Behind the Scenes

This is my entry for the bliss competition. It's about falling in love with the gorgeous Josh Hutcherson ;) If you're reading this, Josh, I love you.... :P please let me know what you think.


1. Behind the Scenes

"Cut!" Gary, the director shouts. "Well done people, one more take. This time Jen, blink a bit more. You're meant to be scared." Everybody gets back into place. I ready myself at the camera. I still can't believe I'm here. On the set of The Hunger Games. I got an internship for three months. Three months. In the presence of Mr. Joshua. Ryan. Hutcherson. It's like a dream. This is my second week. Gary decided to put me on the camera today. I hope I don't break it. "Action!" The word brings me back to the present. I press the button, and they begin.


"Ok, that's a wrap! Well done everyone," Gary says as the sun is setting. "Now lets go get some food." It's not that simple. We have to pack up the equipment, the actors have to get changes and take of their make-up. The other cameramen start chatting together. Well, I guess its up to me to pack up. As I am struggling to put the cameras into the van, I get a feeling I'm not alone. I turn around. There he is. The golden sunlight dappling on his face, shimmering on his died blonde hair. "Josh." I say breathlessly. "Hey," he smiles at me. "Need some help?" "Yeah, please," I accept. "So you're the new intern?" he asks. I nod, unable to speak. "Cool. Do you like it?" he enquires. Thankfully my voice comes back to me. "Yeah, it's so amazing, I love it so much, it's so interesting and brilliant and you're amazing!" The words gush out of my mouth before I can stop them. Oh God. Shut up, shut up, shut up. Why did I have to speak? Now he's gonna think I'm a freak! Oh and now I'm blushing. Great. But shockingly, he laughs. At me or with me? No time to think, just talk! "Oh God. I'm sorry. It's just, I'm a huge fan of The Hunger Games and you and I just got a bit carried away." "It's ok," he laughs. "I've had fans in a worse state, believe me." Phew. I'm not the worst. "Ok," I laugh too. "Hey I better go now, I've got to go over this footage." His face falls. "Oh," he says. "Well it was nice to meet you... eh..." he looks at me questioningly. "Katie." I say. "Katie," he repeats. "Well, em, listen Katie. I don't do this often, but... would you like to go out for dinner sometime? Maybe Friday?" Josh Hutcherson did not just ask me out. I mean, he's Josh Hutcherson! He can have anyone! But he picked me. Me, out of all the girls in the world. Me. My heart is beating ninety miles an hour. That, or it's exploded with happiness. Hopefully the first one. I don't want to die. Oh God, how long was I quiet for? And look at me! I have a huge goofy smile on my face. How attractive. Ok, answer. "Em... yeah... I'd love to," I reply, my voice shaking. My whole body shaking. "Friday then?" he asks again. "Friday." I confirm. "Great. It's a date." He winks at me and walks away into the sunset. It's a date.

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