Fly With Me

I'm kind of afraid of flying. Planes just creep me out and this appeared to be the trip from hell. You will never get me on a plane like this again, missing people, faulty wings and full out fear. Time to takeoff. 


2. Alone

I blinked in the dark plane, less light seemed to be coming through the windows then before. The plane suddenly jolted to the right and I fell onto the seat, injuring my arm in the process. I groaned and stood up, peering into the dark plane again, checking for any injured people. I could hear the kids whimpering and crying and some hushed, low words being spoken to them by their parents. One old couple was huddled together on their seats and another were still asleep. The teenagers had taken off their headphones and were looking around with wide, tearful eyes but over than that they were silent. 

One man was trying to calm everyone down, which was not a small feat with the lights out and everyone being hysterical. I looked around, trying to find the stewardesses but it seemed that they had dissapeared. The plane jolted again, everyone screamed and the man sighed, I decided it was time for me to help him. I climbed up onto the seat and started banging on the wall, everyone turned to me with fearful eyes. 

"Right guys,calm down," I said, trying to think of something to say that would be worth their time, "currently we are in the air with no lights and what appears to be a broken wing," I took a deep breath, "screaming and crying won't help anything, we need to stay calm and figure out what the hell is going on," 

"We're going to die, my baby is going to die!" one mother cried with tears streaming down her face. She was clutching her child to her and her husband had a loving arm wrapped around her. He started whispering words of comfort to her before looking up at me and making a 'go-ahead' sign with his hand. 

"We're not dead yet and I'm sure we can still land with one wing," I said, bluffing, of course. Some passengers picked up on it but others looked a little calmer, which was my plan. "I'm going to go and find a stewardess now, you all need to stay call and quiet, don't move, just stay calm," I emphasized my point and slowly stepped off of the seat. 

I made my was the the front of the plane, climbing past hand luggage that hand fallen in my way. I reached a cart which should have been filled with food and drinks but it was all scattered on the floor. I made my way through packets of crisps, small packages of chocolate and cartons of juice. There was still no sign of the stewardesses so I pushed my way past a little curtain to the little area where they stored the spare food. Still no sign of them. I had finally reached the entrance to the cockpit, I put my ear to it cautiously but I could only make out a low drone of voices. But voices are better than nothing. I started pounding on the door, I tried to pull it open but I needed a key. I pounded and shouted until my fist hurt and my voice went hoarse but still, nothing happened. 

I started to look around to see if the key was anywhere around. I sifted trough piles of napkins and spare clothing but there was still no key. I slumped against the wall as the light flickered momentarily and the plane leaned to the left hand side. I let out a gasp as I felt the plane tilt down a little. Something occurred to me, we didn't even know who was flying the plane, the stewardesses were missing but what about the captains? Who knows where they have gotten to. My heart sped up again and I struggled to get it under control. I stood up and walked over to the curtain, parting it slowly. I started to walked down the aisle ready to tell the rest of the passengers about the missing stewardesses but no one was there, it was just empty seats. 

My head swung around in every direction, trying to pick out any body-like shapes in the dim light. There was no one. I looked down at the floor, there was no luggage or slipped food there either. I closed my eyes and tears started rolling down my face. The plane suddenly started to dive downwards while turning to the left. My stomach dropped and I let out a small wail. I was on my own and this seemed to be the end. 
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