A Life As A Mutant

young teenager (15 yr old girl named Paige) being chased around america because she had superhuman abilities: she could fly and create force field energy blasts. the CUFM (control unit for mutants) are tracking her down because she is the only mutant left in New York. writen in first person



I first found out that the C.U.F.M. were after the mutants when they took my mother in the middle of the night, they found my mom through a mutant tracking system. I didn't know the name of it though. It was brain powered. I didn't know I was a mutant at that time so I was petrified, my mother wasn't a mutant. She knew I was though so she risked herself and lied to them to protect me. They took her away and I haven't seen her since. I hate them for what they did to my family and to me, I was only 3 when that happened I stayed with my Grandma and Grandpa for 12 years, until they found me.....  

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