when love dies out.

If your one and only true love died what would you do?After Vicky moves to England she falls for the most popular boy in school, after a trggic accident happend which in he died and Vickys world falls apart.


2. new begining

.I took a look at my uniform, it was a simple black skirt and a white shirt, along with a black blazer which heald the school logo. Back in California only the fancyiest boarding schools would have had uniforms. But as i read up on the internet, Almost every school in England had uniforms. Me and my dad had moved towns ever since mom had died, ever year on her anniversary dad would get too unsettled and we would move. As we did do much moving, i never really made real friends, it only ends in tears, its something ive learnt. I walked to the window, it was raining, not so much Californian weather, as it says on the internet, here it almost rains 265 day out of the year.

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