A Life As A Mutant

young teenager (15 yr old girl named Paige) being chased around america because she had superhuman abilities: she could fly and create force field energy blasts. the CUFM (control unit for mutants) are tracking her down because she is the only mutant left in New York. writen in first person




For two months I had been running from the C.U.F.M. well by running, I meant hiding in any way I could. For three days I hid in the sewers, although I found some more mutants under there that helped me get out New York. There was one that I grew quite close to his name was George he could walk through solid objects it was so awesome to see another one like me. Another one a young girl named Jean could turn herself and others invisible, these two joined me. We decided to save all the mutants trapped in those cells. We started to go the smallest prison in Texas it took 6 days to get there because we had to stop for food, drink etc. But we were there in Texas!   

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