JessComp- I

A poem about life and I. Hence the title.


1. I

I am the ones who beneath us now grow,

Misplaced but remebered, short days ago.

The few golden children who drank light and truth

Now reside with the dirt and the swollen pink youth.


I am the sunset, I caress painted skies,

I distribute worn life as the light shuts it's eyes.

Somewhat tainted by Earth and its empty trust,

Once Aphrodite's gift, I now gather dust.


I am the book spirit, the page and ink

The story teller's drug and breath and drink.

I am Heathcliff and Cathy, Dorian's soul,

Pip and Atticus and the rabbit Hitler stole.


I am the tin soldier, consigned to death,

Doomed and damned in thought and breath.

Far from green home's corner; and now further still

In my sacred memory, take up arms and kill.


I am the shadow, swollen with darkened glow,

Cast by Light's hatred many moons ago.

The lamented, the void, the misunderstood,

Encased by Life and its ominous hood.


Yet I stay silent in the cacaphony of Life

A beat, a breath, a heart slashed with strife.

The emerald green heart and the stiff upper lip,

I watch and I learn and I fail and I slip.


I am the World and all inbetween,

The unheard, forgotten and forever unseen.

Life is not here for us to comprehend,

It devours and nourishes until the end.

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