A Life As A Mutant

young teenager (15 yr old girl named Paige) being chased around america because she had superhuman abilities: she could fly and create force field energy blasts. the CUFM (control unit for mutants) are tracking her down because she is the only mutant left in New York. writen in first person




A week after the Texas prison break, we had done enough training for Charlie to teleport us to Seattle. You probably didn’t know this but when Charlie teleports smoke surrounds him and anyone else who is teleporting. We were at our destination when I commentated on Charlie’s powers and how much smoke came around us. I MEAN WE COULD HAVE DIED OF SUFFOCATION!!!! Seriously that is how I said it... Anyway, we were close to our second prison break. Amy shape shifted into the manager of the prison and told the guards to take a break. She was so good; she shut down the security systems, no lasers and no freeze rays, nothing! We could simply walk in. Of course there were the guards, but we knocked them out easily. We shut down the main power and all the mutants in Seattle were free. No mutants decided to join our team, but it was a pretty dangerous mission, so I couldn’t blame them. 

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