A Life As A Mutant

young teenager (15 yr old girl named Paige) being chased around america because she had superhuman abilities: she could fly and create force field energy blasts. the CUFM (control unit for mutants) are tracking her down because she is the only mutant left in New York. writen in first person




The next place that we were to go to was the big one, where most of us started, New York. I was going home, to free my mother. Charlie teleported us to my grandparents house, I told them we would be safe but we were far from it. The leader of C.U.F.M. was waiting for us, he must have heard of breaking in to the other prisons. We didn’t go down easy but they captured us. They took us to the New York mutant prison and put us inside a neutralization chamber which meant we couldn’t use our powers. How were we to get out? 

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