Celestia began to cry and tried to reach out after them, but we were already on our way to the forest.  Mom began to use her magic. "This spell will protect you forever, not even time can hurt you anymore..." she said and smiled. "Make us proud! We love y-" We did not hear the rest because another big voice yelled out, and we heard more pony screams for help. I sat down and began to cry with Celestia. We were alone now.  Where should we even go? After many days driving and crying he finally stopped with a little house made of stone. We looked around. It was big. "What is this place..?" I asked and looked at my sister, she knew nearly EVERYTHING. But she just looked around, more interested in it than me. "This here is the Harmony Castle." the guard said while he stopped the wagon on a corner and hid it a little bit. “We will stay here for now.” "Harmony..." I said and laid down close to my sister. I promised myself that one day, Discord would regret what he just did to our parents… the world… and us. I looked at my sister, and I could see she thourgh the same.  

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